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Sample Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Management

This template offers help to anyone looking for standard email appreciating teachers for their hard work. For further queries, contact us via the comment box or email.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Junior Teacher

Respected Miss,

The school management is writing you this email in regards to your services as an educator for this year. You have been with this school for many years now, and we are pleased to see that you have wholeheartedly accepted the faculty and student body as a second family.

We are sure that this comes as no surprise to you that many teachers and parents have written significantly positive comments about you, going so far as to say that certain students believe their academic success would not have been possible without your efforts. As an institution, it is our duty to ensure that our educators get the respect and appreciation that they deserve. It is a moment of honor for us when we learn of the extensive effort that our teachers are making, and you have spared no effort and gone above and beyond your duties and made sure that every child got the attention that they deserved. The junior school is an important milestone in the lives of children, it is safe to say that identities are formed during these growing years. We are pleased to know that our children are in safe hands with trusted teachers like you. Thank you for being an integral part of our school faculty.

Warm Regards,

Easy Appreciation Letter for College Teacher

Dear Sir,

It is believed that College is one of the most integral parts in the lives of growing children. They are coming out of their shells and exploring new identities, they are venturing out into the world and meeting more people. In such years it is very easy for fresh minds to fall prey to discrepancies. We try our best to ensure that our children are in safe hands, but the school is only as good as its teachers.

In your case, the school has nothing but pride to offer. Over the course of these few years that you have been with us, we have observed that as an educator you have outstanding qualities. We have witnessed an exponential growth in the grades of children in your class, as well as the engaging curriculum that you offer. The school would, therefore, like to offer you a letter of appreciation for your efforts this year. Your student teacher evaluations have been remarkable, and we have heard nothing but positive remarks from all of your students. It goes without saying that teachers like you who hold true to their vision as educators make us proud to say that you are associated with our institution. We honor integrity above all else at this very college and are pleased to say that you are an honorable teacher. Thank you for being a part of our family, and we hope to continue this relationship with you for the foreseeable future.

Appreciation Letter for University Teacher

Respect Ma’am,

In gratitude for your services offered in this previous year at our institution, we offer you this email as a token of recognition and appreciation from the faculty and management. You have been nothing short of an excellent educator and we are proud to call you an associate of this very University.

It has been an honor working with the likes of you, and a learning experience for both us, and your students. We are pleased to say that your student teacher evaluation has yielded positive results, and upon assessing your designed curriculum for your courses, we are pleased to say that your teaching models have been thoroughly engaging for the classroom. Thank you for being a part of our faculty, we hope you are as satisfied with us as we are with you.


Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents

Here are some easy formats for teacher’s appreciation. Thank you letter to teacher from parents. Feel free to modify these formats to your liking or simply use them for inspiration.

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents


The Class Teacher,
Grade III.
International School System.
City, Country.

Hello Ms. Janice,


I am writing this letter with cheery and joyful smile. I am so happy to see the improvement in my son’s class work. I still remember that you called me to talk about his impractical and non-serious attitude and I was so worried like it’s the end of my life but seeing the major change in his attitude and confidence I am so glad. All the credit goes to your persistence hard work on my son. He is 12 years old now and his confidence is impeccable. I want to tell you that you are doing exemplary work in your field which needs to be appreciated. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Mr&Mrs Joseph

Appreciation Letter for Pre-School Teacher


Miss Ramsha

Wishing you good health. I know that how hard it was for you to handle my daughter. I knew from the start that she will give the tough time to the teachers but her exasperating attitude would affect in one way or not. As you know, that her father and I both are doing work and have jobs in different cities so it was meant to affect her but we always appointed care taker with her so she won’t feel alone but we understood this later that parents are irreplaceable and their time is all kids need but you have done tremendous job in training her to be disciplined. I am so glad that she get to be influenced by you. You deserve all the appreciation.

Warm Regards,

Mr& Mrs Sham

Appreciation Letter for Senior Teacher

Respected Miss Hanery,

Your way of teaching student is quite adequate and excellent. I am very contented with your methodology of teaching. You teaches so well that my son is now capable of doing his homework and sorting his work by himself at home now, he doesn’t require help on little things like he used to do before. This country needs more teacher like you so children could actually make the country proud one day. I am very thankful to you for being such a good teacher to my son and developing his confidence and making him aware of his abilities. Bundle of thanks.


