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Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

Here are sample easy formats of excuse letter for employee and students. Everyone like student/Employee/Teacher/Worker may need to compose an excuse letter of absence for some reason. The letter should be easy short and meaningful.

Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

The General Manager
Firhaj Groups and Co
1000-K Marry Heights

Subject: An Excuse for Being Absent due to Toothache

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well and is safe from Corona virus. I want to inform you that I am suffering from extreme pain from past three days due to my filling. I am having sever toothache. I woke up today to get ready for office but due to extreme toothache, I felt extreme dizziness and weakness and I gave up. After that, I went to a dentist and he sedated me and did the treatment carefully. He has prescribed me some painkillers and assured me that my toothache will be okay after taking medicine. My dentist has advised me to take rest and I should take leave from office but I feel much better now than today’s morning. Due to this sudden problem, I could not come to office. Therefore, I am informing you to consider my leave for today’s off. I would be very glad if you comprehend my condition and cooperate. Thank you.

Yours Sincere,

Koply Sharma

Email to the Boss Explaining Absence from Work Due to Pain

To: Mr. Shiv Panday

Apollo Sports Club, Mumbai.

Subject: Leave Application Due to Severe Pain

Respected Sir,

I hope that you are doing good. This is to notify you that I was absent from the work today and was not able to come to the office. The reason why I could not notify you beforehand was that I fell from the stairs last night and it has bruised me and my arm was in severe pain in the morning and my body felt like it has been freezed. I went to see a doctor. I am taking medicines and have gotten the treatment but due to this was not able to repot to you in the office. Due to this reason kindly approve my leave for today now. I hope that I will get a little better by tomorrow and will try coming to office. Thanks.

Abhijeet Dhawan.


Excuse Email of Office Absence due to Toothache

Subject: Office Absence due to Severe Toothache

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inform you that I am unable to attend work today, [date], due to a severe toothache that has worsened overnight. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my unexpected absence.

Last night, I experienced extreme discomfort and pain in my tooth, which made it difficult for me to sleep. I have been in contact with my dentist, and they have advised me to come in for an emergency appointment to address the issue. Unfortunately, the earliest available appointment is during my working hours today, and I must prioritize my dental health to prevent further complications. If there are any specific tasks or responsibilities that you would like me to address remotely during my absence, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate them, depending on my condition.

I will keep you informed about any updates regarding my dental situation and will provide you with a medical certificate upon my return, as per the company’s policies.
Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and support during this time.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Best regards,
[Your Name]

Email to the Boss Explaining Absence from Work Due to Severe Pain

To: Ms. Ananya Khanna.

Shahi Exports Office.

Subject: Leave Application Due to Severe Pain.

Respected Ma`am,

It is stated that I was not able to come to office today as I was not feeling good. As you know that I have pain issue in my Back often due to the recent accident that I had. I have been trying physiotherapy for months. The pain got out of control in the morning and I was not even able to stand pr walk. In this situation I was not able to come to work. My physiotherapist has advised me today to take rest for few days. I am really sorry for my unnotified absence. I will be back in 2 days as I need to get help for my back ache first s kindly allow me to rest for 2 days. As in this situation no kind of work can be done. I will be very grateful to you. Thanks.

Bajaj Gupta.

Excuse Letter for School / College Absence

Respected Teacher,

I am writing this to inform you that I could not come to college today due to utmost pain in my tooth. I am having this issue from a week and I didn’t know what was the reason behind my toothache. I didn’t want it to get any more severe so I got it checked and treated from the dentist. Recently, I got braces, that was the reason behind my severe toothache from many weeks. I was not able to eat anything or talk. I am not used to braces yet that is why I am still having problems and my gums are swell all the time. I still have some toothache but my dentist has prescribed some painkillers. I feel little bit better now. It is my request to you to please consider my absent from college as sick leave because of urgency I was not able to inform you about my condition on right time.

Yours Obediently,

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