Request for Provision of Financial Assistance

Request for Provision of Financial Assistance. Write this type of letter when you are requesting financial assistance from Govt Sector or private sector. Include relevant details, purpose for the financial assistance. Necessary changes can be done.

Request for Provision of Financial Assistance

Subject: Request for Provision of Financial Assistance/ Grant to the Employee Who Dies While Service

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that the applicant is widow of Mr.– — — — — — — — – Assistant director (Bs-17) LDA Who died on 26-7- 17 while in service. The LDA has granted financial assistance of one million as per previous notification of government of the Punjab finance department. It is further submitted that the said notification has been revised Vide no– — — — -dated- — — — — — whereby the competent Authority/Chief Minister, Punjab has been pleased to approve financial assistance package for families of civil servants is applicable w-e- f 22-2- 17. As per the said package the rate of financial assistance has been revised from 1.00 million to 2.50 million of basic pay scale 16 & 17 officers (copy of notification is attached).

As per clause 2 of the said notification the competent authority has further approved the following pension/salary. As per clause II of the said notification it is approved as under. Furthermore,the group insurance as prescribed in the Govt. Employees Welfare Fund Ordinance , 1969. It is therefore, respectfully submitted that the pension/salary along with group insurance etc may very kindly be granted in favor of the widow as per notification dtd————.

Sincerely Yours,
Rehana Jaffar
W/O Jaffar Nawaz
Deceased Assistant Director,
LDA, Lahore

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