Write a Letter to Your Father about Your Studies Achievement

Write a Letter to Your Father about Your Studies Achievement

Dear Father,

I hope you are doing good. I am writing this letter to tell you about the good news. As you know, at first, I didn’t want to go to a hostel for higher studies in a new city. I had many reservations that how it would go for me and I thought that I would never be comfortable. I want to tell you that I just passed my first semester exams, my grades have come out today. I have topped in my class. I am very pleased to tell you that I will get a scholarship for my good grades. I want to give this all credit to you. I wouldn’t have done it without your support. I never thought that I have such capabilities until I saw your trust in me. Today, I feel very proud to tell you that my teacher has congratulated me in front of the whole class. I want to thank you for your consistent support and trust. I wish to see you soon.

Your loving daughter,

Kesha Edward

Write a Letter to your Father Telling him about your Achievements

Dear Father,

I am writing this letter in hope that you are in the best of health and happiness. I know that you must be worried about me as it is my first time away from home. It is to tell you that I am doing very well here. The hostel staff is very cooperative. They serve us meals on time and also take care of cleanliness vigilantly. I have made many friends here. They all are very nice. I am writing this letter to inform you that I got selected in the national sports tournament. Many big athletes came to take the test and I got selected. This was a dream come true for me. I am very happy to tell you that I would be going to many cities for this sports tournament. You have always supported me in my sports career. I cannot thank you enough for everything. I will keep writing letters to you and tell you everything.

Till then take care.

Your loving son,

Ben John


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