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Sample Cover Letter for the job of  a Quality Assurance Manager

A quality assurance manager is a person who sets and performs quality control policies and tests on products and processes to ensure that they are of the required quality and comply with all the requirements to be up to the standard and be safe to use. If you are one and are trying to figure out how to write a cover letter with your resume, these sample cover letters might prove useful to you. You can easily modify these by putting your information while writing.

Easy Cover Letter for the Job of a Quality Assurance Manager


The HR Department,

Haldiram  Foods,

Respected Hiring Manager,

Hope you are fine. I am Akash Singh, I am a 27 years old quality assurance analyst. I hold a degree in Food Sciences and I have taken food processing and maintaining courses as well. I was very excited to know about your brand hiring a quality assurance manager. I have been wanting to work with your brand for a very long time due to your reputation and amazing food products and company policies. I have experience of 4 years in this industry and I am familiar with his work already. I am an expert in testing and maintaining policies for raw materials and end products. I have a vast knowledge of all the quality tests performed on food products through all the processes the products go through. I have good experience in performing test controls on food products to match the health and government guidelines. The job descriptions required a person who can manage a team and can work without a supervisor and a regular person who can update the tests and company policies of quality assurance of the products and can regulate the team to conduct an internal audit of the work. With all this mentioned I can say that I am an expert in all these categories and will prove to be a good addition to the company and will introduce good policies as well. I will be hoping that you will call me for further discussion.


Akash Singh.

Cover Letter for the Job of a Quality Assurance Manager


The Hiring Department,

Kingfisher Brewers,

Respected Hiring Manager,

I hope you are having a nice day and are doing great. I am Vishal Mehta, I am a 28 years old Food Scientist. I hold a degree in Food Sciences and I have taken food processing and maintaining courses as well. I got to know about your company hiring a Quality assurance manager and thinking of myself as a valid candidate I am presenting you my resume. I have experience of 5+ years in this industry and can work without supervision to perform all the standardized health and quality tests of the products of the company easily and efficiently. I am good at executing all the required quality assurance tests on all the processes in different departments and can provide prompt reviews and documentation along with verification of all the tests required to be carried out on the products to be safe to consume by the public required in the job description.

My expertise is team management and prompt delivery of the required work and has a vast knowledge of all the quality tests required to perform. My vast knowledge in this industry and my aim to regulate and better the quality assurance tests in the food industry will be beneficial to the brand. I hope after getting convinced by my qualifications and experience you will call me for further interview. Kindly contact me on my provided phone number below.


Vishal Mehta.

Cover Letter for Food and Beverage Manager

Application format of application for food and beverage manager. For people who want to join hotel management and tourism industry, an easy template of cover letter to be used. For hotel managers, food and beverage manager, and other managerial staff. Changes can be done according to requirements. Used for applying for job in any hotel or organization.You can use  this letter as food and beverage positions.

Cover Letter for Food and Beverage Manager

The ______,
_________  (hotel).

Subject: Application for the post of food & beverage manager
Dear Sir,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper ______ (name) on _______ (date). I want to express my interest for the position of Food and Beverage Manager. I have attained the degree of masters, and done advanced diploma in culinary arts from ______. My experience is of more than 6 years in the same field. I am recently working as an assistant manager of food and beverage in _________ (company name). 

My responsibilities were to manage staff, to provide additional services to customer, manage perishable quantity. I also did catering arrangements on special events. My academic career is wide enough. I have achieved professional degree as well and I was topper of my batch. Being a passionate person I want to excel in my field. I have internship experience of two years management in recognized hotels. My expertises are in management and by profession I am serving this industry as a culinarian. I am able to cope up with the upcoming needs of my position.

I have organized many events in PC hotel related to this field, and being an active member got many appreciation certificates. I personally want to join your organization, and it would be immense pleasure for me. I have attended my training sessions and I tend to prove my skills in professional work. My resume is attached which will provide your more information about my skills and experience. I would be highly obliged by getting this sort of chance.

I shall be looking forward to your response.

Yours Sincerely,


Food Server Cover Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with awed reverence for the position opening at your company. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and then went through your website. I have B.A in Culinary Art and have worked with big establishments which has enhanced my experience in this field a lot. I believe that my skills have been polished and I am great when it comes to work for food and beverage industry. I have always earned high customer satisfaction and my diligent behavior makes me exceptional. I have all the qualities which is required by any food industry. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,