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Sample Letters of Excuse by Parents to Teachers

This article contains easy format of sample letters of excuses from parents to teachers. These provide help to whoever needs them. If further help is required, please feel free to reach out to us via the comment box, or our given email.

An Excuse for being absent due to being Unwell

Dear Teacher,

This is Julie’s mother speaking. I hope you are well and in good health. I would like to tell you that the reason Julie was not able to come to school since last Friday was that was unwell. She had the flu at first, I was giving her medication at home, but then her flu morphed into pneumonia and she had to be taken to the hospital. I am aware that she has missed a lot of work over this past week, and it concerns me that her exams are right around the corner.
It would be extremely helpful if you could guide me through this time. I would like to know all that her peers have covered in school during her absence. I would also like to know how I can help her navigate while she is resting so that when she may join, she will not be too far left behind.
Thank you for your cooperation, I will be looking forward to a positive response from you.

An excuse for being absent due to Death in the Family

Dear Teacher,

This is Naomi’s mother writing regarding her recent missed class test. Last Wednesday there was a class test on Geography, and my daughter missed it due to some issues in the family. I had not informed the school before but her grandfather had passed away due to cancer, and so we had to leave the city urgently. None of us were in the condition to stop and inform the school because of how much of a shock his passing was for us.
Now, we have returned back home and resumed our daily lives. I am writing to ask if there is a way my daughter could retake the test as she had already prepared very hard for it, and she has been an exceptional student all year around rounder told me that this test will hold a lot of weights and will count for a lot towards the final grade, which is worrying for us. Our daughter has been an excellent student, and in this time of mourning and emergency, we would like to request that you please consider retaking her test.

An excuse regarding a Family Emergency

Dear Teacher,

This is to Johnny’s mother writing regarding the recent absences he had taken from the school. This is to inform you that the reason Johnny was not able to come to school for these two weeks was that we had to go to London due to a family emergency.
As you must know, our family is based in London, and we often visit during holidays. This time, however, we had to leave due to a crisis in our family that I do not wish to discuss because its nature is highly confidential.
The issue, however, arises regarding the missing homework and classwork. I can assure you that my son has been worried about his pending assignments, and has been keeping up with his suggested readings. We are worried about the repercussions of his absences on his grades, and I wish to request extra credit assignments and makeup tests for all those that he has missed.
I would truly be humbled if you were to grant us this concession. Hope to hear a positive response from you.

Kind Regards,

Sample Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Sample formats of Apology Emails for not Attending Church Meetings are provided below. Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting Letter. Various templates are provided which can be used as per requirement.

Sample Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Respected Father (ABC),

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. This email serves as an official apology email as I am really sorry about not being able to attend the church meeting for the president selection. I understand that this was an important event, and the presence of every member was made mandatory but I faced an urgency at home. My wife went through a serious medical emergency and I took her to the hospital, she had to stay there for two days, making me responsible to stay there. By the grace of God, she is better now and is discharged yesterday night. I hope that you will comprehend my situation and accept my apology in this regard. I shall be thankful to you.


Priya Sharma


Easy Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Greetings of the day.

Dear Concerned Person,

Saint Anthony Church,

Please be informed that I am extremely apologetic for not being able to attend the church’s meeting for the past two weeks. I informed the administration that I am a full-time Ph.D. Student at the University of ABC and my final thesis presentation was going on along with the final exams. I was very occupied with the aforementioned things and couldn’t make it to any other thing or make any commitment. I was not aware of the first meeting, but the second one; I had to miss it deliberately. I hope that you will accept my apology in this regard. I make sure to attend the upcoming meetings with regularity and do my job with efficiency and effectiveness. I shall be very grateful to you.

Thanking you.


Vijay Khurana

Email for not Attending Church Meeting

Greetings Father Rovista,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. It is stated with deep reverence that my family friend passed away last week. The person was like my own elder brother and was very close to me. I was very upset to hear the news and couldn’t come back to routine, many days after the incident happened. I understand that attending the meeting was mandatory but under an emotional and upset mental state; I was not stable enough to appear anywhere. I am extremely sorry for not attending and missing the presentation I had to give, but I hope that you can cognize my condition and the scenario in which I couldn’t come. Kindly pray for the deceased. I shall be very thankful to you for accepting my apology.


Ajay Datt


Easy Template Email for not Attending Church Meeting

Respected Father Goerge,

I hope that you are doing well. I am embarrassed and extremely diffident that I have not been able to attend the church’s meetings for the past month. Actually, I went to my hometown a month ago, and there I got to know about certain property issues. Being the elder son of the family, it was mandatory for me to be present there along with the father as he is old. My hometown is in a village named ABC, which faces issues of mobile and internet signals, therefore, I couldn’t inform anyone. Sir, I came back yesterday and got to know that I am no more a member of the committee. I want to request for re-giving me the title considering my previous work and dedication. I shall be very punctual from now onwards. Thanking you in anticipation.


