Invitation Letter for Sister’s Visit Visa

Invitation Letter for Sister’s Visit Visa

Subject: A letter from brother to the sisters for visit him in Canada

Dear Sisters,

Hope to find you good. I miss you both too much. I hope that mother is doing fine and you both are doing well too. Mother told me about your vacations and that is why I have decided you both to come and visit me in Canada and also meet your nephew. We miss you both very much. I am sending you both the tickets and tell mother to not worry about any financial expenses as their son will take care of all that. I know that you both really wanted to come from very long time so that is the time that I also got the opportunity to take off from work so I can take you all around the Canada with me. I promise you that we will visit Niagara Falls and Washington DC. I will bear all the expense of tickets and all the expense of here. You will stay with me in my apartment. I am mentioning the address.

Yours Brother,


Visitor Visa Invitation Letter for Family Members

Subject: A letter from brother to the siblings to visit his family in USA

Dear Siblings/Family Members,

Have a good day!

I am writing this letter to invite you all to the United States of America to stay with me for three months. I know how hard time it has been losing both of our parents. I understand all the pain we all had to go through. It was the critical time that I had to move to USA to achieve my targets and earn for you all. I am in good position now so I would really like the idea for all of us to be reunited. I will bear all the financial responsibilities. I will make sure that you have a lot of fun here. Please inform me whenever your exams are ending so I can send money so you will buy the tickets to USA. Your nieces and nephew misses you all too and they really want to meet you. I also know that you miss us equally.

Yours Loving,



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