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Request Letter to Correction the Accounts on Taxes

Request Letter to Correction the Accounts on Taxes. Taxes must be paid as you earn or receive income during the year, either through withholding or estimated tax payments. If you don’t pay enough tax through withholding and estimated tax payments, you may be charged a penalty. This is a sample format how to write a letter to correct accounts on taxes as its legal matter to pay taxes.

Request Letter to Correction the Accounts on Taxes

The Comptroller of Customs
Customs and Excise Division
Custom House
Ajax Street,

Subject: Request letter to correction the accounts on taxes

Dear Sir,

It is stated that my business is already registered with the department of taxation of State. My tax account no is 5678 and my authorize property number is (234 bail) of Arab emirates’. I am paying my all taxes from last four years according to state rules. I am also filing annual requirements to the department of taxation of State's office. Last month in Sep, I legally gift my property and all business to my spouse Mrs. Walton jack at our 25 th anniversary. I also apply for changing the tax accounts according to the new legal holder Mrs. Walton Jack.
Unfortunately, I have had received documents of tax according to prior owner. It’s a humble request to correct the accounts of tax accordingly. Kindly issued me clearance letter after your verification and it’s a request to change the tax accounts from my identity to my spouse Mrs. The all attested legal documents copies are attached with this letter. Please pursue your procedure as early as it is possible. Let me know if you need any other document or any verification from my side during the complementation of your components.
I will be waiting for fast action from your side. Hopefully I have conveyed my all message clearly to you. Thank you for the participation in this process.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Walton Jack

Job Application for Senior Clerk

Sample Job Application Format for Senior Clerk. Jobs are necessary for the survival of mankind as it suffice the daily needs for survival. Clerks are the backbone of any organization and yet they are lowly paid! Such format of application is designed for those who struggled for new job.

Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk

The Manager,
Prima Corporation, Calcutta

Subject: Job Application for Senior Clerk

Respected Sir,

In high words it is to state that I had come to know that in your prestigious organization the seat of clerk is vacant. The knowing of this came to me from my ex. colleague as he had read about the said post in the Daily India newspaper.

With due respect and honour I worked at the post of clerk in the office of Nestle Packages for three years and won the certificate of Best Employee in the office. I got my retirement from Nestle on the score of my some personal issues and joined ICICI Bank on the seat of clerk as well. I worked there for four years and my ACRs were in excellent grades. I resigned from the job because of extensive work and too long duration of working hours which was not good for people like me who falls in the old age category.

I am rich in accounts experience and can handle many tasks at a time. The reason why I am applying here for the job is that in your company there is Old Age Benefit and working hours are flexible which the feast is for me. My working experience certificates and other formal documents for further legal and channelized process are attached with this curriculum vitae
for your gracious speculation. Kindly consider not my age but my work experience and the ability to tackle the job challenges.I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Smith Samuel
October 6,2015.

Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk
Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant

Sample Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant. If any person is working in the capacity of Accounts Assistant or junior accounts officer in any organization he may get issued his/her experience certificate from the Manager. Easy format of experience letter is provided for Employer/Boss/Manager for convenience.

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant

Date: 9th July, 2015

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This experience certificate is to verify that Mr. Ashok Mehta has been working with the team of Holidays Inn as Assistant Accountant since 1st Jan,2013 to 5th May,2015.

Owing to his skills he provided his services to our organization in adequate manner. Management is satisfied with his working capabilities. His job tenure was full of challenges and he dealt with all very well. His job responsibilities included: Maintaining Accounting Activities, Financial Reports, Receipts & Expenses Deposits and others.

During the span we found him diligent and punctilious. Moreover, he is keenly indulged in extravaganza official tasks. He was an active member of the team.

We wish him best of luck for his future career.


Holidays Inn.

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant
Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant


Easy Format of Experience Letter for Junior Accounts Officer

Date: 9th August, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Mr. Rahul Sharma was working with Falcon’s Association since 3rd June, 2011 to 5th May, 2015 as a ‘Junior Accountant’. During his working possession we found him capable person with qualities to skillfully organize and perform his duties. He was loyal, punctual and devoted towards his job at our place. His wide knowledge in this field makes him a strong contender and we are pleased to have his services in our organization.

We wish him good luck for future.


General Manager,
Falcon’s Association.