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Sample Article on How to overcome Depression and Anxiety through Therapies

Human beings are a combination of spirit and flesh. Spirit is the heavenly gift and is deemed as eternal, whereas flesh and body are mortal. The body is controlled by the brain as the remote control of all the happenings of the body.


The heart is the administrator of feelings and emotions. The collision between the brain and heart causes serious problems and often leads to mental malfunctioning.

Two known ailments are anxiety and depression. In today’s world, no one can escape from its dangers. According to psychologists, anxiety refers to an emotion, which is ruled by feelings of stress, tension, troublesome thoughts and results in showing symptoms of high blood pressure. This is a disorder of mental functioning and people with anxiety usually suffer from disturbing and recurrent thoughts or concerns. Anxiety-stricken people often avoid facing stressful situations.

Depression, on the other hand, is an emotional state that is characterized by feelings of low self-esteem, govern by guilt, unable to enjoy life and its various blessings. This is also a disorder, a mood disorder that causes constant feelings or emotional states of sadness and loss of interest and charm in life. This mood disorder heavily affects the way of thinking pattern, way of behaving, and a variety of linked concerns.

Any serious illness, caused due to your own self or a loved one, can be destructive. Anxiety and depression are two such blood and sleep suckers. Whenever we feel somebody’s pain, we rush to treat it whether through allopathy or homeopathy. This is quite strange that we seldom care about our mental health, we take every mental blow as destined or God’s will. Our attitude towards such things is totally erroneous.

To treat such mental illness, therapies are there. Therapy, according to psychologists is a broad system of treatment where psychological methods are used to treat people with depression, anxiety, and other related mental disorders. There are a number of therapies that exist is psychology. People should visit a psychologist, one who is holding a valid license for treating people. Therapy can do wonders and enable you to cope up with your emotions or any symptoms caused by your ailment.

Therapies for Anxiety and Depression

There are a number of therapies available for treating anxiety disorder and depression. Some of the best therapies are mentioned below:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: It is also known as CBT. This therapy is an extremely effective form of psychotherapy for treating anxiety disorder. In this therapy, a psychologist targets and focuses on teaching the patient some specific skills to lift up his symptoms and with constant pace, making the individual to return to the activities which he had avoided due to anxiety.
  • 3 Rules Therapy: This therapy is governed by distraction. In this therapy, you focus on hearing the three sounds that you hear. Moving of your three body parts; arms, fingers, and ankle. This is actually a mental trick to ease out your brain and bring it back to the present, current state.
  • Spend Time out: In this technique, you are convinced to go out and take some fresh air. The stubborn electrons haunting your body will shed off in outer, free air.
  • Eat well: In this technique, you are encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet, including fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. In treating depression, sweet dishes are miraculous, especially kheer (cooked milk, rice, and sugar) and grapes.
  • Consume Less Caffeine: in order to treat your anxiety and depression, you must limit the use of alcohol, tea, and coffee.
  • For the treatment of depression, psychologists often use a combination or blend of the three most effective therapies including CBT, interpersonal therapy and psycho-personal therapy. Antidepressants are also part of the treatment of depression. Following are the medications suggested for the treatment of depression.
  • Serotonin–Norepinephrine Reuptake
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Antiseizure Medications
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants and other additional medications. Do not use it on your own unless prescribed by licensed psychologists.

Benefits of Therapies:

There are various benefits of taking the right therapy at right time. A few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Therapies can assist in gaining life-saving skills of coping with various problems, with a cool mind.
  • Therapies can change your mindset and teach you to analyze the problem from different angles, a positive mindset. This change of mindset will lead to healthy interaction with people.
  • Therapies are like medicines, they change your mood, make you satiated from the inner, this will result in a happier lifestyle.
  • Therapies can make you productive in your life which will earn you a good economic balance.
  • Therapies can elevate you to treat your stress or panic disorder.

Online Help: In case, you want to discuss your matter (both male and female), personally from a registered psychologist, feel free to take advice via email: saimajillani04@gmail.com

How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression

How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression?

