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Request Letter to Refund Flight Ticket

Here are sample request letter to refund Flight Ticket. You can use these easy formats to manager or airline representative refund air ticket due to health issue or any other emergency.

Request Letter to Refund Flight Ticket


The Authorities,

PIA Airline.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this request letter to inform you about my situation. I bought online tickets for Miami of your airline from the particular website. It was booked and I got the confirmation e-mail also. But, on urgent basis, I had to cancel the tickets because of my husband accident. This was an utter shock for me and he sustained many injuries. Currently, he is admitted in a hospital. I want to request you to refund my tickets amount to Miami under this name. I have traveled several times through your airline and I am well aware with all the rules. I know that you have customer easy policies available and one of the policy is to inform administration about cancelling the tickets at least 48 hours, which will result in refund payment. Therefore, as a regular traveler of your airline I expect the fast service of payment of my cancelled tickets.

Warm Regards,


Request Letter to Refund Airline Ticket Amount


The Customer Care Head,

Respected Sir,

This letter is being written for specific airline administration. It is to inform that I booked the tickets of Germany from particular website two days ago and I had to cancel tickets on urgent basis. I cancelled
three tickets to Germany. The reason of cancelling the tickets were that my uncle passed away one day before of my flight so I had no choice but to cancel the tickets. Therefore, I am planning to stay in my home town with my aunt until things get normal. Therefore, I have no intention of getting a ticket of Germany any soon now. So, please refund the amount of my cancelled tickets. I am well aware with the policy of refunded amount in case of cancelling the tickets before 24 hours of the departure. I request you to please deal with my issue as soon as possible and grant me my money back of three tickets.
Thank you.


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