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Invitation Letter for Lunch

Invitation Letter for Lunch. Formal invitation to lunch. Sample letter format of requesting lunch invitation to employer. Throwing invitations is a healthy way to establish firm relationships with each other. This easy format is one such aid in this connection. Necessary changes can be done.

Invitation Letter for Lunch

The Manager,
Wild Wood Driving Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting lunch invitation to employer

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that recently I had constructed my own home and you know what is the price of
home in these days and in state like California! It was my dream that had come true! I had invited my all near and dear to lunch at my place and I wanted you to grace the occasion with your charismatic presence and give me chance to see you other than my kind boss. I hope you will accept my invitation and reach my home at 2:30 pm sharp. I will be looking forward to your arrival. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Tom Arthur,
6th February, 2018.

Formal Invitation to Lunch

The Cordinator,
Salamat School System,

Subject: Invitation for Lunch

Dear Miss Saima,

Hope you are doing great. I am conducting a small project with Nadeem’s Caterers at their Qaddafi Stadium Branch (Gate # 5, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore).
We would like to invite 50 kids from your institution for a lovely lunch. It can be done next week Monday to Friday at a suitable time from your side.  We are looking forward to spending quality time with the special kids and we will try our best for the kids to enjoy to their fullest.  Feel free to get in touch with me.

Best Regards,

Rija Joya
Contact: 0000888888


Thanks Letter for Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship

Sample Thanks Letter for Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship. Thanks Letter is sent as a token to show gratitute to the donors or the guests for the coming or sponsoring the iftar dinner or party for the cause of fundraising. The format is given below.

Thanks Letter for Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship

Subject: Thanks Letter for  Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship.

Dear Sir,

On behalf of management we are  very grateful to your Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship, and Masha-Allah through Iftar dinner we are able to collect good amount for welfare of special children. _______ has always engaged their student in co-curricular activity. Apart from education, co-curricular activity also plays a vital role in development of a student’s career. Last month fund raising event was successfully organized by the staff and event organizer. We want to congratulate every department whose untiring efforts towards the event has eventually mode the event successful.

For this we would like to especially present our gratitude to “Royal Palm Management”. They without any personal interest performed their duties. The event took place on a prime location in the city which tells us all about the sincerity of the company towards us. Furthermore we would like to present our gratitude to “Coca Cola ltd”. They provided us healthy foods and beverages. Truly, without your cooperation this would not have taken place. Your contribution is greatly appreciated by the members of ___Organization Name___” with your support number of families gained valuable tool and resources to support their children.

We feel immense pride to congratulate and thank you for your efforts towards our organization.


Rabia Masood
Manager Marketing

Thanks Letter for Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship
Thanks Letter for Fundraising Iftar Dinner Sponsorship

Thank You Letter for Participants in Iftar Dinner

Sample thanks letter for donors or participants they had joined the if- tar fundraising dinner their participation was source of encouragement of all team members as well as management. This is sample format of thanks letter necessary changes can  be done.


Thanks Letter For Participation in Event


Subject: Thanks Letter For Participation

Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of [company] thank you for sparing your precious time for the [purpose] of [company] on Saturday 28th July, 2012 at [Venue]. Your kind participation gave us a great opportunity to share our endeavors and efforts with you. Meanwhile it gave an endless pleasure and encouragement to these special children who need nothing more than your cooperation, attention and love. May Allah (S.W.T) bless your exertions in His way.
I hope that your kind support will keep us accompanying to help these blessed children of [company]. You are a beacon of light that enlightens the lives of scores of such children by holding their hands and encouraging them to feel more confident.
It is an honor that you trust us and provides us immense opportunities to help these sprites to prosper and succeed. We assure you that your cooperation will bring a positive change in their lives and this change will help them to become a contributing part of the nation.
May Allah shower His abundant blessing upon you and your family.
Your Name



Thank You Letter for Participants

Dear Sir/Madam,
The Hamza Foundation thanks you for taking the time out of your precious, packed routines and spending it with Blind Children of [company]. You attending our Iftar Dinner, at Royal Palm Country and Golf Club on Saturday the 28th of July mean to us a lot.
All of us were greatly warmed by your presence. It graced the event, indeed. It was incredibly generous of you to spend an evening with us and step into our world. We hope the experience was heart-warming and mystical.
Nonetheless, we hope and aspire that you will be a support in the following years to come too. You are a ray of light that enlightens the lives of our special children. By holding hands with them and welcoming them, you have made them feel confident than ever and nothing is more important.
It would be a pleasure for us if you would continue with your assistance to help [company] grow, prosper and touch the lives of special children all across Pakistan. Their right is your responsibility and for fulfilling it as a human with such vigilance, we thank you. After all, the human race would not exactly be called a race if we all just slow down once in a blue moon to wait for others to catch up with us at their own pace.
Insha Allah, your reward lies with and shall be granted to you by your Lord, Allah The Almighty.