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Sample Appointment Letter for Counselling

Sample appointment letter for counselling. Counselling is important as it directs the persons on the right path and on the same time evades the grey shackles of gloominess and depression from them. These formats are for those who concern mental health as equal to physical health.

Sample Appointment Letter for Counselling

Mr. Chairman
Carl Louis Meryl Consultancy and Law College,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting appointment for counselling of employee

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and honor that I am Mr. Jacob Bede, the head of finance department. I am heading twenty men under my supervision. Everything was going well until the collapse of Mr. Roweled Rusk! On close inquiry, it was found that he was subject to hypertension and the cause is still not known to us. I cannot lose such a gem and I request you to please arrange an appointment with the counsellor for his timely counselling. Kindly see to this matter on personal level and make me thankful.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Bede,
20th October, 2018.

Sample Appointment Request for Counselling of Student

The Principal,
Merlot Ronny Consultancy and Engineering College,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting for counselling of student

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and grace that I am class in charge of 12th Daffodils. The lot I had in my class is excellent and I never heard a single complaint against them in the whole year. Last week I had a new admission in the class and I found him with disruptive behavior. His attitude is contagious and unbearable for me. So, I suggest you to please fix a meeting with the counsellor on urgent basis. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Amaretto Rend,
20 th October, 2018.

Requesting an Appointment from Seller for Urgent Negotiation

Requesting an appointment from seller for urgent
negotiationBusiness is a job that rowed on high and low tides of give and take. Selling and purchasing is part and parcel of the business and certain issues are linked with it and its removal is mandatory for smooth business routine. This format is for the searching souls. Enjoy!

Requesting an Appointment from Seller for Urgent Negotiation

The Manager,
Sky lark Water Foundation,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting an appointment from seller for urgent

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be fine in your blessed life in the blissful way. I pray to God to guide you in your life in the best possible ways. I am Mr. Jacob Danny, seller of certain needful things required by this reputable firm. Now coming to the point, with due honour and prestige, it is humbly stated by me that I know, you are a busy person and finds little time for chit chat or even friendly correspondence, but the situation on my part is equally similar. Your valued company is a regular customer of mine and I correspond with your manager till now, but he is unreachable nowadays, so I had to approach you for further agreements.
I had some new products in line that is in interest of your company. So, I request you to give me some time for urgent negotiation on the selling items. I know that you are a very busy person and in writing dispersal of your order would not be possible so I request you to please make me a call at +923487655-87654- 123 and I would be really thrilled on your prompt action. Thank you in anticipation of your time and timely concern.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Danny,
20th October,2018.

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director

Sample Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director. If any employee/Manager or member from any organization want to arrange any meeting with the Finance Director for discuss the staff issues or other matter. He/She sample request letter is sent to the higher authorities to get the meeting time. The format is given below.

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample

The Finance Director
ABC Company,

Dear Sir,

I am glad to see the progress of our company due to the hard work of our entire staff. Most of the staff is quite co-operative, organized, hardworking and well behaved. But, I have seen some of the staff members who are not paying attention to the financial statements of our company. They lack interest in financial matters which is discouraging many other members. So, I would request you to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss about this highly important matter. We will be making some rules and regulations which willhave to be followed by each and every staff member. Moreover, we will also set targets so that they become ambitious and they start working hard in achieving those goals and targets.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample
Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample

Sample Meeting Request Letter to Chairman

Sample Meeting Request Letter to Chairman. If any employee or member from any organization want to arrange any meeting with the Chairman or CEO a sample request letter is sent to the higher authorities to get the meeting time. The format is given below.

