Sample Letter of Legal Guardianship

Sample letter of legal guardianship. It is a common sight nowadays that parents are busy in their lives and taking least care for their children regarding their emotional and mental well beings give guardianship over their underage child to another single due to certain reasons. This is usually done in connection of a deliberate need or on crisis basis. Most commonly such documents are used when the parent of the respective child or children is out of the country or state on some sort of business, or a child puts into a custody of their relative or friend for that duration for his physical security.

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Sample Letter of Legal Guardianship


It is to inform the higher authoritybaby and everyone concerning us that we are leaving our home town for a month for a reason of business meeting. I, Mr. Austin and my wife Ms. Maria Austin are equal share holder of our private transport company and it is hence mandatory for both of us to attend the meeting regarding our business.

We will be touring to Singapore for this meeting from October 30 th till 20 th November, 2017 and we do care for our children. We are giving them I custody of our neighbours Mr. and Ms. Loughery Seth residing next to our bungalow. Their address is Street Palm Lane, East Avenue, and California. They can be contacted on +1444-0987- 3456 or in case of emergency we can be contacted on our number: +780—4578-123.

We are liable to take financial burden of our children: Ms. Lucy, Mr. Adam and Smith during our stay in Singapore. A cheque of worth $5000.00 has already handed over to our valued neighbours and more will be given in case of high demand of other finances. Copy of each document has been mailed to their schools, family doctors and is saved with us as well. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Austin,
30 th September, 2017.

Easy Format of Letter for Legal Guardianship


It is to inform everyone that from 1 st October, 2017 till 31 st October, 2017 Mr. John William and his wife Ms. Elizabeth William consent to give custody of their daughter, Adriana William to Mr. Sam Jamie and Ms. Liza Kimberly Harr. This guardianship letter will work as a legal and requisite document that will allow them to obtain medical treatment and to make any resolutions regarding the needs of the child for this said period.

Mr. John William and Ms. Elizabeth William will be in Middle East on business for the dates enumerated above. They will not be capable to provide medical conduct and see to the needs of their child during this time period. Trusting in good reliance on the guardians, we allow them guardianship so they may make any valid decisions regarding their child’ safety and care. The address of the hostel in which they will be staying is 79890 Parker Square, London, United Kingdom. The phone number that will be under their use is +44 208998 8340.

My childs medical doctor is Mr. Nell Luff at McCarty Lane Paediatrics in Rickson Square. Their phone number is 4740-286- 5246. Adriana’s dentist is Mr. Reba at Rebio Health Experts, and the phone number is 6740-286- 09890. A copy of this letter will be on file at both locations for evidence.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. John William and Ms. Elizabeth,
30 th September,2017.

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