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How to Deal With Stress?

How to Deal With Stress?

What is stress?

The human body is made up of many sentiments and with every emotion, it has a specific feel that can root many changes. Those changes could be physical and mental too. Stress is one of them a state of exhaustion. Sometimes you are familiar with the causes and other times you feel dull and down for no reason.

“Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others.” 

  • Paulo Coelho

We live in an era where stress can come from anywhere, it can be any personal reason like a relationship, family, or issues from the workplace. And sometimes it can arouse from any trivial thing, something you would probably not think directly but indirectly it is upsetting you and causing you severe stress. The risk of dropping health and major diseases like heart attack and nervous breakdown is snowballing day by day due to stress.


Sometimes it is hard to recognize and other times you can see your friends dealing with consecutive stressing life. Stress not only disturbs mental health but also collapse the physical health at the same time.
Some of the basic symptoms are:


If you are finding hard to catch up on your sleep. Then, the odds of stress are more. It illustrates that you’re taking something really seriously that is not letting you sleep. So, if you are facing this problem you should consult a doctor as soon as possible or talk to someone who’s close to your heart to share your personal.
Sharing personal problems gives a sense of relief.


Persistent headaches are one of the most visible symptoms of stress. If you are the one who’s suffering from stress the first thing you will face is an intense headache. Take the medicine prescribed by the doctors in this situation.


Weight loss is one of the clearest symptoms of stress. You will notice the difference in your body and weight. Stress can be really contagious for your health.


You will not feel like eating anything and your food intake will start decreasing drastically. The relentless feeling of nausea and sickness is one of the basic signs of stress.


You will feel tired and exhausted every time without even any clear reason. A deep feeling of not getting up from your bed and lying all day long.


In this article, we will be discussing how we can cope with stress and here we have the most amazing tips that you can implement in your daily life to deal with stress. And enjoy a stress-free life.


Set this habit anything can go well if you are an early riser. It gives a feeling that you have started your day a little early which automatically gives you a fruitful vibe. It will eventually put you in a peaceful state. In the beginning, it can be hard for you to set a routine like this but once you start observing the positive changes in your behaviour you will know the worth of waking up early.


This is one of the finest tips that you can opt. Always spare some time for yoga or go for a run. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have plenty of time for this. It helps you to improve your health also considering the fact that a healthy body leads a healthy mind.


Take a proper diet and try to eat healthy avoid junk food as much as you can. Do not skip your major meals like breakfast, and dinner you can take a light snack during lunch time but make sure to fill your stomach with nutrients and proteins. Eat healthy and on time.


Make a list of things that you feel grateful about. It will help you to stay inspired and more thankful for what you have. This is the best way to practice happiness that comes from small things. It really helps you to stay calm and motivated.


Beat the inner monster that keeps you awake whole night and forces you to think about the stuff that is unnecessary. Focus on today, don’t make stories in your head even if you think that you have this feeling try to divert your mind by doing anything that suits you.


Keep a positive attitude towards everything. Especially, when something is disturbing you. Letting go is the best solution in this scenario. Surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes.


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have any specific hobbies then select anything that can occupy your mind when you’re feeling low. Book reading is one of the best practices that you can adopt.


It is always better to consult a doctor. But, try to reach for some small help first. Stress, anxiety and depression these things are increasing really fast in our society. And there is no damage in asking for a help. Consider the fact that if you’re not sick. It normal! And reaching out for any sort of help can make major changes in your life. Try to use the tips mentioned above for a stress-free life.

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure?

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure?

Failure is the term that no human wants to come across. Failure is a feeling of dismay and disappointment in yourself. It is also called “atychiphobia”. Fear of failure is always in a person’s mind while doing anything new. It is in every person’s mind, embedded with all kind of scary thoughts. It ranges from a person who wants to give a presentation in class to the entrepreneur who wants to start a new business. The main motive in defying your fears is to be confident in your goals. Failure should be a secondary thought; success should always be primary. Every person fails at things in their life. Some have failed relationships, jobs, business ideas, marriages and many more. It is very important to be optimistic about your goals. The fear of failure is always present but what matters is that individual should not let the fear absorb them or let it take over them.

