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sample article on Animal testing should be banned.

Here is the article on Animal testing that should be banned. Everyone can use this format according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Article on Animal Testing Should be Banned.

What is Animal Testing?

Most of the people benefitting from or using animal-tested products think animal testing means just checking animals with the products we use. Well, it is something more than that. Animals having a life and who experience the same pain as us humans are subjected to cruel tests in laboratories by humans to check if the products with which we inflict pain into these beings are safe for humans or not.

Animals have been used for cosmetic and medical testing every year resulting in millions of animals left being blind, deaf, paralyzed, and dead.  According to the fact sheet on animal testing published by the humane society of the united states several cosmetic tests commonly performed on mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs include skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed on shaved skin or dripped into the eyes without any pain relief.

Is Animal Testing necessary?

The question in this condition is that it is that necessary to let millions of animals suffer pain and die also impairing the natural ecosystem. Understanding that most of the drugs essential for human use have been tested through animals most of the vaccines were made available to humans after being successfully tested on animals. Animals and humans have almost the same DNA mapping that makes animals a good and reliable tool to check vaccines, drugs for, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. During the production of a vaccine for the coronavirus, scientists experimented with the vaccine on mice as they are 98% identical to humans in body development and organs.

Are there no Alternatives?

Animal testing kills and leaves animals deaf, blind, and paralyzed so, do not we have any alternatives? We do have some very popular and reliable alternatives for animal testing including using synthetic human skin and tissues, in vitro testing, using computer modeling to test the side effects on human tissues.

Is Animal Testing Reliable?

The real problem with animal testing is that it isn’t even reliable.  Shocking right? Reports tell that 90% of successful animal tests for several drugs and treatments failed during human trials and weren’t safe for humans. Over a thousand stroke medications that were successful on animals didn’t work for humans at all. More than 90% of medications and side effects that showed and worked for animals were a complete fail on humans.


Considering all the damages we have and are doing to animals and making them go extinct and endangered, this is the time we switch to better and reliable alternatives. Even if researchers and scientists do not make the immediate switch we public can switch to cruelty-free products to damage the stocks of the brands that are testing cosmetic products on animals. With this, we society must ban products from brands that test on animals and take measures to protect animals at all costs from this unnecessary torture.

article ON TOPICthat whether sex education is mandatory in high schools?

The following is an article or a debate on the topic that whether sex education is mandatory in high schools so that the subject matter and major sexual ethics be taught to teenagers.

Sample Article on the topic that whether sex education is mandatory in high schools?

One of the most contentious issues that education professionals have debated is whether or not sex education should be taught in schools. While many people feel that school kids are the appropriate age for sex education, others argue that they are not mature enough to comprehend the intricacies of the issue. Yes, schools should teach sex education: Children today have easy access to sexually explicit information as a result of widespread media exposure, whether through television, print, or the internet. As a result, they prefer to collect knowledge based on their age and comprehension. The number of events involving sex-related crimes is on the rise, and even more concerning, the perpetrators in the majority of cases are minors or juveniles whose mental development is incomplete and who have no understanding of the relationships between the two genders.

With the exception of a few parents, the majority of parents believe that sex education is unimportant and that discussing sex with their children is frowned upon. It is taught to think that sex is something nasty that should never be spoken, but the truth is that sex, like other capabilities of the human body, is a natural phenomenon. This is where pupils should be provided basic information. Students will learn about the process of reproduction and procreation if sex education is taught in a systematic manner. Teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and HIV-AIDS will all be reduced as more people learn about safe sex. Students will become more responsible and knowledgeable citizens, which will aid in population management.

Sex education will debunk myths and provide them with accurate information. School kids are undergoing various physiological changes, and sex education will provide answers to their concerns about sexuality, as well as changes in their bodies and thoughts. It will offer them a healthy perspective of their own bodies as well as the bodies of the other gender, and it will prepare them to be responsible adults. Sex education should be integrated into the curriculum of every adolescent. It should not be optional or optional, but rather essential. Why should parents be free to choose whether or not to enroll their children in a topic that they would require later in life? Sex education, like arithmetic, should be required, thorough, and medically correct, and taught throughout a student’s school years. It has been demonstrated to benefit students rather than harm them. Access to not just extensive but also medically correct sex education is a human right.

