Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Custodian Cover Letter Sample


24, July 2020

Dear Massy Robert,

I have found this job opportunity through the internet. I am pleased to apply for the “Custodian” job at your office. I have a fine experience of 4 years in this field. I can do sweeping, mopping, dusting and all types of cleaning required jobs. Other responsibilities such as taking care of security in the building, I have trained at this also. I assure you that you will be impressed by my work. My strong belief is that cooperation and patience are very important to adjust to a new place. I can adjust easily to new places as by my record. I am well-aware of the coordination required with other departments in the office as a custodian.
I have served a company for 4 years and my potential to handle a team was astonishing for everyone. I trained many people under my position. Certain qualities require to make your work better and I tried my best to deliver that in my former company.

Matthew Paracha

Custodian Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Rosie,

It is a great pleasure to write this letter to you for a job. I learned about this job opening through my friend. I immediately applied for this position after reading the job description Carefully. I quality your job description. There are many skills required for custodian position and I have all of these. My experience is of 5 years of being a custodian at a reputable company. I was a team leader there and as being physically fit, new hires were always impressed and got easily trained under my position. I assure you that with my skills, I can serve your company in a great way. There would be no complaints from any department for me as I try to schedule my every task and complete it on time. My optimal efficiency is that I know how to handle all the office. I am well experienced and trained in dusting, sweeping, and all types of cleaning.

Yours Truly,


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