How to be Optimistic about your Future Goals:

  • Be transparent about your goals: One should give proper thought process to what they want in their life. There should be no negative thinking included while making a plan. He or she should be sure about their goals and start the journey to gain it.
  • Believe in yourself: Believing in yourself is the highest form of self-confidence. Failure of fear immobilize a person but believing in yourself give you a power of controlling the situation. Never undermine yourself in any way.
  • Visualize the drawbacks: It is necessary to give a thought to obstacles and hurdles in the goal. Everyone should have back up plan in case their primary one fails. Knowing both sides of the coin is very important before playing.
  • Make a fear list: Teenagers while growing up gets really nervous about some things in their life. Some of them start to ignore them and does not face their fears. It is important to sit and write all the things that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Master the art: If you lack confidence then try to improve it. Stand in front of the mirror and all to yourself confidently about issues. Running away from the situation will only buy you back to scratch. People overcome their fears by practicing and becoming a master of it.
  • Keep Trying: Without trying, a person cannot achieve anything in their life. Failure or Success is the result of trying. Learning process becomes enhanced when a person tries new stuff. Try to fail at stuff sometimes so you could know how can you do it right next time.

How to Stop Living in Fear:

Everyone have different meanings of failure; some feel the end of the world and to some, it is an experience. It is important to think positively about yourself and your attributes. Trust your potential and always have “I am the best” attitude. This attitude should be adopted by every individual so lack of confidence does not become a hurdle in their success. Conquer your fears. Try to know your fears so you can conquer them easily when you come across them. It was a study at the University of Pennsylvania that 60% of people do not try new things in their lives due to the fear of failure. Accept the failure, things never go as you want, nature has better and different plans for you. You need to accept what has happened and learn from it so it does not occur next time.

Overcoming Fears:

People tend to believe that if they think out of the box and project their ideas to the world and if the world does not accept it or appreciate it, it is a failure. Do not always lemmatized your potential o people responses. Try to be practical and if you fail practically at something, use the knowledge and gain in a positive way. Experience makes the person more qualified than the people with thousand degrees in their hands. With experience, you have gained the knowledge which no other person could get, so you got to learn stuff from it. The process of doing something makes you exceptional at that time. Challenge your failures like this so you enhance your exposure. Go through your past experiences, both bad and good. Learn from them. It is always good to try than doing nothing. Overcome your fears by challenging yourself. For example, some people fear of public speaking, they hesitate and could not accumulate words to speak while they have to deliver a speech. It is because of their fear of trying. The fear of failure revolves around their mind and they do not even try their whole life. This gets them into trouble when they are in their professional Life. In professional life, some people want to be an entrepreneur but do not try because of fear of losing their money. They wait for a company or person that can invest in their idea but not on a large scale, so if it goes wrong, they don’t lose anything majorly. This attitude makes a personal failure because of not trying and not putting enough belief in themselves.


Fear of failure is totally normal and is experienced by mostly every person in the world Next time when you have to do something. Sit and think about the whole process and try to give as a major input into it as you can. Try to be kind to yourself even if you fail at your goal. It is a part of life and everyone have to go through this with time. The main goal is to not underestimate your potential and do not let one failure hold you back from future success.

How to Stay Motivated?

How to Stay Motivated?

