Sample Request to Write an Article on How to Manage Stress in Critical Situations

Sample request to write an article on How to manage stress in critical situations. Stress is the leading cause of many a major diseases including cancer! There are many factors behind ‘being stressed’ nowadays. It is nowadays, because this is IT world and people are caged in their homes in front of camera, tablets, and number of social Medias. Today’s man had less or no time to exchange healthy energy with each other that results in stress! This article would be a, I hope, turning point in the lives of the ones who wish to put off the old shackles of their lives and ready to embrace the cloak of positivity and love! The human love based on humanity.

Sample Request to Write an Article on How to Manage Stress in Critical Situations

The Dean,
Smirk Sky Highland University,
California, United States of America.

Subject: An article on How to manage stress in critical situations

Respected Sir,

I hope you all will be good and cool as cucumber in your lives! Be the same ever, but despite my goodwill and touching wood feelings, I had seen a number of adults living a lip off life! Why? I mean, they are good looking, financial sound as shown from their food, dress and the transport they use! What in the God’s name then that they are not smiling!!! This question pinches me a lot so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and step forward to learn the reasons behind. To my horror, the reason behind all this negativity and dullness was Stress!
I had interviewed 100 people. All were related to different jobs and shares different social and financial statuses. After this survey, I came to know that:
1- There are number of factors that causes stress. The very first reason amongst others was the inability of human capacity to deal with critical situations! By critical situations I mean the ‘emotional states. For example, mother died. Now it is a natural phenomenon, but again it is emotional state so is critical! The left over human beings; husband, brothers, offspring, friends . . . they were not prepared so they got worst setbacks! Nobody came forward to help the other as all were struggling and suffering from the same situation! They lost courage! The losing of courage drains the energy and turns the day into night!
2- Secondly the sudden shock of losing a job! It is in human nature that he thinks that whatever he is presently having or getting will remain with him forever! But life is unpredictable, Super Machinery is always at work that one must not forget. Unseen hand when gets in move is then seen by all! Future concerns are neglected in this situation so the very feeling of emptiness of hands results in stress. Again, I quote it is the inability of human beings not to see the future! If they had saved something for rainy days then the situation will be different! They won’t be stressed now!

Yours Truly,
Mr. Cure Joy,
12th July, 2019.

How to Stay Motivated?

How to Stay Motivated?

We all know the feelings of dismay, disappointment and gloomy. It usually comes when we fail a test, lose a job or have a heartbreak we thought we’ll never have. Everyone feels low at many points in their lives and they deal with the tantrums in one way or another. Feeling distressed and upset about some things is alright but living in that bubble of anxiety is wrong. It is very important for a person to accept their failure, move on and try to do better next time. The right amount of courage, zeal, and enthusiast is needed when you feel upset.
Some people cry when they fail at something in their life or lose their dream job and some people try to improve themselves or look in hunt of finding something better in replacement and that is what motivation is. Motivation is a feeling of support, excitement about future goals. Everyone needs motivation in their life. Some people give motivation such as there are billions of motivational speakers who are out there, talking about their life experiences to the world so people get motivated by listening to their battles. Some people
have friends who motivate them and some people have to self-motivate themselves for something. Every individual living in an ugly bubble of this world has to fight their inner selves’ every day. Some are failing at classes, some are unemployed and have 6 stomachs to feed at home, some people had their thesis failed, some are struggling because of their severe acne, some have self- doubts mostly about their bodies, some do not feel connected with their parents. Some are worried because of their late -marriage, some are worried because bills haven’t been paid. Some worries because their fiancé is really not interested in them.
Some are crying in their room because of overweight. Some have a hard time accepting their birth scars. Some are frightened to go to college because they don’t like the way their professor looks at them. Some are going through relationship breakups and thinks the only solution to it is suicide. Some has just shifted to the hostel and worried if their rural background will be a barrier in their new friendships. Some are worried because they cannot speak English as well as their fellows’ can, some are self-doubting because they don’t fit in the stereotypical standards of society. Every being had to fight its own battle.
The motive is to not lose heart and fired up the courage and resilience in yourself to fight off any battle.” To stay motivated is very important in crucial times. When you see no light coming from the end of the tunnel, be light for yourself and guide your path and illuminate yourself.

Ways of being motivated:

If you want to stay motivated in your life, follow these rules strictly:

  • Set your goals and be firm about them, if you fail at the initial step, it is totally fine.
  • There is no need to be disappointed in yourself. Everyone fails and then learn to do it in a better way.
  • Listen to motivational speakers on and off. YouTube is full of people telling their hardships and even telling about coping up with the situation. Tex is a huge
  • Platform where different people have told about their challenging life stories.
  • Self-love is very important in being motivated. If you don’t love yourself enough,
  • How will you keep yourself motivated? Go out alone and treat yourself with coffee and some carbs sometimes. You deserve it.
  • Structure your plans so you should know what your main goal in the future is.
  • Always have a B plan of anything in your life. Always create scenarios in your mind to deal with the situation in different ways so when you lose at one, you must know which option to choose next.
  • Surround yourself with the friends who keep you motivated and always tells you that you are doing well in your life. Good friends are like blessings that is why it’s important to surround yourself with them.


People face difficulties in their lives and they keep themselves motivated to achieve their goals after so many struggles. There are major failures and minor failures, but for every kind of failure, one should prepare themselves for it. Bad times does not knock before coming. A person should have a strong heart to bear the bad times and keep their morale high. Motivation is something that comes within oneself. If you don’t try to motivate yourself then you cannot achieve success in life. Motivation varies from person. Some people feel motivated by taking guidance from their parents, some feel motivated by listening to motivational talk shows, some watch inspirational videos in which different people talk about their life’s struggles. Motivational speakers are the same people who could not do something for themselves at some point in their life and lost heart but they did not give up on themselves, they never stopped trying. They believed in themselves and motivated themselves for doing better in life and cross more difficult hurdles in life. In the end, it is important to keep yourself motivated by one way or another and never lose hope in yourself. Always try new ways to motivate yourself; sometimes reward yourself or treat yourself with a good lunch or go out and look at other people’s miserable life. It always makes you motivated to bring change in society and as well as in yourself.