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Congratulation Letter to Teacher for Showing Good Results

Teacher Congratulation Letter is a type of a letter which is written to a teacher for praising him/her on being achieving a reward for his/her work in the educational field. Teacher congratulation letter is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Congratulation Letter to Teacher for Showing Good Results

To Whom May It Concern

This letter is written for Ms. Alexa Smith for appreciation. Prime School System congratulates you on showing such good results overall. We have evaluated your report and there is huge difference in your last year report than this year. We always expect this much dedication from our teachers towards their students. Age of students is very delicate, they can learn anything but a good mentor is one who knows the proper way to teach a student. Mentor leads the way to success to students and support them in a long run with affection. Ordinary educators instruct their understudies to succeed. Incredible educators encourage their understudies to change over their disappointments into progress. Relationship between students and teacher is very self-less. We are much pleased by the result of your classes, papers have been re- checked thoroughly and students have done exceptional work. Students have improved a lot and their learning skills are also very extra ordinary now. Your hard work has paid off. It shows how much dedication and effort you have put in your work and we value such educators and mentors in our school system. We have decided to hold an annual evaluation meeting, in which we will be distributing awards to the selected and dedicated teachers. We congratulate you on being one of those teachers because of your diligence and commitment towards your work.  We always want such remarkable results from our teachers and appreciate our teachers on such brilliant performances. You will be given certificate from the panel in the ceremony. We want you to be that teacher who help students discover their qualities, flaws, overcome fears and encourage them to move forward without any hesitation. Teachers are meant to leave any impact on student life so they can absorb the optimistic energy and carry on with their life. Keep up your hard work so success becomes your daily routine.


Agha Noor

Sample Congratulation Letter for getting Contract

Sample congratulation letter for getting contract. Contract is a big thing and if someone gets it, he thinks of himself lucky and congratulations are meant to greet such persons. These formats are written to facilitate the persons who want to coin the words into suitable formats.

Sample Congratulation Letter for getting Contract

The Colonel,
Allied and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Congratulation letter for getting stationery contract

Respected Sir,

Good day! How are you? I hope you will be enjoying the blessings of life bestowed upon you. With due honors and prestige, I am Mr. Tom Layman. I am here to congratulate you on getting the biggest contract from the reputable company. The contract is of stationery and it is now in demand as you can earn a lot more due to the varied price ranges of different stationery articles. I am really happy for you on this great achievement of yours. Good luck for future concerns as well.

Best Regards,
Mr. Tom Layman,
17th February, 2019.

Sample Congratulation Letter for Getting
Furniture Making Contract

The Principal,
Anabella and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Congratulation letter for getting furniture making contract

Respected Sir,

Good day! How are you my dear friend? What a news! What a news that I just heard of! I remember the days when you were running after your dream business and now you have laid your hand on your dream contract. I am really happy for you, if I was nearer, I would love to come to see you at your place, but right now please suffice yourself with my heartiest congratulation. I wish you many happy returns of the day and I pray for your success and further contracts.

Best Regards,
Mr. Lib Layman
18th February, 2019.

Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on getting medal in graduation ceremony. Passing an examination with distinction is a great thing and it must be appreciated by all and sundry. Achievements and appreciation goes hand in hand and it acts as catalyst for the bearer. This format can be a good choice for the yearning souls and can help them in their hustle.

Sample Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Ms. Lucy Luka,
East Avenue, Cherry Wood Lane,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Congratulation to a friend on getting medal in Graduation

Dear Lucy,

I am at loss of words right now as I watch you live on the Tele
vision receiving your Gold Medal in Linguistic. My eyes swelled with tears of happiness and I went in the flashback mode: recalling the blissful moments of yours; going to school having two little ponytails and swaying them here and there; running towards me holding 1 st Position Award in your hand and humping in my lap with untold happiness and excitement of yours.
After 14 years, I felt the same. The only difference is your size. You
have grown up now! For a mother, daughter is her second reflection. I wish your mother could be alive to see your wonderful success. I was not physically present at your graduation ceremony, but I watched moment by moment live show of your ceremony. I took long break from my meeting schedule and enjoyed your success to its fullest. You will exactly feel the joy when you will put yourself at my place!
On your brilliant success, I have bought a new Sports car for you as a
dream gift of yours and I hope you will enjoy your first ride with your
friends and don’t forget to take your grandparents with you. Loads of love for my lovely cute friend. Take Care.

Ms. Elizabeth Roy,
6 th February, 2018.