We all know the feelings of dismay, disappointment and gloomy. It usually comes when we fail a test, lose a job or have a heartbreak we thought we’ll never have. Everyone feels low at many points in their lives and they deal with the tantrums in one way or another. Feeling distressed and upset about some things is alright but living in that bubble of anxiety is wrong. It is very important for a person to accept their failure, move on and try to do better next time. The right amount of courage, zeal, and enthusiast is needed when you feel upset.
Some people cry when they fail at something in their life or lose their dream job and some people try to improve themselves or look in hunt of finding something better in replacement and that is what motivation is. Motivation is a feeling of support, excitement about future goals. Everyone needs motivation in their life. Some people give motivation such as there are billions of motivational speakers who are out there, talking about their life experiences to the world so people get motivated by listening to their battles. Some people
have friends who motivate them and some people have to self-motivate themselves for something. Every individual living in an ugly bubble of this world has to fight their inner selves’ every day. Some are failing at classes, some are unemployed and have 6 stomachs to feed at home, some people had their thesis failed, some are struggling because of their severe acne, some have self- doubts mostly about their bodies, some do not feel connected with their parents. Some are worried because of their late -marriage, some are worried because bills haven’t been paid. Some worries because their fiancé is really not interested in them.
Some are crying in their room because of overweight. Some have a hard time accepting their birth scars. Some are frightened to go to college because they don’t like the way their professor looks at them. Some are going through relationship breakups and thinks the only solution to it is suicide. Some has just shifted to the hostel and worried if their rural background will be a barrier in their new friendships. Some are worried because they cannot speak English as well as their fellows’ can, some are self-doubting because they don’t fit in the stereotypical standards of society. Every being had to fight its own battle.
The motive is to not lose heart and fired up the courage and resilience in yourself to fight off any battle.” To stay motivated is very important in crucial times. When you see no light coming from the end of the tunnel, be light for yourself and guide your path and illuminate yourself.

Ways of being motivated:

If you want to stay motivated in your life, follow these rules strictly:

  • Set your goals and be firm about them, if you fail at the initial step, it is totally fine.
  • There is no need to be disappointed in yourself. Everyone fails and then learn to do it in a better way.
  • Listen to motivational speakers on and off. YouTube is full of people telling their hardships and even telling about coping up with the situation. Tex is a huge
  • Platform where different people have told about their challenging life stories.
  • Self-love is very important in being motivated. If you don’t love yourself enough,
  • How will you keep yourself motivated? Go out alone and treat yourself with coffee and some carbs sometimes. You deserve it.
  • Structure your plans so you should know what your main goal in the future is.
  • Always have a B plan of anything in your life. Always create scenarios in your mind to deal with the situation in different ways so when you lose at one, you must know which option to choose next.
  • Surround yourself with the friends who keep you motivated and always tells you that you are doing well in your life. Good friends are like blessings that is why it’s important to surround yourself with them.


People face difficulties in their lives and they keep themselves motivated to achieve their goals after so many struggles. There are major failures and minor failures, but for every kind of failure, one should prepare themselves for it. Bad times does not knock before coming. A person should have a strong heart to bear the bad times and keep their morale high. Motivation is something that comes within oneself. If you don’t try to motivate yourself then you cannot achieve success in life. Motivation varies from person. Some people feel motivated by taking guidance from their parents, some feel motivated by listening to motivational talk shows, some watch inspirational videos in which different people talk about their life’s struggles. Motivational speakers are the same people who could not do something for themselves at some point in their life and lost heart but they did not give up on themselves, they never stopped trying. They believed in themselves and motivated themselves for doing better in life and cross more difficult hurdles in life. In the end, it is important to keep yourself motivated by one way or another and never lose hope in yourself. Always try new ways to motivate yourself; sometimes reward yourself or treat yourself with a good lunch or go out and look at other people’s miserable life. It always makes you motivated to bring change in society and as well as in yourself.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

