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Sympathy letter to Friend

Sympathy letter to Friend. Writing about road accident is a sensitive issue, its very important to select words carefully, because once has badly injured and going through an extreme pain. Once need a moral, social, financial and physical support at that time. In this grieving and time of loss once would love to be reminded with respect, honor and with affiliations. This is a sample letter of sympathy due to road accident.

Sympathy letter to Friend

Mrs. Sam,
22 Mint Road.
Hint Spain

Subject: Sympathy letter due to road accident

My Cute and Lovely Colleague Sam,

Sam on Wednesday around about 8.00 am in the morning I was on my way towards our institute for my job, as I received a phone call from your husband. He was narrating about incidence of your road accident. At that time it was unbelievable shocking news for me as I found myself lost in unconscious for a few minutes. I stopped driving a car and begin to listen to your husband. I asked about you and he replied now you are out of danger. He narrated your injuries and I was feeling the pain you were going through. For a moment world become darken for me.
That day was one of worst day of my life. I failed to function properly at that day. I felt extreme sorry for you. I was thinking about one day before your accident when we met. You were very happy as you were expecting a baby. Aahh!!!
I just want to say everything happen to us for a good reason. Might God want to see you stronger, although you are strong lady, I have ever met in my whole life. Sam my prayers are with you. May you get well soon, Hoping you would join your job as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Jerry
Date: 8/6/18

Condolence Letter On Death of Friend’s Mother

Condolence letter sample, written by any person to another for condolence. To buck up that person. Condolence letter on death of friend’s motherCondolence letter on death of friend’s father, sister or any other  close relation, loss of friend’s wife, death of mother in law or father in law and loss of father or mother.You can change necessary changes and use this condolence letter format. Format of sample condolence message for loss of mother.

Sample Condolence Message for Mother’s Death

Dear Osama,

Hope to find you in good health. I regret to say that I heard the news of your mother’s death and I am really shocked. I am sorry I couldn’t reach there as I received your letter just now. I knew that she had minor cough from last week but what has happen is totally beyond our thinking. Such a nice lady she was. I even couldn’t  stop my tears when I heard this dreadful news.

I know that its such a crucial and critical time for you and your family as well. But everything happens by ALLAH’s will. We cant change anything. Be brave and bold, if you will go weak your siblings also will. Get up and keep shadow on them. Its such a great loss of you all but don’t let them feel so.
ALLAH ALMIGHTY has better plans for us. Don’t get disappointed. My wishes are for you dear. I will come to see you as soon as my exams will be over. Pray for your mother, May her soul rest in peace (Aameen).
Yours Truly,

Condolence Letter Upon Brother’s Death

Dear Amir,

My friend, regret to say but  I get to know about really shocking and  sad news of your brother’s death. Not only yours I consider him as my elder brother too. He was such a brave and nice person. He not only was an ordinary man, but being in Air Force he was proud of our country.

Fellow, everything happens according to God’s will and we can never change that but be bold at this moment. I mean yes it is critical but he will be  always considered alive in between memories of ours. What we can do is pray for his forgiveness. Don’t get upset and be a bold pillar for your parents! May his soul rest in peace.

Yours Truly,
Condolence Letter Upon Brother's Death
Condolence Letter Upon Brother’s Death

Words of Condolences Letter for Mother

Dear John,

The news has taken me into deep level of sorrow. I cannot comprehend the pain you are going through right now. This is such a shattering and disheartening news. I don’t have words to use which can comfort you at this point because the loss is so great to comfort. She was such a humble person and second mother to me.
She has been so kind to me and always treated me like her own son. I just want you to hold up and believe that she is always with you in your heat. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Yours Truly,