Congratulation Email to Friend on Setting Business

Sample Congratulation Email to friend on setting business.Friends are part and parcel of man’s life as they add colours and blight in the dull background of the life. Wishing and greetings friends on getting good jobs or setting a business act as catalyst and boosts up their courage and confidence!

Congratulation Email to Friend on Setting Business


Subject: Congratulation Email to friend on setting business

My very own David!

How are you my love of life? I guess you will be too good in your life. I wish you nothing less than the best in your life. I am feeling as proud as a peacock right now on your setting a very good business setup! In my opinion, the business of educating orphans and then recruiting orphans as teachers is an innovative idea and never exercised by anyone in the past or I hope in the near future as well.

I need to know the details and the infrastructure of your business so that I can see my nearby to help you out and to help the needy one too. Email me the details via email as soon as possible. I regret the precious moments of not being present with you on this priceless time of your life. I hope you will consider my plight and will spare me from saying you sorry.

I am sending a couple of gifts on your way so that I can make you feel and miss my presence.With the gifts are packed my wishes and prayers for you and our business. Pay my regards to your family and friends. I love you and miss you David.

Best wishes,
Mr. Andrew
June 12, 2016

Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job

Sample Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job. Friends are important part of man’s life as with them one can live a life full of colours and love. Turning an ordinary day into something special is the aura of true friends and such wonders can be done via email where a man can feel his presence in his friend’s life on getting good jobs!

Sample Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job


Subject: Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job

My love of life!

I hope you will be in the best basket of blessing and endless blessings of the Almighty. I cannot express my feeling of bliss for you at the moment! I read your email few minutes before and felt frantic jubilation. I am really very happy for you my dear. Stay blessed ever!

I remember the childhood we shared and then sufferings of ours in different dimensions and fields; mine were subjective in nature in which your support was immense to build my moral character and yours were objective in sense, in which, unfortunately I was of no help to you because of distance. I can imagine with relief now that your objective issues will die their natural death on the arrival of your good job. With this money, you can solve maximum of your financial and related mental issues. It will take only a year to spend money on such matters and then the wide gate of happiness will transfer you from this world to the world of bliss and gaiety. I am always praying for you and your family. Be happy and make others happy too. Love you once again.

Mr. Jacob
June 1, 2016

Congratulation Letter for New Home

Sample Congratulation Letter Format of New Home Construction.This letter can be used by people who wanted to wish their dear ones on the construction of new house.

Sample Congratulation Letter for New Home

Mr. George Ferry,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation for New House

Respected and Loveable Teacher,

I pray for your good health by all means even though I know you are perfectly well and at ease at this time of your life. The price of home and especially own house cannot be better understood by you and me as we shared the painful past together. Well, I should leave this sad episode as it was passed and its shades are no more with us now.

Sir, I am happy to know that in this period of cost you had decided to make your own house and saved money as well. I am here to invest my all learning of architect for you. I wanted to share my certain points with you regarding the construction of sanitary set up:

? Keep the water system separate for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.
? Keep the area of washing at the back side of house and keep the drainage hole right under the water system to avoid running water.
? The fitting pipes should be broad enough to pass the waste in both kitchen and toilets.
? Keep the structure simple and properly ventilated.

I hope you will not mind my intrusion in your mental map as all I wanted is the goodness and fairness for you. Do remember me in times of needs and I will be there at your first call and it’s not just the formality.

Yours Sincerely,
John Sawey
March 4, 2016

Sample Congratulation Letter for New Home

Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Sample Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary.This easy format of the letter can be used by people who wished to wish their loved ones for their business success. Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

Sample Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

The Chairperson
Core Steel industries limited
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary

Respected sir,

I hope you will be sailing in good boat of health and gliding in air for your tremendous success in business! I am writing this letter of congratulation to you on the behalf of my staff and all of us wanted to show our happiness and sense of
achievement with you in this journey of success.

We cherished the day when we were appointed by you in this company and said us to invest the energies in this newborn company and from that day to its first anniversary you kept on our backs constantly encouraging us and bucking us up in the time of darkness. We remembered the days when we came up and down with the business upheavals. The days were hectic and trying at that time but now when we had passed those times and tasted the fruit of our efforts and patience we are feeling overjoyed and proud to some extent.

Sir, we owe you a great deal of love and respect and we, as staff, has arranged a tea party to celebrate this tremendous success. We are looking forward for your approval and coming to this party at 5:00 PM by Monday. Accept our wishes and prayers for yourself and for your family and friends as well. We love you so much.