Sample Article on How Social Media has Improved Business Prospects for many People

The following sample article on how social media has improved business prospects for many people through social media marketing. Everyone can use these articles according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Article on How Social Media has Improved Business Prospects for many People.

Developing and creating a website is critical for every organization. In addition to having a website, you should broaden your online presence to include social media channels. Social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook are critical for keeping a competitive advantage. Companies that do not have active social media accounts risk losing out on a plethora of marketing chances. One of the primary benefits of social media for businesses is the ability to engage with consumers. Going through your client base’s tweets and Facebook posts provides you insight into what they require. This is beneficial in assisting your organization in developing marketing tactics that address their demands.

Other important functions that social media play in business development are as follows:

  1. Connecting Businesses with Their Target Audiences

Connecting with targeted audiences using social media platforms has been shown to be an excellent strategy to get more saleable business online. This not only helps to establish traffic, but it also helps to improve your exposure to search engines.

  1. Increasing the Effectiveness of Business Marketing

Social media marketing and other social marketing strategies have assisted hundreds of firms in meeting their objectives. This is also one of the most effective strategies to create link bait and gain popularity. Business owners can increase both primary and secondary traffic to their websites, increasing their chances of converting more leads into lucrative sales.

  1. Increasing the value of a brand and gaining widespread recognition

Social media plays an important part in business development since it helps to enhance brand value and offers businesses widespread awareness. Businesses may use social media to promote their products and services. They utilize social media channels to convey product information, descriptions, and other details about their products and services to potential customers.

Many organizations and corporations are beginning to use social media in order to achieve their commercial objectives. If you are in business, you should start using social media right away since it may help you grow your company. Because of social media, the business sector is expanding, and promotion and the creation of online marketing tactics are being redefined.

Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The following is an article on the topic: Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated and alone or not? And if it does how exactly this change takes place.

Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The globe has shrunk to the size of a hamlet, and we are all connected through the internet and other technical means. Technology has brought us closer to the rest of the globe than ever before. We can now purchase and sell anything with the touch of a single button. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world. This is the age where we can get knowledge, entertainment, and so much more from the comfort of our own homes.

Technology is not just a menace to teens; anybody who uses technology on a regular basis suffers from loneliness and despair. People were more sociable a few years ago. People are becoming more self-conscious and doubting their self-esteem as a result of false beauty standards. Nowadays, social judgment is used as an excuse to avoid interpersonal connections. In this sense, social media platforms have played a significant influence. Because they are afraid of being evaluated by others, many are now hiding behind screens and avoiding personal connections. This justification, however, makes them feel even more lonely and alone. Instead of going out, many utilize social media to remain in contact with their friends. Humans are replacing people with technology tools such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, among others. As a result, they are feeling detached and lonely, which is exacerbating their depression.

There is no dispute that individuals feel alienated or separated from the rest of the world as a result of their excessive usage of technology. This is the period of the year when virtually everyone experiences loneliness or a lack of connection in their lives; it is also known as the Epidemic of Separateness. The latest technologies are isolating us in many ways; technology is separating us from one another as we are addicted to our latest gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and all other latest devices. These technologies demand our complete attention, and these technical instruments are pulling us apart. Feelings of separation or isolation can lead to a variety of psychiatric issues, some of which are life-threatening.

Sample Article on An Incident that changes my Life

The following is an article about an occurrence that happened in my life and had an unexpected influence on me. There are several events in our life that either make us happy or unhappy. I just become the victim of a snatch thief. This is one experience I will never forget. It was an experience that eternally altered my life.

