Sample Leave Letter due to Road Accident

Sample Leave letter due to road accident. This easy format is a help for those who are wishing to use the format to get leave on the score of road accident.

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Sample Leave Letter due to Road Accident

The Managing director,
Global National Heritage Museum,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave due to road accident

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that I am Mr. Jacob Martin, Operational Manager of this prestigious museum. The timing of my duty starts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and I was right on time. Sir, I was getting ready for my job and was on the road, suddenly the route ahead of me as shown in the Google Maps, start showing me red alert that clearly means the heavy traffic jam! I tried to get pass the way at my best, but in vain. I was sandwiched badly between the two roads that were blinking red alert passages.
All the passengers and travelers were in bad mood as their routine was badly disturbed as so was I, but when I heard the siren of the ambulance, I jumped to my feet! Something bad had happened, and the news of road accident spreads like fire in minutes to us. The motor biker was found dead on the spot who was the cause of the accident and hit the bus in his hurry. The bus derailed and shifted to its left side, the passengers boarded on the bus was bruised and rescued by the team.
On that account I could not come to office and for that I request you to mark my leave for the previous day. I would really be thankful to you for this act of goodness. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Martin,
25 th August, 2018.

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