Health Tips for Glossy and Healthy Hair

Here’s How to Make Your Hair Super Shiny and Healthy, According to Experts 

Tricks for Healthier, Fuller-Looking Hair

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Multiple Healthy Hair Tips That Actually Work

Hair are the strands that are made up of proteins, primarily. There are different shades of hair: black, brown, dark brown and light brown. The immature or with age greying of hair gets started. The problem arises when the hair turns white/grey or shed off rapidly. Falling of 50-100 strands per day is a normal thing as old ones will shed off and create space for the new ones to grow.

There are number of reasons that cause hair damage. Leading factor is pollution and polluted water, the increased amount of harmful chemicals in the water give rise to hair damage.

The second biggest cause is the lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Everyone nowadays is obsessed with getting slimmer bodies. Starving has been considered as dieting which is a wrong concept, but people took fancy of it and prolong their starvation in hope of getting slimmer bodies. Third and foremost cause is the stress, we all know that stress is the root cause of all the diseases and hair fall is also an ailment.

Everyone needs glossy, healthy looking hair, but in order to get glossy and healthy hair, we need to eat healthy food, quit dieting in the name of starvation, use boiled water for washing your hair, if washing your whole body is not possible, then at least use distilled/filtered water to hair wash. Living a stress free life is a rare blessing, but we should at least try to curtail the level of stress to minimum stage…. It should never rise to the level of panic attack or extreme anxiety.

Having said, try to make the above-mentioned guidelines, your daily routine habits. Follow the second step that is hair care routine: below are few tested and tried solutions for getting glossier and healthier looking hair.

Onion Juice: The benefits of onions are clinically proven as it is extremely helpful in hair growth and its strengthening. Do not squeeze onion juice from juicer rather crush the onions on grater and then put the grated onion in any thin linen/cotton fabric, squeeze the fabric into a tight ball and ooze out the last drop of the onion. Make sure to take purple hued medium sized onion. Size should be directly proportional to the length and volume of your hair.

Onion and Castor Oil Solution: Castor oil has been known for its laxative qualities is a thick oil extracted from castor beans. Castor oil is a carrier oil which means it should never be applied directly on the scalp or should never be used as the only oil for hair, rather it should be mixed with any other oil to enhance its super qualities. Grated and squeezed onion juice should be mixed with few drops of pure castor oil, mix them well and apply to the scalp. Do not cover the hair with it as is quite sticky and doesn’t come off the hair easily. Repeat the process, twice a week for abundant hair growth.

Vitamin E oil and Fish oil Capsules: both the capsules are rich in vitamin E which is the main ingredient in hair growth. These are again the carrier oils, so it is recommended that it should be mixed with other oils like olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil etc. Apply the mixture with your forefinger; do not stuck in your nail, as it would lead to skin rash on the scalp.

Mixed Oil Solution: This recipe is one of my favourite one! Mix four oils: coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil. Make sure to take one teaspoon of each oil in equal quantity. Microwave the solution for 15 second for blended properties. If you do not have microwave in your home, no worries, you can simply put all the oils in any steel utensil and heat it over the stove for five seconds. Let it cool down and apply with your fingers onto your scalp.

Yogurt and Egg Mixture: to give your hair, shiny, straight and healthy look give this recipe a try! Take two-tablespoon mustard oil, add one whole egg and one-tablespoon fresh yogurt (do not take canned/ frozen yogurt product). Mix well until it turns into smooth yellowish thick solution. Apply this solution to scalp first, then finish off the remaining liquid over the hair till roots. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for two hours. Rinse well with warm distilled water. You can repeat this recipe daily, if you want to.

Paraben and Silica free Shampoo: Choosing right shampoo for right hair is the key to healthy hair. Paraben and Silica are the chemicals that are truly harmful for hair and it results in weak eyesight and even skin cancer. Always go for mild to herbal shampoo and use any shampoo twice a week. You should never treat your hair with chemical based shampoos more than twice a week.

Conclusive Remarks: For getting glossier, healthier hair, avoid self-harming diet that is starvation, try to live stress free life, turn your lifestyle into healthy cult. Use homemade products and switch to herbal treatments for hair. Choose mild shampoo for lesser harm to the hair. Apply oil twice a week and take head massage thrice a week. When you will try these guideline and recipes then you would be a better version of your precious self.

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