Simple Experience Letter for Driver

Format of Simple Experience Letter for Driver is provided here. Driving is considered to be different job as compared to office work but some companies demand a driving experience letter before hiring any new driver. Easy sample is given.

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Simple Experience Letter for Driver

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Mr. Sam Kin has been working with ABC International as Driver since one year i.e 2015-2016. During his stay tenure with us we found him punctual, hardworking and time bound. It was good to have his services for our organization.

Mr. Sam was responsible for driving 12 and 16 wheeler along with this he could also drive Manual and Automatic Cars for material transport. During his stay he has never been convicted of rush driving or breaking the traffic laws.

We found him equipped with technical skills and mastery in his work. He is leaving the job to apply for some better opportunities. We him him best of luck for his future endeavors.



Managing Director
ABC International

Simple Experience Letter for Driver
Simple Experience Letter for Driver

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    1. You may use the format provided above, just change the name and personal information. But better is to get it from the organization where you have worked.

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