Sample Article on An Incident that changes my Life

It was a typical Saturday morning, and I was on my way to school for extra lessons. To get to school, I had to ride the city bus. As I strolled down the street from my house, I saw how congested it was. Buses, automobiles, taxis, bikers, and pedestrians produced a frenzy that would easily frighten anyone. As I went along the pedestrian walkway towards the bus stop, I kept calm. My mind was elsewhere, though, because I was obsessed with the looming midterm exam. Suddenly, a motorcycle that was traveling beside me yanked on my bag, which was dangling from my shoulder. The power of the moving car caused me to spin around and reel. I felt a strong draw. I was splayed on the pavement in a fraction of a second. I felt numb, and everything around me blurred. I could hear others yelling, but I was too disoriented to respond and too startled to even stand up. After that, I had no recollection of anything. I regained consciousness. My legs and arms were wrapped while I was in the hospital. Despite this, I had no sensations of pain. I was simply too weak to move.

‘Wait, what happened?’ I kept asking myself this question. How could this have happened to me? I wondered. My parents, sister, and brother were present, and their solemn expressions warned me that something was wrong. The doctor eventually told me the bad news. I was now crippled and could never walk again for at least a year. I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say. I had a lump in my throat. The tears that streamed down my cheeks slowly soaked my pillow. I’m stronger now, but I need to work on being more self-assured. I’ve learned to pray and hope for the day when I’ll be able to move around in my wheelchair. It is one experience that has transformed my life and that I will never forget.

Sample Article on Which is Effective Freelancing or Working at an Office

Here is an article on which is effective freelancing or working at an office. Everyone can use this according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Article on Which is Effective Freelancing or Working at an Office

While many employees wish to be their own boss and set their own hours, many freelancers desire the stability and security of a full-time compensated position. Although the grass may appear greener on the other side of the stream for both, you must evaluate your priorities and circumstances when determining what is best for you. Both areas have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and which is best for you is entirely dependent on how you wish to work. Full-time employees enjoy the security of a job contract, a known work schedule, and a predictable salary, which allows them to budget for the future. Freelancers will not be paid for any days they do not work, and there is typically no assurance of employment the next week or day. Their earnings are constantly changing. Full-time workers are more secure than freelancers since they receive a consistent monthly income. Even if you are fired, you will be given notice a few months in advance or be compensated in some way. Freelancing jobs are frequently insecure. Employees who work full-time have a manager who instructs them what to do. They must also follow the organization’s regulations, which may be extremely strict. They have less influence over their job and are required to report to their superiors at all times. Freelancers have complete control over their work. They may select what they want to work on and what they don’t want to work on. When to work and when not to work. Full-time employees are given access to a pre-built social network. They are likely to make friends with most, if not all, of the people they work with on a daily basis. Employees are frequently treated to social gatherings and field trips by their employers. Because they work from home most of the time, freelancers are frequently alone. Even if they work for a firm on-site, they are only there for a short time and will soon go. As a result, making friends and forming stronger relationships is more challenging for them. It is entirely determined by your personality. And now that you’ve seen all sides of the options, their advantages, and disadvantages, it’s entirely up to you, your decisions, and what you want from your working life. There is no such thing as one route being superior to the other. They’re just different, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Sample Article on What is better a Movie or a Book

The following is an article on What is better a movie or a book. Searchers can use this according to their needs.

Sample Article on What is better a Movie or a Book

A book is known to be a man’s best friend. Reading a book is probably one of the most therapeutic things to do when you’re anxious or just bored. While reading a book can be pretty entertaining, watching a movie can be much easier and less time-consuming. In my opinion, reading a book is better than watching a movie because movies are short and precise and do not cover every little detail that the writer has published in a book. For people who are busy in their daily lives or have jobs, movies can be very convenient and easy to watch. It takes at least 2 to 3 days for a good reader to finish reading a book and if you’re in your professional life then reading a book can be quite hectic too. But there are a lot of people who find peace in reading books and therefore prefer it over watching the movie. Another big disadvantage of watching a movie is that you watch a movie on a mobile phone or television which can cause great distress to your eyes and affect your eyesight too. Reading a book can have a negative impact on your eyesight too but only if you’re reading it in dull light. There are a lot of people who prefer reading the book and then watching the remake of that book as the movie. This is because they can have complete clarity of everything the writer has tried to portray. Our generation prefers watching a film over reading a book because it’s a better source of entertainment. You can watch a film in a cinema with your friends and discuss it later but this is not the case with books. You can’t read a book as a group and discuss it. I still think that reading a book is better in so many other ways. The precision of character, their emotions, and their lives are given in the book can never be portrayed in a two-hour movie. Furthermore, books allow you to enhance your imagination and think out of the box. Almost 55% of our generation prefers watching a movie, 25% prefers reading a book and 20% prefer doing both. It’s heartbreaking to see how technology has taken over the world and if people do not start giving attention to reading books then there might be a time where we will be living in a world without books and a world without books means a world without imagination.

