Sample Letter to Ministry Stop Commercialization of Valleys

Sample letter stopping the commercialization of valleys by constructing the buildings.This format is for the ones who love travelling! Travelling is packing of the memories, living the life of nature, breathing in new air and enjoying with your loved ones. Pakistan is beautiful! Yes it is! The northern area is packed with streaks of colour and solace, but it has been seen that money making minds are building concrete hotels/restaurants and rest rooms in the middle of the scenic beauty which should be discouraged!

Sample Letter to Ministry Stop Commercialization of Valleys

The Minister,
Tourism Ministry
Swat, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Subject: Requesting to stop the commercialization of valleys of Pakistan by constructing the buildings

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you valued sir? I hope you will be fine and
watching the duties of your department in excellent manners, but I don’t think you are serving the nation religiously! I am Mr. Jacob Andrew and a tourist here from the last twenty days! I had seen a number of beautiful places here and enjoyed the nature in its bare beauty. It is relaxing to breathe in fresh air and pacifying the eyes with greenery!
Yesterday I went to Malum Jabba that is located at above 10,000 feet from the ground. In my search of tracing the beautiful and breath taking places, I reached a place that made me delusive of Switzerland! The only thing that annoyed me was the erection of the concrete buildings amidst that spot! Kindly stop the commercialization of the valleys of Swat as people do not come here to live here and again in the concrete buildings! In fact they had forsaken their beautiful concrete homes and rush to see the Nature in its own might. With increased number of people, pollution rate will be increased that will destroy the beauty of the place as it had done with White Palace! Please take necessary steps to save the treasure of your Pakistan. Thanking in hope of getting a prompt
action! Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Andrew
12th July, 2019.

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