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Admission Confirmation Letter by Abroad University

Admission confirmation Letter by Abroad University. Acquiring the international education from aboard provides the once to make growth in varies aspects of his personality. The experience once get through the multicultural environment enhance the once thoughts, believe system and make him a unique individual. Easy format of admission confirmation is here.

Admission Confirmation Letter by Abroad University

To,                                                                                                        Date:12.03.2018
Ms Anna Johnny
New Delhi, India

Subject: Admission confirmation Letter by Abroad University

Dear Anna Johnny,

This is Harry from the medical Department of Freed Medical College of China. With reference to your application number 21345 into admission in Medical sciences in freed medical College of China. I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered an admission and peruse your academic education in MBBS (session 2019-2023) as an international candidate. Anna your selection has been based on your grade point average from upper secondary school or the number of credit points from previous university studies. Sorry to say you cannot avail our international scholarship program as you have been not fulfilled our criteria but you can continue your education here as an international candidate. Students from most countries outside the China must obtain a residence permit before coming to China. Acquiring a residence permit can be a lengthy procedure. Please contact the China embassy or consulate in your own country for details.
Anna you are requested to contact the administration department for further process. Your first semester classes will start on 1 st of December. Kindly meet the concerned person for fee structure, and course details, etc. You are among those lucky people who have got the chance to study in such renowned college. We will be looking
forward to your action against this letter and hope that you will contact us as early as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Mathew
Senior Admin Manager
Freed Medical College of China

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company. Career is most important part of once life. Developing career in own country is great blessing but if once get the opportunity to build career in aboard never miss that because it is very important for your own nourishment and growth. This is a written sample letter for job confirmation by abroad employment.

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company

Mr. David Koll.
Norway, United States

Subject: job Confirmation Letter by abroad company

Dear Mr. David Koll,

Hopefully you are enjoying good health. It’s a great pleasure to inform you that after through the evaluation of your provided documents and your interview via web cam, we like to inform you that you have been selected for the post of “software engineer” in our company. This will be affected from 23.09.2018. First three months would be your probation period and after three months based on your performance you would be selected for the post permanently. After that you would have to sign contract of two years with us. During this job you would be not allowed for other job. Your gross salary would be $85,000 and net salary would be $72,879. Your job timings would be 8 hours per day starting from 8.00am to 4.00pm. You can also avail our bonus policy by working some extra hours. Your salary would be revised annually.
Our other terms and conditions are sending to you via email. Read them carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any query.You can also allow for 30 days paid vacations annually.
If you are interested contact us, as soon as possible so we can secure your post for you and send visa for your job and residential permit to you. Our company is waiting for your joining so come soon. Wish you a best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

Chief executive
William kales
Date 2.9.2018