Every individual in this world wants to be smart and geeky by speaking and writing English. Some people get scared when they are asked to write a comprehensive essay or write someone a letter. People don’t put a lot of effort into their writing skills as they consider its a secondary objective. Most people want to enhance their speaking skills but speaking skills don’t do the job alone unless you are good at writing too. While stepping into the professional world or higher school level, people realize the worth of writing skills at this level. When being in the university their most of work is assignments or essay writings. In this matter of fact, people seek help from those individuals who are actually pro at writing essays in minutes and people who cannot lag behind in their educational career. Likewise, when being in professional life, most of the requirements of the job are sitting in front of the computer or laptop and deal with clients via e-mails and some jobs requirement are writings. There are so many jobs in today’s world that are solely based on writing and people are earning by sitting at home and writing for big multi- national companies. There are content creators, bloggers who actually write stuff or give reviews about products on their page and get earned by it. All you need in today’s world to earn is to be pro at writing and you can earn while sitting behind a laptop screen. When these hurdles come along, people who have never given the food of thought to writing gets pressurized and think of themselves as losers. It is the responsibility of every parent to start teaching the importance of writing skills to their children from the start so they don’t lag behind others.

Ways to Improve Writing Skills:

  • It is very important to learn the language first completely
  • Have a strong grip on vocabulary
  • Grammar should be improved
  • Reading novels and books regularly
  • Watching movies of your interest in English
  • Writing journal
  • Take online courses for improving your writing skills
  • Spend more time in the library
  • Discuss and write with your best friend, this practice improves your writing skills as well as your confidence.
  • Search your favorite author online and write about him or here
  • Always make an outline before writing
  • Clear your concepts about your writing

How to improve writing skills?

It requires a lot of motivation to convince yourself of doing something. First of all, motivate yourself and set your goal for every day to write at least 500 days a day. Choose your favorite topic from the internet or any of your interest. Start writing about it, it could be your favorite game show or television show. It does not matter if you feel that you are lacking at it, just write your heart out. Prepare your draft and show it to the person who has strong command in writing. He will tell you about your mistakes and guide you at where you possibly lack. The first draft is always not good. When you try something new, 99% chances are that you fail at it but 1% chance is there to try again. If your draft is full of grammar mistakes and simple words, there is no need to worry about it. Edit your work after getting proper guidance. Edit your work every day. When you feel that you have reached a satisfactory level of writing then try to extend your goal of everyday writing to 1000 words and many more. Start a blog and start writing there as it would create more excitement in you and you will be cautious while writing that if I am writing correctly or not. Interact with the people on your blog and by this, you would be able to write fluently. One way of improving your writing skills in reading. Reading opens and flourishes your mind. Many people read so they can be in places where no one is. Reading is an adventure which opens a lot of locked doors of your mind, which you did not even know you have. Find your favorite author and start reading his or her books. First, it will help you in gaining knowledge of different subjects and secondly, it would help you in your writing skills. Getting a good grip on the vocabulary is also very important and to get that, you need to watch English movies, read books, newspaper, blog posts anything which includes English. Your writing skills would be more beautified when your grammar is on point and your vocabulary is enriched. It is very important to do your research before writing about the topic. Research about your topic and then try to write on it. Never ever delay your writings, if you have not completed your set goal of every day, you would not be able to achieve it easily. Always be firm about your goals and one day you achieve it in one way or another. Working hard is always the key.


To improve your writing skills, one should be determined about it and totally be dedicated towards it. One should try to speak first while writing so they know that their sentence structure makes sense or not. Make abstract concepts and metaphors to bring them into reality. Develop sticky writing habits. Try to make your writing more interesting by adding creative ideas. Try firstly by writing mini-stories and gradually increasing your pace. Nothing is really impossible in life. If a person wants to learn something, they do at the end of the time.

How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression

How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression?