Sample Article on Vaccine Causes Autism

The following is an article on the topic; Vaccine Causes Autism. Everyone can use this according to their need.

Sample Article on Vaccine Causes Autism

Autism is a condition in which the person is unable to understand the simplest of tasks or phrases and might have problems with their speech too. It is not caused by anybody’s upbringing or way of living and is often diagnosed at a very early age. Autism cannot be seen and can only be observed by the person’s behavior and their everyday tasks and that is why it’s called a hidden disability.

There are many types of autism such as Asperger’s syndrome in which the person is too intelligent. People who have this syndrome might not have trouble with their speech but they do have trouble understanding things. It is believed by some people that vaccines like MMR cause autism in children. Children with autism often are seen to be in their “own world” and have problems socializing. They also might have repetitive behavior and trouble writing and reading too. Almost 1 out of 100 children suffer from autism and it has no cure.

The issue is widely studied and some people believe that autism is caused by MMR vaccines. Doctors have researched the issue for a long time and came to the conclusion that autism is not caused by vaccines. MMR vaccines are vaccines to avoid measles, mumps, and rubella in children and do not cause autism. In 1998 many children were diagnosed with autism and the reason was known to be the MMR vaccines that were given to these children. Parents were scared and did not want their children to go through this and hence decided to not vaccinate their children. At that time the rate of autism was high and 1 in 68 children was diagnosed with it. After a long time of research and practice, it was proven that MMR vaccines do not cause autism. Nowadays the rate of autism is very low and only 1 out of 10,000 children are diagnosed with it. This is not a curable disease but it can be treated with therapy and help from parents. Children with autism need extra time and attention but eventually, they break through and do work like normal people.

Article on the Psychological Causes of Smoking

Here is a sample article on the Psychological causes of smoking. Searchers can use these formats according to their needs.

Article on the Psychological Causes of Smoking

Smoking is one of the most dangerous things in the world. It can make you sick and destroy your lungs which can result in your death. In today’s generation smoking is seen to be something very cool. Youngsters these days smoke cigarettes without realizing that they are ruining their lives. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to smoke but still does it because of the pressure created by friends and other people. Almost 5.6 million teenagers die from smoking-related diseases every year. Teenagers smoke because it gives them a sense of independence and rebellion. They start smoking by being rebellious or by peer pressure and then get addicted to it which results in bad health. Not only teenagers but a large number of adults are addicted to smoking too. It is said that adults start smoking to relieve tension and anxiety but the result is temporary. Research shows that smoking can actually increase anxiety, depression, and tension. Smoking can sometimes cause schizophrenia and hallucinations which can destroy your mental health on a very large scale. A few of the most dangerous diseases that are caused by smoking are cancer, leukemia, asthma, and stroke. These are deadly diseases and can be the cause of death of a person. Life expectancy decreases by 13% on average for heavy smokers compared to people who have never smoked. Many researchers have found that one cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. A lot of people think that smoking is some kind of a trend that you have to follow to blend in with people of your age or to be a part of a certain group of people.

 Even the packets of cigarettes warn the smoker because outside every cigarette box there is a sign that says “smoking is injurious to health”. It can cause physical as well as mental health problems for a person. Smoking anything can cause such an effect on your brain that can make a person fall into deep depression or a person can become a severe patient of anxiety. It is best for every smoker to try to quit smoking because it can do harmful things to your health and it can result in your death too.