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Request Letter for Duplicate Official Document

The Purpose of these easy formats for issuing duplicate copy of your important document that was lost due to any reason. It is necessary that you should give the genuine reason to the issuing authority. You can make changes as per your need.

Request Letter for Duplicate Official Document

Hi, this letter is for the administration of the university. I am Mr. Daniel Colony; I have been a former student of Oxford University. It is my request to you to issue me duplicate graduation certificate. I graduated from this prestigious and estimated university in 2017. I was already doing job now and did not need much of my graduation certificate. I remember that I handed it over to my friend one day and he took it with him. I have tried to contact him now and he has told me that he is out of country right now and he has no idea where he has put it. I am thinking of moving to another company in search of better option but unfortunately, they require graduation certificate. I am in a lot of trouble right now. Recently it is my request to you to please issue me duplicate document as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,


Request for Issuing Duplicate Official Letter

Respected Concern Authority,

I am Edward Frankenstein and I am a researcher by profession. I have done multiple researches on variety of topics. I have covered stem cells, cardiac arrest and nanotechnology.
My research experience is very vast but recently I performed one of the research from your institute. They gave me official research certificate, which was nonetheless trophy to me but unfortunately, I was travelling to another state when my documents were nowhere to be found. I have tried to contact the airport management but no success in that case. It is my request to your respective institute to kindly issue me duplicate research certificate. This research certificate is very important for my resume and as well, helps in my background experience in my related field. Please contact me on above e-mail address for further details. I would be grateful to you.

Yours Truly,


Sample Application for Identity Card Lost by Parents

Application for Identity Card lost by parents. ID cards are mandatory to wear in the school systems as well to ensure safety of the child and the respective organization as well. Such formats can help parents as well as school/college/university going students to file an application for the missing card and its renewal as well.

Sample Application for Identity Card Lost by Parents

The principal,
Axe Junior Boys School,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application for Identity Card lost by parents

Respected Madam,

It is to state with much care that my son Mr, Tom Toe is studying in your school; class Pansy C and yesterday he was not allowed to come in the school as he was not wearing his ID card. He had lost his card and I am sorry I could not check on it by sending an application to you for the missing card and the request to grant him the new one. I will pay the expenses for the recovery of card. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Toe Thumb,
27 th March, 2017

Sample format of Application for Identity Card lost of University

The Vice Chancellor,
Allied Crescent University,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application for University Identity Card Lost

Respected Sir,

It is to state that yesterday we had book fare in our prestigious university and I was standing there on my duty. In a huge crowd, I did not notice that my Identity Card is no more on my shoulder! I noticed is missing when I returned to home. Kindly re-issue me the identity card so that I can get permission of entrance in the university premises. Without the card my Biometric Attendance will lodge me an alien and university door will not open for me. Kindly grant me the card so that I can come to university. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Jacob Jones,
27 th March, 2017.

Application for Issuing Duplicate Student ID Card

Sample application format for duplicate Student Identification Card. This format of application can be used by all students studying in colleges,universities or any infrastructure of educational institutions of all kinds. you can mention here any reason. Easy format is here.

Application for Issuing Duplicate Student ID Card Sample

The Principal
Pomaali Dev University
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Application for duplicate Identity Card

With all due respect it is to state that I am a student of MBA (Marketing) part 1 in this university. I am a good reputed student and worked hard in my educational career and I am very punctual too. The university issued Identity cards to students for security purpose. I was also given such card but because of loose cord I lost my card yesterday. Kindly issue me the duplicate of the said card as soon as possible.

I will pay the extra charges for the issuance of the card. Thank you very much.

Yours Truly,
Fernendance Catholic
19th August 2015.

Application for Issuing Duplicate Student ID Card
Application for Issuing Duplicate Student ID Card

Request for Issuance of Duplicate Student ID Card

The School Administrator,
Elite School,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Subject: Request for issuance of duplicate student ID card

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I have lost my student identification card and request you to please issue a new one. I last had my card on me when we went to the excursion last weekend but I do not remember whether or not I had it when we returned. It is an urgent matter that I am issued one since some friends and me are part of the debating team.

We have to travel to Lahore and participate in a debating contest where we have to present our cards. It would be very generous of you if you expedite the process and help me get hold of official identification since I do not want to let my friends or school down at this expense.

Yours Obediently,
Asad Rehman
2nd November, 2017.

Application for Lost University Identity Card

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect and estimation, it is stated that I am the student of batch 2018 studying CS from this University. I have lost my student ID card in an unpleasant event. I was on my bike that a car hit me and the guy started quarrel there. I had to fight him back due to this some of my belongings got lost. I cannot find my student ID card anywhere. It is my suspect that it got lost in the fight. University administration would not listen me first but they have finally asked to write an application for duplication student Id card.

Yours Truly,