Anxiety is considered as an emotion, feeling of resistance towards everything, worried and troubled thoughts about anything happening in life. People with anxiety tend to be more rigid about their daily life. There are two kinds of anxiety, one could be a normal
kind of anxiety and other is actually a mental illness. Normal anxiety is characterized as raised heartbeat, sweating and increased sensitivity to surroundings. Anxiety in daily life could be due to the crucial issues of an individual’s life. Whenever a person feels he or she is in danger, he will try to escape that situation or get scared of that particular event. “Fight or flight response” also occur in anxiety as a person thinks that their situation is a threat to them and the brain releases a different kind of hormones.
Chemical reactions happening at that moment to his body is anxiety. The rush of adrenalin in the brain triggers anxiety and causes the “fight or flight” response. Anxieties mostly occur due to work tension, family issues, money shortage, family and other problems.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

People with anxiety starts to have symptoms which eventually leads to severe anxiety:

  • Mental breakdown
  • Restlessness and tension
  • Feeling lazy and weak
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Over thinking and over planning
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Having Gastrointestinal issues
  • Fearful behavior
  • Irritable and annoying
  • Seeking validations from others

Anxiety Disorders Types:

Different kind of anxiety disorders are:

1Generalized Anxiety disorder is the kind of disorder in which there is consistent worry about routine issues, about everyday life activities. Panic is in such greater proportion that person cannot control the emotions and affects how you feel physically and mentally.

2Panic Disorder is when people with anxiety get panic attacks and they get short of breath, chest pain and higher heartbeat. These occur in episodes and people tend to get thing again and again. This is a feeling of fear and terror which last for minutes.

3Selective Mutism is when children cannot speak in the places where they can easily speak due to the anxiety they lose all the confidence and anxiety takes over them. It is a consistent failure of speaking at places where they can easily do.

4-Specific Phobias are the one in which a person has a major phobia towards something like height so when they are exposed to that particular situation, they start to have anxiety. People tend to avoid this kind of situations in order to avoid anxiety.

5- Social Phobia is also known as a social anxiety disorder in which people cannot socialize with other people because of anxiety. This kind of people think very inferior of themselves and do not go out with other people because of the fear of being judged, self-consciousness.

6-Separation Anxiety Disorder is the disorder which is mostly prevalent in children and occurs in them because of separation from parents. It is also known as a childhood anxiety disorder.

7-Substance-induced anxiety disorder occurs due to persistent intake of drugs and misusing of drugs, people develop anxiety due to these toxic substances in the body and feeling of restlessness prevails in them.

How to deal with Anxiety:

Exercise daily is a great consideration for dealing with anxiety. When your body works aligned with your brain, this keeps it fresh and helps in maintaining the health of body and brain. In order to be peaceful about mind-boggling stuff, you need to first make peace with yourself by controlling your emotions. It is substantial to be the master of your emotions, to control your thought process. Figure out what is creating chaos in your mind and leading you to anxiety, challenge yourself and get control over that so you don’t feel anxiety over that thing next time. Try to be optimistic about your current
situation and repel negativity as much as you can. Surrounding yourself with the people who bring positivity in your life is very important. If you isolate yourself and put yourself in a situation, where no one could bring you out from the isolated hole of you, you will be the one who suffers in the end. Anxiety, depression takes your life, you over think about trivial stuff in your life, things which should not matter suddenly matters to you. Always make friends as they are there for you in your saddest times and struggling times and be a helping hand in most dire times. One way of keeping yourself apart from anxiety is also to volunteer somewhere and help poor people. Sometimes all individual needs are soul refreshment and refinement and no better way of doing this is but volunteering. Go to the internet and search for social work, social work keeps you connected with the world and you are exposed to many new things you didn’t even know exists. You get to know stories of people’s troublesome lives and their bigger and tragic experiences, makes you realize how small your issues are. It brings you closer to reality and in one way it brings peace to your brain. Sometimes doctors also prescribe medication for anxiety, benzodiazepines such as valium provides relief from all the tension in the mind and many people take it without prescription, which is very wrong.

Anxiety is a disorder which can be cured by seeking help from others or by controlling your emotions. Psychiatrists are available for people who have severe anxiety disorders. People tend to avoid the threatening situation and that is where they lack the most and their anxiety gets worse. It is very important to get to know the root cause of your anxiety and then working on it to get rid of it. People mostly get into depression due to anxiety and they don’t understand how harmful it is. Depression then leads to suicide and ultimately people do this too.