Approval Letter for Charity Collection

Sample permission letters from school college or university to get permission to raise charity for any noble cause.

Approval Letter for Charity Collection from School


The Principal,

Subject: Approval Letter for Charity

Respected Ma’am,

We are writing this letter for getting your permission to collect charity for the orphan house. We are senior students of a convent school. Recently, we went to visit an orphan house as it was a part of our subject. We are highly thankful for the school administration to give us such exposure. We learned a lot and empathize with orphan children. We also got to know that the orphan house is in dire need of charity. They are not doing well because of the recent pandemic in the world. Many people have stopped giving the charity as everyone was hand to mouth in the situation. We have decided to collect charity from school students for the orphan house. We want to help the children as much as we can. We realize the sensitivity of the issue. It would be very great for us to collect charity after your approval. We believe we can raise a good amount of charity for the orphan house. Please grant us charity approval as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

George Kim

Permission Letter for Charity Collection from University


The Dean,

Subject: Approval Letter for Charity

Hello Sir,

With due respect, we are stating this letter on behalf of the “Life savior’s” society of university. I am President of the society and I am writing this letter to get the approval letter for the charity. Recently, we have come across the cases of some needy women. We have investigated the whole scenario and they have nobody to financially support them. Their kids are dying of hunger. We helped them for a time being but it cannot go for a long time. Therefore, we have decided to collect donations from the students of university. We are attaching all the information about those women with this letter.  It would be a great favor if you permit us to collect donations for those needy women.  As a responsible citizen and the future of the country, this is the biggest responsibility on our shoulders to help the people in need. Please grant us the permission letter.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mia Rey

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