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sample article on Animal testing should be banned.

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Sample Article on Animal Testing Should be Banned.

What is Animal Testing?

Most of the people benefitting from or using animal-tested products think animal testing means just checking animals with the products we use. Well, it is something more than that. Animals having a life and who experience the same pain as us humans are subjected to cruel tests in laboratories by humans to check if the products with which we inflict pain into these beings are safe for humans or not.

Animals have been used for cosmetic and medical testing every year resulting in millions of animals left being blind, deaf, paralyzed, and dead.  According to the fact sheet on animal testing published by the humane society of the united states several cosmetic tests commonly performed on mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs include skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed on shaved skin or dripped into the eyes without any pain relief.

Is Animal Testing necessary?

The question in this condition is that it is that necessary to let millions of animals suffer pain and die also impairing the natural ecosystem. Understanding that most of the drugs essential for human use have been tested through animals most of the vaccines were made available to humans after being successfully tested on animals. Animals and humans have almost the same DNA mapping that makes animals a good and reliable tool to check vaccines, drugs for, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. During the production of a vaccine for the coronavirus, scientists experimented with the vaccine on mice as they are 98% identical to humans in body development and organs.

Are there no Alternatives?

Animal testing kills and leaves animals deaf, blind, and paralyzed so, do not we have any alternatives? We do have some very popular and reliable alternatives for animal testing including using synthetic human skin and tissues, in vitro testing, using computer modeling to test the side effects on human tissues.

Is Animal Testing Reliable?

The real problem with animal testing is that it isn’t even reliable.  Shocking right? Reports tell that 90% of successful animal tests for several drugs and treatments failed during human trials and weren’t safe for humans. Over a thousand stroke medications that were successful on animals didn’t work for humans at all. More than 90% of medications and side effects that showed and worked for animals were a complete fail on humans.


Considering all the damages we have and are doing to animals and making them go extinct and endangered, this is the time we switch to better and reliable alternatives. Even if researchers and scientists do not make the immediate switch we public can switch to cruelty-free products to damage the stocks of the brands that are testing cosmetic products on animals. With this, we society must ban products from brands that test on animals and take measures to protect animals at all costs from this unnecessary torture.