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Job Application for Pediatric Oncologist

A Pediatric Oncologist is a specialized doctor who treats cancer in kids, infants, and toddlers. As cancer in adults is very different from cancer that develops in kids most of the time special pediatric oncologists are the ones who diagnose and treat these types of cancers in kids. If you are a pediatric oncologist and are wanting to write a Job Application at hospital these sample applications might prove useful to you. Feel free to leave any requests you have in the comments section.

Job Application  For Pediatric Oncologist


The Head Of Resource Department,

People Tree Hospital

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Subject: Job Application For Pediatric Oncologist

Respected Sir,

I hope you are having a good day. I am Dr. Akhil Birla. I am a DM Pediatric Oncologist. I have been practicing my profession and treating cancer in kids for the last 5+ years. During these 5 years of experience, I have performed diagnostic tests and also was a cancer consultant for kids developing cancer in the early stages of their lives. I have treated leukemia, brain, and spinal cord tumors along with bone cancer in toddlers, infants, and teenagers. My experience from my oncology research and treatment has helped me treat and perform treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy in kids in cancer hospitals. Working with your senior medical team will be a great opportunity to practice my knowledge on a bigger level and treat patients who are in need of treatments that I can perform. I would love to work with your hospital. Hence, applying here for the vacancy you have in your cancer hospital. I will be waiting for your response to discuss this further in a meeting.


Dr. Akhil Birla.

Sample Job Application  For Pediatric Oncologist


The Head Of Resource Department,

Aster DM Healthcare

Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

Subject: Job Application For The Vacancy Of A Pediatric Oncologist In Your Hospital.

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great. I Dr, Rishab Yadav, a certified Pediatric Oncologist have a 3-year fellowship. I have been treating cancer and tumors in newborns and infants, toddlers. I have my research program I conducted to study cancer in kids and safe treatments. I have performed surgeries to remove tumors and am qualified to perform radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy on my patients. One of my main objectives while treating children is to make the whole process as comfortable and less damaging as possible. I have treated so many patients that have recovered completely and I love doing this for them I missed cities and have been wanting to work with your hospital here. I would love to work within your cancer treatment units and with your teams. I am qualified for diagnosing and performing tests as well and will love to provide consultancy to the patients you are working with already. This will benefit both of us as I also want to expand my reach and treatment with my patients. If you are agreed and want to discuss further details about the responsibilities and my work experiences you can contact me through my number provided below.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Rishab Yadav.

Environmental Factors are the Cause Cancer

Environmental Factors are the Cause of Cancer

There are many environmental factors which are leading us towards cancer, but we will discuss here only few of them.
First of all UV factor is basically known as ultra violet rays directly from sun. Allah almighty has created this universe very beautiful our earth is a symbol of life and beauty of His own. If we create any this we must have to protect it. This rule which That Almighty has also applied for this earth. He has protected us from UV factor by creating a lyre of Ozone around the earth. Which protect us from ultra –Violet rays of sun, so that we may keep safe from Cancer and other harmful factors.

Our Environmental creating such as Carbon Mono oxide and dioxide in very large quantity. Our factories, motor vehicles, etc. are the major production of this oxide due to which this lyre of Ozone is being damaged. And is not recoverable so we are leading towards a very difficult situation.

So it is very difficult to protect ourselves from these dangerous and harmful diseases as we are making such a big progress in science and technologies but our environment is also changing.
These factors are the cause of cancer. If we have to protect the humanity then must have to make changes in our society such as town planning is first. Look at the cities having high index of air purification must have clean environment, there was no planning of clean and green peace of societies in the begging so we need to know more for these factors. Coal , Mining , Factories are the major producing of waste water and unpurified air (Pollution) due to which our humanity is suffering.

Clean and green air and pure water is our necessity and right. If we can’t control these factors we are pushing humanity toward dangerous and painful situation.