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Request Letter to Extension of Tender Submission

Request Letter to Extension of Tender Submission

Mr Robert John

CEO, Elmetec Pvt Ltd.

Dear Madam,

It is delighted to be a part of tender you above mentioned. I am fully aware of the rules and regulations and is a lot more familiar with the official pattern to follow. It is to inform I am collecting all the relevant papers from different sources. I am very much interested in this bid. I am, here, at loss of time. I need to make exact estimation and as the offer you are giving, bring up more suitably competitive offer.
Therefore, it is to request you that we need more time for the process. I am making new document as stacked information. Right now I am handling all the date but I want to confirm you that my team of organization is very dedicated and fully satisfy you with the service. You are requested to extend the tender submission date. I am looking forward to you considering this request.

Warm Regards,


Designation and Signature:———————–

Extension Letter of Tender Submission Date


Mr Mehta Sharma

Director Mepal Leaf.

Subject: Extension for Tender Submission

Dear Sir,

We are looking forward to participate in your tender with all the longing. Our organization has been providing the service for too long now. We are reliable and best at our service. We have gone through all the details and it is to inform you that by the advertisement you have put on, I have assumed that your bidders want to drop the tender on 4th of July. But as your demands have separate insights and your requirements are more than normal so in order to give you best services, we need more time than it’s given to check all the parameters and give you proper estimation of the work. We are totally renowned because of our tremendous work and reputation, but reputation varies if work is not delivered competitive enough. We would request you extension of tender submission by at least 6 days. I hope it would be fair participation of all bidders.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,




Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal

Letter to Chief Executive Officer to Extend the period in Achieving Sales Goal.This sample format is for all the workers working in the company, sales managers, sales executives, marketing persons etc those who want to extend the period for achieving the sales goal. Easy format is here for your convenience.

Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal Sample

Chief Executive Officer,
LG-Mobiles Private Limited.

Subject: Request for Extend Period of Sales Goal

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that we were given a goal of selling 5000 mobiles in a month. I had assigned my sale workers for this purpose. They started working on it. We were completing the goal of 4500 mobiles a month easily from the previous months. It was our own proposal to extend the sale quantity. We were highly confident that we can achieve our goal as our brand is admired by all the customers in the market. But it didn’t work due to some problems. As you are aware by the bomb blasts and threats which were given to our city, this resulted in:

1-Market was closed for a week.
2-Most of the routes were blocked due to bomb blasts.
3-There was a leave for all workers for three days by the government.

These factors resulted in shortage of our sales, due to which we were unable to achieve the sales goal this month. But under these circumstances we were able to achieve a goal to sale 3000 mobiles.

I on behalf of my workers request you to give us 10 days more to achieve the desired goal. By the problems mentioned above you can understand our position. I assure you that we will be able to achieve our goal in the limit offered. I will be very thankful to you for accepting my request.

Yours Sincerely,
Senior Manager LG-Mobiles Private Limited.

Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal
Letter to CEO for Extension in Achieving Sales Goal