Anxiety is considered as an emotion, feeling of resistance towards everything, worried and troubled thoughts about anything happening in life. People with anxiety tend to be more rigid about their daily life. There are two kinds of anxiety, one could be a normal
kind of anxiety and other is actually a mental illness. Normal anxiety is characterized as raised heartbeat, sweating and increased sensitivity to surroundings. Anxiety in daily life could be due to the crucial issues of an individual’s life. Whenever a person feels he or she is in danger, he will try to escape that situation or get scared of that particular event. “Fight or flight response” also occur in anxiety as a person thinks that their situation is a threat to them and the brain releases a different kind of hormones.
Chemical reactions happening at that moment to his body is anxiety. The rush of adrenalin in the brain triggers anxiety and causes the “fight or flight” response. Anxieties mostly occur due to work tension, family issues, money shortage, family and other problems.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

People with anxiety starts to have symptoms which eventually leads to severe anxiety:

  • Mental breakdown
  • Restlessness and tension
  • Feeling lazy and weak
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Over thinking and over planning
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Having Gastrointestinal issues
  • Fearful behavior
  • Irritable and annoying
  • Seeking validations from others

Anxiety Disorders Types:

Different kind of anxiety disorders are:

1Generalized Anxiety disorder is the kind of disorder in which there is consistent worry about routine issues, about everyday life activities. Panic is in such greater proportion that person cannot control the emotions and affects how you feel physically and mentally.

2Panic Disorder is when people with anxiety get panic attacks and they get short of breath, chest pain and higher heartbeat. These occur in episodes and people tend to get thing again and again. This is a feeling of fear and terror which last for minutes.

3Selective Mutism is when children cannot speak in the places where they can easily speak due to the anxiety they lose all the confidence and anxiety takes over them. It is a consistent failure of speaking at places where they can easily do.

4-Specific Phobias are the one in which a person has a major phobia towards something like height so when they are exposed to that particular situation, they start to have anxiety. People tend to avoid this kind of situations in order to avoid anxiety.

5- Social Phobia is also known as a social anxiety disorder in which people cannot socialize with other people because of anxiety. This kind of people think very inferior of themselves and do not go out with other people because of the fear of being judged, self-consciousness.

6-Separation Anxiety Disorder is the disorder which is mostly prevalent in children and occurs in them because of separation from parents. It is also known as a childhood anxiety disorder.

7-Substance-induced anxiety disorder occurs due to persistent intake of drugs and misusing of drugs, people develop anxiety due to these toxic substances in the body and feeling of restlessness prevails in them.

How to deal with Anxiety:

Exercise daily is a great consideration for dealing with anxiety. When your body works aligned with your brain, this keeps it fresh and helps in maintaining the health of body and brain. In order to be peaceful about mind-boggling stuff, you need to first make peace with yourself by controlling your emotions. It is substantial to be the master of your emotions, to control your thought process. Figure out what is creating chaos in your mind and leading you to anxiety, challenge yourself and get control over that so you don’t feel anxiety over that thing next time. Try to be optimistic about your current
situation and repel negativity as much as you can. Surrounding yourself with the people who bring positivity in your life is very important. If you isolate yourself and put yourself in a situation, where no one could bring you out from the isolated hole of you, you will be the one who suffers in the end. Anxiety, depression takes your life, you over think about trivial stuff in your life, things which should not matter suddenly matters to you. Always make friends as they are there for you in your saddest times and struggling times and be a helping hand in most dire times. One way of keeping yourself apart from anxiety is also to volunteer somewhere and help poor people. Sometimes all individual needs are soul refreshment and refinement and no better way of doing this is but volunteering. Go to the internet and search for social work, social work keeps you connected with the world and you are exposed to many new things you didn’t even know exists. You get to know stories of people’s troublesome lives and their bigger and tragic experiences, makes you realize how small your issues are. It brings you closer to reality and in one way it brings peace to your brain. Sometimes doctors also prescribe medication for anxiety, benzodiazepines such as valium provides relief from all the tension in the mind and many people take it without prescription, which is very wrong.

Anxiety is a disorder which can be cured by seeking help from others or by controlling your emotions. Psychiatrists are available for people who have severe anxiety disorders. People tend to avoid the threatening situation and that is where they lack the most and their anxiety gets worse. It is very important to get to know the root cause of your anxiety and then working on it to get rid of it. People mostly get into depression due to anxiety and they don’t understand how harmful it is. Depression then leads to suicide and ultimately people do this too.

Sample Sick Leave Messages

Sick leave messages are those messages that are sent by a person to his/her colleagues or senior boss to inform that he/she wish to take the leave as he/she is sick. Leave text messages. Workers also can use this easy format of SMS to apply for sick leave. Sick Leave messages due to COVID-19/Typhoid Temp/Malaria Temperature. Sick leave application for employees. Necessary changes can be done. You can find out more messages to below given link:

Official Leave Applications

Casual Leave Messages to Boss

Sick Leave Messages to Boss (Coronavirus Leave Messages)

1- Hello Sir, I hope you are doing well. It is to inform you that I have come positive for corona virus. It is getting very crucial for me as I am having difficulty in breathing. I am trying my best not to meet anyone and cure myself in isolation. I have assistance of online great doctors and I will be cured hopefully soon. Please grant me leave until I am tested negative.

