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Sample Essay on Self-esteem

The following is an essay about self-esteem and the benefits and negative consequences it may have on one’s life. Everyone can use this according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Essay on Self-esteem

The word self-esteem is used in psychology to define a person’s total subjective feeling of personal worth or value. In other terms, self-esteem may be described as how much you like and value yourself regardless of your circumstances. Many elements contribute to your self-esteem, including self-confidence, a feeling of security, identity, a feeling of connection, and a feeling of achievement. Having healthy self-esteem may affect your motivation, mental health, and general quality of life. However, possessing either too high or very low self-esteem might be harmful. Understanding your own degree of self-esteem can assist you in striking the ideal balance for you.

Self-esteem is not the same as self-concept, but it may be a component of self-concept. Self-concept is our image of ourselves, our answer to the question “who am I, exactly?” It involves being aware of one’s own inclinations, ideas, tastes, and habits, as well as one’s own interests, abilities, and areas of weakness. Certain criteria distinguish how high a person’s self-esteem is. Being open to criticism, admitting mistakes, being comfortable with giving and accepting praises, and demonstrating harmony between what one speaks, performs, sees, hears, and moves are examples of these traits. People with strong self-esteem are not hesitant to express their interests and share their experiences, thoughts, and possibilities. They can also appreciate the funny elements of their lives and are at ease with social or personal assertiveness. Although low self-esteem has gotten more attention than high self-esteem, the positive thinking trend has pushed high self-esteem to the forefront. Low self-esteem can lead to or be a sign of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Though certain causes of low self-esteem, such as hereditary characteristics, early childhood events, and personality features, cannot be changed, there are actions you can do to feel safer and appreciated. Remember that no one individual is less deserving than another. Keeping this in mind may aid in the maintenance of a good sense of self-esteem.

Sample Essay on Online Stores

The following is an essay on online stores, their many advantages, and disadvantages. Everyone can use this sample and modify it according to their need.

Sample Essay on Online Stores

Due to the obvious rapid advancement of technology, businesses have shifted from the conventional technique of selling things to the electronic method of selling items. The internet is the primary means by which business entities execute commercial transactions. With the availability of Wi-Fi in many areas, online shopping is easier than ever before with Internet-connected laptops, phones, or tablets. Although access to the internet for online shopping is no longer a barrier, security has become a big worry for both consumers and companies.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

The vast majority of internet businesses offer prices that are far lower than those found in conventional locations. Customers may buy products from the convenience of their own homes or workplaces. The internet makes shopping easier and more comfortable for the client. It is also simple to cancel transactions. Most physical businesses provide a limited selection of services and items. They could only carry a limited number of things, and there are several restrictions that impact access to services and products. For example, there might be a certain item that is only accessible to those variants of the brand that can be obtained from the mall. Physical shops are designed to entice you to buy more items. They use posters, sales messaging, colors, and product positioning to entice you to buy more items. These techniques are less noticeable in internet businesses. This typically implies that you will not feel compelled to purchase more activities.

The Drawbacks of Online Shopping

Shipment delays are caused by long lead times and a lack of efficient inventory management. Though selecting, purchasing, and paying for an online good may take less than 15 minutes, delivery to the customer’s door may take up to 1-3 weeks. This irritates customers and discourages them from purchasing online. Prices on a website cannot be negotiated. The absence of touch-feel-try raises questions about the quality of the goods on offer. Online buying for clothing is not ideal since buyers cannot try them on. A consumer must not purchase a product without first inspecting it. Customers may click and purchase a product that they do not require. Product pictures on the internet might be deceiving at times. The color and look in real life may differ from the computer images.

There are several advantages to purchasing things online, and there will certainly be many more people who utilize this form of purchase in the future.

Essay on Christmas Festivals

Essay on Christmas Festivals

Christmas is a festival known to be linked with Christianity, as a religion. It is celebrated each year on 25th December, as a token of love and gratitude for Prophet Jesus Christ. The religious festival is celebrated in almost every country of the world by the Christian community.

The day is marked with fun, dinner, party, gifts and decorating the houses and the streets. The festival is favourite among children as on that day children receive gifts from Santa Claus. Children also receive gifts from their elders, parents, elder siblings and blood relations.  Most of the parents tell their children that Santa Claus will come and give you gifts, so many innocent children put an empty basket outside their room or close to their bedside waiting for a gift from the Santa Claus, but in reality the real Santa Claus are their parents themselves who put gifts in those baskets or containers.

The home is well decorated with balloon, lights and bun ties, but the decoration of Christmas tree is a sight worthwhile. Christians decorate the tree with bells, stars, fruits, flowers and many people also like to have a snowman because it always comes in winter so making of snowman and turning its attire in Santa Claus, is simply a fun activity. The snowman and Santa both come in red hat and white costume.

Why Christmas is celebrated? From where the word ‘Christmas’ comes from? Well, the Christian community celebrated the day in remembrance of birth day of Jesus Christ who, according to them was born on 25th December. The word ‘Christmas’ comes from the ‘Mass of Christ.’ A mass service is what where Christians remember that Jesus Christ died there for them and then the Prophet came back to life.

Special prayers are held in churches in order to pay tribute to Jesus Christ who has sacrificed his life and save the Christian community and nation from their sins. In other words, Jesus Christ had salvaged the entire Christian community from their sins by sacrificing his life for their goodness. Bible is rampant with this story, but Holy Quran of Muslims is narrating the opposite where Jesus was taken up above by the almighty and resurrect Him in the life hereafter.