Appreciation Letter for Junior Teacher

Dear Mrs Posha,

I have no words to convey how thankful I am to you to working so hard on my daughter. Her result came out today and she passed with flying colors. I am so exhilarated at this moment that how he did so well. I believe that you are the right person who deserves all applaud for this. I am so glad that she finally adjusted with a teacher and did wonderful job in exams. She is a very tough kind and can’t be tutor by anyone. I thought at first that your efforts will be in vain but you have surprised me with such good results that I am so happy. I would like to thank you for teaching my daughter and working so passionately on her.

Warm Regards,

Parents of Panza Robert

Class 5th

Sample Encouragement Letter for Student

Sample encouragement letter to students by the teacher. Jobs of Education is prophetic in its nature as it demands good moral character of teachers for they are the role model and they are the one who are makers. Good teachers always put in extra effort in polishing and encouraging their students on their success no matter how petty they could be, but a tab of the teacher on the shoulder is always the heaviest for the child! This is one such format.

Sample Encouragement Letter for Student

The Mr. Jade Jarmon,
Lucas Stole School System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of encouragement to students by the teacher

Dear Jade Jarmon,

It is always a pleasure for me to have you in my class as a student. You are obedient enough to listen and respect your each and every teacher and bold enough to stand and ask pertinent questions regarding the text and clarify your doubts well in time.
This nature and attitude of yours bagged you a winning trophy! I am really happy for you on your great success, but always remember that never ever take your success to your head and your defeat to your heart. You must feel yourself on earth and with each such success you must bow down in humility and dignity as who look down are foreseer and knew that the footsteps can lead to even higher levels!
I want you to stand on the peak of success so that all can envy it. You are young enough to understand my present words, but I am sure when you will become of age, then you will definitely could understand my words. With this letter I had purchased a little gift and a pack of chocolates for you on your brilliant success. I dream for the huge success for you in the life ahead of you!

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jonathon wiz,
20 th June, 2018.

Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Appreciation Letter to Site Contractor for Good WorkAppreciation Letter for Project Completion. The sample of Appreciation Letter to Site Contractor for Good Work is written ahead. It is purely official letter which is issued to the contractor on the basis of his good work or when work is completed before time. Be gentle in words and acknowledge his hard work in the letter. Necessary changes can be done.

Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Mr. Jebby Kim
Site Contractor, Alma Association.

Subject: Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Dear Mr. Jebby,

This letter serves as official appreciation letter from Falcon’s Association. We have given you the contract of our new project which is recently completed in Phase 8. We are completely satisfied by your performance and glad to see that how you’ve managed the construction within the budget. The internal survey went great, and the auditors really appreciate your efforts. After this first contract, we wish to have long term business relation with you. We’re planning for a new project as well; let us know when you are available for meeting. Hope this journey will go farther.

Thanks and Regards,

Managing Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Appreciation Letter to Site Contractor for Good Work

Mr. Kim Steve
Contractor, ABC Association.

Subject: Appreciation Letter for Completing Work before Time

Dear Mr. Kim,

We at Falcon’s Association really admire and appreciate your efforts for the completion of our latest project ‘Wonder City’ which is completed before time and is operational at the moment. We got all the surveys done and the administration is content with your work. Just one request is that, some files of site contract are to be received by us yet. Is it possible for you to send them via email? If not, our person will get it within a week. We wish to have long term corporate relation with you.

Fond Regards,
Assistant Manager
Contact: 00000000000000000

Sample Letter of Recognition

This easy format of  recognition letter/appreciation letter for students. Necessary changes can be done according to need or activity.

Sample Letter of Recognition

Subject: Recognition Letter for Excellent Activity

Muhammad Ammar Haider, a student of Lahore Grammar School Johar Town, is a thoughtful individual who came up with a brilliant project for the blind kids enrolled at our institution.

Through his project, which he calls ‘Rang Bhardou’, Ammar makes the seemingly impossible task of explaining colors to blind kids quiet possible and in turn, makes them aware of the colorful reality of the world which they are a part of.

During the interactive sessions that he conducted with our 22 students, he divided them into three separate groups, handed them props ranging from mint leaves to wooden barks, and played sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves on speakers — all in order to meaningfully employ the kids’ sensing ability.

Thus, in doing so, he allowed the kids to associate scents, ambient sounds, textures, emotions, and even numbers with a variety of colors. By the end of the session, the kids were not only able to extraordinarily relate to colors, but were also able to draw with crayons, guided by their textures produced on paper.

Ammar’s accomplishments are as remarkable as they sound, and are representative of a compelling effort for the integration of blind children. For all the work that he has done, we commend him. And for all the work that he dreams to pursue in future, we wish him luck!