Best Regards,
Team of Mechanics,
Executive staff,
March 4, 2016

Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Business Anniversary Congratulations Letter

Dear Liam,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on the anniversary of your business. I still remember how it all started as a small startup and look at now, it’s all flourished. All credit goes to you for the input and effort putting into the business.
It is not cup of coffee to run a business, it requires proper time and attention. I am really happy for you that you took every challenge and obstacle and prove everyone against you wrong. I am impressed that you left no page un-turned to keep the worth of your words intact.


Youn Tenry

General Manager

Allied Industries.

Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion

Sample Letter Format of Congratulation on Graduation Completion.Gaining degree is an important moment of student’s life and celebrating it is a golden time for family members. Such letter can be used by persons like friend,brother, sister family relations who wanted to wish their loved ones with their wishing.

Sample Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion

Dearest Jefferson,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation on Graduation Completion

My Dear Sister,

It is a matter of great delight and honour for our family that you had earned your degree with flying colours and to celebrate it is a must thing! I am really very happy for you that you scored better than me in your graduation. I hope father
would be madly happy on your achievement and so would be mother and other family member.

I know I am not with you at this special time of your life but my all wishes and prayers are always with you. I wanted to attend the party that our father cracked in your honour but I could not be there with my physical presence as I am out of country and stationed in UN Peace mission. Job is important as it is for the country and I keep my heart relations away from my line of duty. I hope you will my position and passion as always.

I had sent a cheque of 5000$ on your way so that you can purchase whatever you want for your success. Don’t forget to include the needy in your happiness and give them a fair share of gifts as well from yours as well from my side. Takes Care my sweetest sister. Prayers and best wishes.

Yours Brother
Steward Jones
March 4, 2016.

Congratulation Letter on Graduation Completion

Congratulation Letter of Engagement Ceremony

Sample Letter Format of Congratulation on Engagement Ceremony.This format of the letter can be used by informal relations to transfer their heart felt feelings on the engagement of dear ones. Necessary changes can be done according to need.

Sample Congratulation Letter of Engagement Ceremony

Ms. Charlotte D’Souza
Toronto, Canada.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation on Engagement Ceremony

Dearest niece,

It is a matter of immense pleasure that your parents had fixed your life with the person you desired to live in this world. I could not manage to come on your most awaited day because of the cruel weather and the non-availability of flight!

I tried my best to reach the appointed day of your engagement but could not meet the ends as promised earlier. Your mother had discussed each and everything with me and urged me to reach here but my darling I could not come for which I am very sorry. I am happy for you and wanted a life full of blessings and happiness.

Enjoy your day with all the colours and happiness of the life and cherish each moment with heart as these moments will not come back ever in the life! I had sent you gifts of perfumes clothes and a mighty surprised item on your way. You will receive the gifts on your day of engagement.

Hoping a peaceful life for you and would be husband of yours. Accept my prayers and loads of love for your healthy and wealthy life. Do tell me when you receive the gifts and your first feelings about them. Once again sorry for my absenteeism
and heartiest love for your up-coming life. Prayers.

Yours lovely Aunt
Ms. Isabella fort
February 28, 2016

Congratulation Letter of Engagement Ceremony

Congratulation Letter for New Business

Sample Congratulation Letter for New Business. This format of the letter can be used by people who wanted to wish the administration with their love and happiness.

Sample Congratulation Letter  for Business

The Chairperson
Simpson Surgical Company
Leeds, United Kingdom.

Subject: Congratulation Letter for New Business

Respected Sir,

The day is marked with blisses and innumerable bounties of the Providence. A hilarious day in your life no doubt. The day has gained this much success due to your utter courage and sheer hard work to which I am the living testimonial.

I am really very happy to witness the success of your dream! I must say I was a bit shaky in the times when you talked to change in the life of people you live with…talked about the revolution that you dreamt. Now I had seen the worth of words and the power of your dream and believe in your imagination. I am very happy for you dear and wishing you the world to conquer.

I remembered the days when this surgical business company was just a baby and now it had reached to its full adolescence. It is a joy forever to see your child grown to adulthood and at the level of producing other branches as well.

My dear accept my heartiest congratulation on the boost of your business and making your dream come true. Keep dreaming and keep achieving. Wishing you best of life and life after here. Stay a blessed life and come to have a dinner with me at your choice time. Looking forward for your arrival.

Yours well-wisher,

Mr. Jackson Andrew