Truly yours,

2- Dear Sir, it is very unfortunate news that I have tested positive for COVID-19 and I don’t want to spread the disease to anyone else that is why I am going to request for a leave from office. Please grant me leave from office until I am tested negative.

Yours Sincere,


3- Dear Madam, I cannot come to office because I have all the symptoms of corona virus. I am having sore throat, diarrhea, shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste and body pains. I am feeling very unusual tiredness from many days. As you know that we are working in an office in this pandemic and I don’t want to infect anybody else. Please grant me leaves.



4– Dear Amjad Sahib, I hope you are doing well and are safe from COVID-19. I am having symptoms of corona virus and I am afraid that I might be corona virus positive. I am going to give my test today. Please grant me leave from office for 2 days so that I can make sure if I have contracted corona virus or not.

Yours Faithful,


5- Respected Sir, I am writing this message in great despair as I have come positive for corona virus. This is a very heart-breaking news for me because things are very tough for me. Kindly, grant me some leaves until I get completely recover from corona virus. I will be very thankful to you for comprehending my situation.

Yours Truly,


Sick Leave Messages

Leave Text  to boss due to Anxiety

Greetings! I am sorry, I could not make up time to attend the office as I am feeling utmost anxiety resulting in nausea and in this state, due to low focus, unable to be productive in any sense. Grant me leave Please.


Leave due to Medical Test

Good Morning Sir, Hope everything will be good at yours end. I am sorry, I am not able to attend the office today because I am not feeling good for last 2 days. I went to hospital and they have prescribe me different  tests. Will get back to you Tomorrow.


Shamoon Chohan

Leave due to High Blood Pressure

Greetings, Sir I am having high blood pressure since night. I am not in a Position to come to office today. kindly grant me leave for one day.


 SMS to boss Due to Stomach Infection

Dear Sir, I am suffering from stomach ache as yesterday on a late night party, I had eaten up beyond my limit and got food poisoning. It was treated, but pain in stomach is still lurking so I cannot come to office. Much Thanks.

SMS to Boss Due to Surgery

Respected Sir, it is to say that I forgot to tell you earlier about my
nasal surgery, but it was forgotten all in my stress and now on the operation bed I am writing you for a request of two days leave from the office for a better treatment. Thank you.

Leave due to Appointment with Physio Therapist

Respectfully, it is to inform you that I had severe accident since 2 days back after this my leg is not moving properly. So I have decided to go for my physio therapist. For this reason will not able to join you today. Thank you.

SMS to Boss Due to Sudden Heart Pain

Dear Madam, it is stated that I was perfectly ready for the office, but the sudden pain in my heart restricted me to take few steps as well and no my son is taking me to the doctor and I request you to grant me the leave for today. Thank you.

SMS to Boss Due to Work Stress

Respected Sir, I am an old bird and my nerves are quite weak as I told you earlier about my health, in current scenario, office is acting as a donkey-load which I am unable to shoulder and went in the spasm of stress. Kindly grant me one day off for refreshing myself for better productivity. Thanks

Sample Text due to Dehydration

Respected Sir,

It is to state that while I was on my way to office I received a call of my wife saying that my niece has fainted due to dehydration and I have to rush to home so that I can take her to nearby hospital in time. Please be informed. Much thanks.

Leave  Message due to health problem

As this is fall season and everything is dusty and you know I am chronic patient of asthma and this season affected me to my death level. Please grant me leave so that I can get my medicines in time. Thank you.

Health Issue SMS
Dear Sir,
I would be greatly obliged if you allow me to take today off on account of bad health. I hope I recover soon and attend work tomorrow.
Best Regards,

Fever SMS
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I am suffering high grade fever and will not be able to come to office today. Please grant me leave of absence.
Yours Truly,

Stomach/Belly Pain SMS

Good Morning Sir/Mam,

I am down incapacitated with abdominal pain. I will be unable to arrive to office today, please grant me leave.

Leg injury SMS
Dear Sir,
I was met with an accident yesterday and my leg is injured, I have suffered a fracture. I would be grateful to be granted leave for one full week.
Yours Truly,

Arm injury SMS
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I will be unable to attend office since my arm is injured and I require rest.
Yours Truly,

Vomiting SMS
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been suffering from food poisoning and vomiting, I would be obliged if I am granted leave for one week.

