Letter for Promotion of Mineral Water

Here is a Sample Letter for the Promotion of Mineral Water. Everyone can use this template according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

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Letter for the Promotion of Mineral Water


The CEO,

Water Supply Association

Egmore, Chennai,

Chennai, India

Subject: Letter for the Promotion of Mineral Water

Respected Sir,

There is a problem with the underground water reserves in most areas of Chennai, especially in the area of egmore and its surrounding areas, and southern Chennai is one of the troubled areas. This will not mean that the water you might be currently drinking is dirty. We really are not qualified to evaluate the safety or deficiency of safety in drinking this particular water. We can, though, guarantee that the water we acquire from mineral springs and sell all around the city of Delhi and Chandigarh is pure and safe to drink. We make sure that our water is not at all contaminated by any foreign dirt, we purify it using international standard machines, freshly imported from Germany. We have many employees under our radar that are available at any time, we would like to send you some promotional bottles of drinking mineral water from our company, as a sample for you to test and if you like the taste of our mineral water we are also ready to send a single mineral water bottle throughout a single area of your desire to get the public response.

Water is a very essential element for a healthy life, but drinking the water that is contaminated can also be fatal because it may or may not cause many countless diseases. I assure you that we are worthy to be hired at any time and also assure you that the quality of our water is very good, compared to other water distributors throughout the city.If you would like to receive your free sample of our mineral springs water and discover more about our home delivery. Please feel free to mail your query or contact us at your possible time, our contact information is attached along with our company’s pamphlet. We will be looking forward to serving you with the best quality, hoping for a quick and positive response. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniyal Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi

Junior Officer

Water Purifier

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