Riya Kapoor


Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting Email


The Father, Saint Marry Church

Dear Father,

With all my regard and sincere respect, I am writing this letter to ask for an apology that I was not able to attend the last church meeting. I know it should be my priority to come over there but I had a serious accident 3 days before the meeting. I was on my way to the city, and met that horrible accident, according to doctors, and reports I cannot move from the bed for the next 2 months as I have fractures at 3 places. I was trying to inform you but could not reach to you. I have some important points to discuss which were supposed to be discussed in the previous meeting. I am sending you those points, and request you to discuss them on behalf of me as I am not able to attend the next 2 -3meetings as well. I feel so miserable right now but I pray to God for my quick recovery and also request you to pray for me. I am trying to arrange a wheelchair so I can come. I will keep you updated with my health status, and other issues as well. Thank you for understanding my condition. May God bless you. Thank you.

Warm Regards and Apology,


Apology Letter for absence due to sickness

The following application is regarding an apology by the student to the principal of his university for being absent from his classes, due to sickness.

Apology Letter for absence due to sickness

The Vice-Chancellor,

Indian Institute of Science,


SUBJECT: Apology Letter for Absence Due to Sickness

Respected Sir,

My name is Harish Singh, and I am a History student at your esteemed university. I’m writing to convey my deepest apologies for being absent from the university for a week due to illness. It wasn’t on purpose or in my best interests for me to be away from school for so long without informing you. Sir, as you are aware, we are all living in the midst of a pandemic, and despite being extremely cautious at all times, I was tested positive for coronavirus. I couldn’t get up and prepare an application for a leave of absence since I had been in quarantine for a week. Even though I am still unwell, I am able to send you this letter since it has become my priority because I do not want to miss class.

First and foremost, I regret bringing this problem to your attention so late, but the infection in my body has prevented me from doing whatever I used to do on a regular basis. I would appreciate it if you would accept my apologies. I vow to return in two days, after my quarantine is complete, and work very hard to make you proud. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Sincerely,

1101- Harish Singh

History Department

Apology Letter for Absence due to Illness

The Vice-Chancellor,

Indian Institute of Science,


SUBJECT: Apology Letter for Absence Due to illness

Respected Sir,

My name is Manish Jutt, and I am a History student at your renowned university. I’m writing to express my heartfelt regret for being missing from university for a few days due to illness. Actually, I returned from Miami, Florida, last week, and I’ve got this odd migraine and sore throat since my arrival in Pakistan. I tried several home cures to resolve the problem, but it worsened with time. In addition, I was suffering from terrible jet lag, which made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything, including my academics. I went to see a doctor, who told me that I needed to relax completely and not put too much stress on my body, and he also prescribed an antibiotic course for a week.

I’d appreciate it if you could kindly accept my apologies. I promise to return in two days, after my quarantine is up, and work hard to make you proud. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Yours Sincerely,

1101- Manish Jutt

History Department

Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

Here are sample easy formats of excuse letter for employee and students. Everyone like student/Employee/Teacher/Worker may need to compose an excuse letter of absence for some reason. The letter should be easy short and meaningful.

Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

The General Manager
Firhaj Groups and Co
1000-K Marry Heights

Subject: An Excuse for Being Absent due to Toothache

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well and is safe from Corona virus. I want to inform you that I am suffering from extreme pain from past three days due to my filling. I am having sever toothache. I woke up today to get ready for office but due to extreme toothache, I felt extreme dizziness and weakness and I gave up. After that, I went to a dentist and he sedated me and did the treatment carefully. He has prescribed me some painkillers and assured me that my toothache will be okay after taking medicine. My dentist has advised me to take rest and I should take leave from office but I feel much better now than today’s morning. Due to this sudden problem, I could not come to office. Therefore, I am informing you to consider my leave for today’s off. I would be very glad if you comprehend my condition and cooperate. Thank you.

Yours Sincere,

Koply Sharma

Excuse Letter for School / College Absence

Respected Teacher,

I am writing this to inform you that I could not come to college today due to utmost pain in my tooth. I am having this issue from a week and I didn’t know what was the reason behind my toothache. I didn’t want it to get any more severe so I got it checked and treated from the dentist. Recently, I got braces, that was the reason behind my severe toothache from many weeks. I was not able to eat anything or talk. I am not used to braces yet that is why I am still having problems and my gums are swell all the time. I still have some toothache but my dentist has prescribed some painkillers. I feel little bit better now. It is my request to you to please consider my absent from college as sick leave because of urgency I was not able to inform you about my condition on right time.

Yours Obediently,

Student’s Name:————


Roll No:—————-