Mrs Huma Khan
Head of Department
Zahra Institute



Appreciation Letter for Sports Teacher

Sample Appreciation Letter format to Sports Teacher for Winning International Awards. It is said by famous people that “APPRECIATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS” The moment we appreciate someone he starts gliding in the sky of success! Schools do take care of their staff and appreciate them when they compete with foreigners and came as winners. Appreciation letters are used in educational institutions to encourage their teachers for even better to best show up! This  format can be used by institutions who wanted to encourage their staff on performing well.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Sports Teacher


Ms. Suneeta Marshel!

It is a matter of immense pleasure to have you in our Institution. You won us tremendous chain of awards nationally and
internationally as well! We appreciate your efforts in giving others what you learnt and absorbed in your whole academic career. Teachers as mentors are rare sight nowadays, but you proved the old maxim ‘Teacher lit herself like a candle to
brighten up the way for her students.’

We had seen you sweating in the bare bold sun and not frowning even for once on the mistakes your students as sportsman do and repeat! It is highly appreciable. We always show us your perfect stance and never came running to us in complaining about the rout and pout of your students or any other linked scenario.

As a token of acknowledgment, we put forward this piece of paper turned into Appreciation Letter just because of your own self efforts and winning attitude. You are marvelous and keep on collecting good name and laurels for this school. With this appreciation we extend a cash of Five Thousand towards you.We wish you happiness and good will for your future.

Best Regards,

Dr. Donald Andrew,
7 th December,2016

Appreciation Letter for Employee

Sample Appreciation letter format for employee. Appreciations plays crucial part in the professional excellence of the employees and such letter can be used by all stakeholders, Intel companies, Nestle groups, Multinational companies and other international groups.This letter can be used for all employees sales manager,marketing manager,account officer,admin manager,etc. Easy format of appreciation letter is here.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Employee

To: Mr. Parowan Bhatt

From: CEO Nestle Groups and Co.

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Company assigned you a project for delivering a presentation of our products in various cities and villages of Punjab. You were all alone in making and delivering the presentation to the clients.

A period of a month was given to you to complete this project and to deliver the presentation in various cities and villages of Punjab. You had completed your task successfully and had delivered the message in major cities of Punjab and most of the villages near by the cities. This resulted in a remarkable increase of sale of our products in those areas. Our company got a profit of 2 millions in this month. This profit entirely depends on your hard work and effort. We are having extreme demands of our products and workers are working to full extent after a very long time. They seem to be happy instead of being tired because they are also sincere workers of the company.

Board of directors and shareholders of the company are happy and want to award you with some benefits to those you deserve. In that following benefits are provided to you:

1- You were working as a Manager but know you are promoted on a post of senior Manager.

2- Company has awarded you with a bonus of Rs. 1 lac.

3- Your salary has been increased.

These are the few rewards awarded to you in a thanking way. Company appreciates your work by giving you these rewards. We hope same effort from you in up-coming months.

Nestle Co.

Appreciation Letter for Employee

Appreciation Letter for Marketing Manager Sample

Mr Muhammad Raheel,
Director Marketing
Sundas Foundation.

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Raheel,

On behalf of the management of Sundas Foundation we congratulate you for your good performance and success in our organization on the eve of Ramadan campaign which was possible only with all your hard work and dedication and the effort of your team.We understand that by using your capabilities and devotion you can strive even better and can show better results,as there is always room for the improvement.

Keeping in view the above efforts of your team and yourself in mind the management has decided to send you for Umrah this year(Congratulations).

We hope that in future you will give your best also.

With Best of Luck

Sample Appreciation Certificate Format for Students

Sample certificate of appreciation by any department after completed and passed all requisite courses/exams, its a appreciation certificate for student, intern or employee, he /she has good moral character, best wishes for his/her future. It can be used as recommendation letter sample or recommendation letter for job as well. You can use this appreciation letter for multiple purpose according to need.

Appreciation Certificate Format for Students


Subject: Appreciation Letter for Student

This is certified that Mr____________Registration no_______Department________has completed all requisite courses/ Examination for the degree of _________.

It is further added that the above named student additionally studied_____ subjects in degree of__.

His core degree is_______. Mr ___ possesses sound knowledge in his subject. He is able to simulate and design any project independently. His written work is always well organized systematic and easy to read. He is very popular among his colleagues and the students.

On the interpersonal level_______ is a team player and never hesitate to help colleagues. He has excellent communication skills in English and manages to communicate his ideas in a very simple and clear way. He bears a good moral character.

I have no doubt that Mr___ will emerge as a valued colleague and will make distinctive contributions. I have every confidence that he will perform his duties with sincerity and to his usual standards of excellence.

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.


Appreciation Certificate Format for Students