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Philosophy Behind Blackmailing

Blackmailing? It has nothing to do with e-mailing. Joke apart, blackmailing is a serious offense, in fact, a legal offense. In the United States of America, the law states that a blackmailer will be gone to jail, would be heavily fined, or both (section: 873). In the United Kingdom, the sentencing of blackmailing is even fearsome, a straight imprisonment of 14 years will befall on the culprit! According to the United Arab Emirates’ law, the blackmailer will be sent to jail for two years and would be fined AED 250,000. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the blackmailer will be sent to jail for a whole five years and he/she is bound to pay five million rupees as a fine.

              Above mentioned law sections are just an example to tell you people about the graveness of the matter. Blackmailing is something or some act that demands a threat resulting in demand of money from the victimized person. Now, the question confronts us, why this crime takes place? What are the reasons and factors that lead to blackmailing? In this article, we will answer each one of them, one by one.

            People who are dreamers, day-dreamers in fact, are usually the ones who indulged in this unlawful activity. The reason for them is getting money, through this short-cut. In days, they want to build their dream castle, live a luxurious life and without even spending a tear of their sweat!

               To err is human, as we all know, but there is a number of persons whose mistake or sin is never forgotten. Mostly, it’s the females who are an easy target for such bad people. Whenever they see, a female or a weaker soul is in their hands and is fearful or ashamed of their act, the act may be an act involved in loving moments, a stealing thing, a serious and potential secret, or anything of such type. Now, the person knows what had happened, he/she also knew that the victim is unable to take a stand for himself/herself and are afraid of being molested at the hand of their families or friends’ circle. Having done with the starting up part, the blackmailer, set his/her tone, assess the depth of fear of the victim, then he/she multiplied the victim’s fear to many bounds! Once this milestone is achieved, then the blackmailer gets rid of his/her own fear and blatantly demand the money in even harsher and dirty language. The game is in his/her hands!            The chain or demanding the money is endless as blackmailing is the game of cashing the fear of the victim. In order to resolve this matter, I suggest not to be fearful! Yes, you heard me right, there is not even a single person living on land who has not committed any sin, we all are wrong-doers, but the best way to get out of it is repentance and a strong pledge with God, on never repeating the same ever in your future life. After that, seek refuge in the mercy of God and chill. Never give anyone the chance to deflower your modesty and your character. Be firm, be fearless. The acts of blackmailing will die their own death, one day.