Sample Invitation Letter to Parents for USA Visitor Visa

A letter from son to parents to visit him in USA. Easy format of visit invitation is here for your use.

Sample Invitation Letter to Parents for USA Visitor Visa

From: Rohat Singh

Taxes, USA.

Cell No: 0000000

To: Mr & Mrs Sharma Singh

Bumbai, India.

Subject: Invitation for USA visit

Dear Mommy and Papa, Good Day!

I am writing this letter to invite you to the USA. It’s been three years that I have moved in United States and there have not been a single day that I did not miss the presence of my parents. I miss you both every day a lot. I know that how you both compromised and sent me to US to earn and get settled and create a happy life for myself. I will bear all the travelling expenses including tickets. You will live with me in my apartment. I would not have achieved this rank if it wasn’t for your both support. I want you to visit me and see every detail of my living. I will take care of visa and return tickets. I will take holidays from work so I can spent some time with you both. I shall be very happy if you visit me soon.

Yours Loving,

Rohat Singh

Visit Visa Invitation Letter by Daughter

A letter from daughter to parents to visit her in Canada

Dear Mom and Dad,

Good Day!

There has been not a single day that I did not miss you in here. I have missed you both on my graduation. It was a very emotional moment for me and I wanted you both to be here with me badly. Therefore, I have decided to send you visa invitation letter so you could visit me as early as possible. I will bear all the expenses of the travelling and accommodation. You do not have to worry about expenses. I will take care of all the financial expenses. I want you both to come see me in Canada so we can visit all the famous places here and eat good food. I have a lot of friends here from different cultures and different backgrounds we share everything with each other. I want you to come and meet all my friends. I am waiting for your response on this. I want you to start planning for this two weeks trip so your daughter would be very happy.

Yours Sweetheart,

Maria Singh

USA Inviting Letter by Son to Parents

Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter to invite you to visit us and spend vacations in USA with us. I will bear all the expenses of your travelling. I want you to visit me from 4th of February to 17th of February.
You will come from India to USA and it will take approximately 2 days. I will pay for the return ticket when the date is finalized. I will bear your personal, medical expenses also. It has been long time that I have not seen you. I have an apartment here as being the permanent resident, I have some perks too. I want to show you around here and meet all my cool friends. Please show this letter to your consulate so he can help you more on tourist visa. I have attached all the required documents. I hope to see you as soon as possible.

Yours Loving Son

Note this is only specimen and now a day’s only online prescribed forms are available for this purpose. Letter writing to any embassy is not allowed.

Visit Visa Request to Parent for Embassy

The Consulate General, January 14, 2020
USA Embassy,


Dear Sir,

Please be informed that I have been here in Washington DC since 2005 running my own business /job. Due to workload and heavy work I could not visit my homeland for the last four five years. Now I have decided to bring my parents here for visit so that they may spend some time here with me and my family. That will be a great honor for me & blessing too. Therefore it is requested to issue a family visit visa for my parents.

I shall be very grateful to you for this kindness.

Thanking you I remain,
NTN: 000-0000000-0000
Social Security No.0000-00000-000
Address ……………………………………………..


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