Headache Text
Dear Sir,
On account of severe headache I will be unable to attend work. Please grant me leave for a day.
Yours Sincerely,

Malaria Fever Text
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been diagnosed with malaria. Please grant him leave so he recovers soon.
Best Wishes,

Cough with infection Text
Dear Sir,
Please be informed that I am suffering from cough and cold which is infectious. Kindly grant me leave for convalescence.
Warm Regards,

Eye infection Text
Dear Sir,
I have been unfortunate enough to catch the eye infection currently contagious. Please grant me leave for a week.
Yours Truly,

Throat infection Text
Respected Sir,
It is stated that I have been suffering from throat infection and drowsiness, I will not be able to attend work for the next two days, kindly grant me leave.
Yours Truly,

Ear pain Text
Dear Sir,
I would be obliged if I am granted leave for the next two days since I am suffering from immense pain in the ear due to infection.
Yours Truly,


Allergy SMS
I have been done with an allergic reaction to food items I unknowingly consumed. Please grant me leave for a week.
Yours Truly,

Shoulder pain Message

Good Morning Sir,
Please be informed that I am suffering from piercing shoulder pain and this hampers my ability to travel. Please grant me leave for three days.
Yours Truly

Accident Message
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been injured in an accident and would request a week of absence.

Yours Faithfully,

Dengue Fever SMS
Hy Mam,
It is stated that I have been diagnosed with dengue fever and need to be kept in isolation. Please grant me leave till I return to health.

Yours Obediently,

Chest infection SMS
Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been diagnosed with chest infection due to cold, please grant me leave of absence for the next week.
Warm Regards,

Wife’s Illness Text Message

Dear Sir/Mam,
It is stated that my wife has been taken ill and I will be unable to attend work for the next few days, please grant me leave.
Yours Sincerely,

Leave Text to boss due to Gynecologist Appointment

Hi, I hope I am not disturbing you at this hour of work but I want to
notify you that I have gynecologist appointment tomorrow. This is my weekly checkup appointment so please consider my leave. Thank you.

Leave Message due to Throat Infection

Dear Madam, I need leave for two days due to severe throat infection. I believe that dust has gotten best of me and my throat is soar because of allergy.

Leave SMS due to Foot Pain

Good Morning Sir, It is to bring in your notice that I fell from office stairs today very badly and my food got hurt. Due to persistent pain, I would not be able to come tomorrow.

Neck Pain Leave Message

Sir, Due to my shoulder surgery, my body parts have been affected
too. I have chronic neck pain. I won’t be able to come tomorrow. Kindly consider my leave. Thanks.

Gallbladder Surgery Leave Text

Morning, I have gallbladder removal surgery tomorrow due to  swear pain. I need to get this surgery soon according to doctor advice. I won’t be able to come for four days. Kindly approve my medical leave. Much Grateful.

Sick Leave SMS for Boss


The Manager
Fatima Group,

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that I am ill /sick of fever so cannot attend my routine work for today kindly grant me leave for one day.
Thanking you I remain,

Leave Text by School Employee

The Lords School System,
Dear Sir, This is to informed you that me is not feeling well and cannot come my work place today. Need favour for holiday.

Yours Sincere,

Sick Leave Text by Father/Mother


The Principal,
Beacon House System,

Dear Sir, Please be informed that My Son/ Daughter Name………. Class ……. Roll No. ……. Is suffering from fever since last night. So he /she may not be able to attend the school routine for today. Kindly grant him/her leave for one day.
Father / Mother,

General Sick Leave Messages to Boss

1) Hello, it is to bring in your notice that I am very sick and cannot even do anything on my own. Sudden weakness has made me ill. I would not be able to come to the office today.

2) Hi, I hope you are having a good day. It is to bring in your kind consideration that I do not feel good today and have severe pain in my kidney. It is not possible for me to come today.

3) Hi, it is to inform you that I am having vomiting’s from two days. My doctor has advised me complete bed rest. So, I cannot come office today.

4)Hi, it is to be stated that I am very sick. I cannot come to school in next few days. I have extreme trouble in my stomach which is making my health more severe.

5) Good Morning, it is to inform you that I got my leg sprained today and I am in extreme pain. I cannot walk three steps. My sister is going to take me to the doctor so I can get checkup.

6)Dear Boss, hope you are in good health. Due to change in weather I am having continuous cough and flu. My condition is not stable.

7)It is to bring in your kind attention that I have high fever. Due to this reason, it would not be possible for me to come to office today. I will come back to office as soon my health gets stable. Therefore, consider my leave for two days.

8) It is to informed you that, I have an appointment with doctor. For past few days, I am feeling that my vision is not clear so I might not be able to come today. Kindly consider my leave.