Sample Meeting Request Letter to Chairman

The Chairman.
Mr. Faisal Jaffri
Labart Training Center

Subject: Meeting Appointment Letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to formally request you for a meeting with you or with only of your respected staff members, we would like you to arrange this meeting in this weak. Since the birth of the “ Labart Training Center” has been provided its resource in the education sector. Our goal is to provide quality education to the we have succeeded in achieving our motive. As time is elapsing, the institution is growing and so are our needs towards our special children. We want you to support us in our noble cause and help us achieve our destiny. Sir, I want to be so good as to arrange the meeting as soon as possible. I will comply with your time on this regard. I will follow up with your schedule to set a time for the meeting.

I will be looking forward for your positive response on this noble cause.

Warm Regards,

Students Coordinator
Leads University Lahore.

Sample Meeting Request Letter to Chairman
Sample Meeting Request Letter to Chairman

Meeting Request Letter to Managing Director

The Managing Director.
Mr. John Robert
Monsanto International

Subject: Meeting Request Letter

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and gratitude that I am in dire need of help and personally want to meet with Managing Director. I can not disclose the reason here as it is of very private nature and I regret for it, but please try to understand the urgency in my words and act accordingly. Kindly let him know and fix my meeting with respected MD. I will be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness of kindness. I will wait for your precious reply. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Meeting Request Template to Chairman

Respected Sir,

It is my pleasure to write to you and invite you for our company 10th Anniversary. We are looking forward in working with a huge company on this upcoming mega project. We believe it will be a breakthrough for both of the companies. In this regard, we need to set a meeting for discussion on this subject in detail. With your presence, the essence of meeting will be increased and it will go good as planned. We want to arrange a meeting with you for this function as soon as possible. I will comply with your time and follow up with your assistance in this regard.

Yours Truly,


Meeting Appointment Letter with Principal

Sample meeting appointment letter with principal of school, college to discuss the studies progress and others problems regarding child. Including fee schedule, student disputes, misbehavior, student attendance or if there are any other complaints. Formats are provided below.

Request Meeting with Principal

The Principal,
Star’s School System.

Subject: Request for Meeting

Dear Madam,

Hope to find you in good health. I am Aliya Khan Mother of Maryam Ali. This is to inform you that during the Parent Teacher Meeting on last Saturday I was out of country and was unable to attend the meeting. I have came back yesterday and for the acknowledgement of progress in studies of my child along with the result of previous grade I need to come to school for a short meeting. I will be highly obliged for your time. You can suggest the time and date accordingly.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Aliya Khan.
Contact: 00888767.

Meeting Appointment with Principal

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Dear Madam,

I hope you will be doing good. This is Eva Watson mother of James Watson. My child is student of your institution in grade-7th. I along with my family are going on trip of 20 to States and for this I need your time to discuss his study and fee schedule afterwards. Kindly, arrange a time for meeting me. I shall be thankful to you.


Eva Watson.

Meeting Appointment with Principal
Meeting Appointment with Principal

Meeting Appointment for child Progress Report

The Principle
Lahore grammar School Paragon
DHA Campus, Lahore

Subject: Appointment for child progress report

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope everything will be good at your side. My child Shehryar Mustafah is currently studying in grade 5at LGS Paragon. There was a parent teacher meeting on 4 th MAY 2018 which I couldn’t attend.
I would like to request for an appointment with the teacher for my child. Along with the progress report, there are various factors which I would like to highlight and discuss. I would request you to keenly observe his progress. I would like to check his progress on my ward. If there is any cause of worry for me kindly be friendly to discuss it with me.
Kindly provide me with a suitable time and date. I shall be very thankful if you consider my request. I appreciate your great efforts.

Yours Faithfully,

John William
Chief executive
Makki workers
Contact no 0333 4567654

Request for Meeting Appointment Sample

Sample Format for Meeting Appointment . Request for Meeting Appointment Letter and E-mail is also provided. If any Employee, Individual, Officer needs to get an appointment from any other Manager, Director, CEO, Executive body he/she needs to write a request letter or e-mail first in order to get appointment time. It also reflects the ethics. Essential thing for working individuals. Online appointments for fixing a meeting is another dynamic of time saving and electronic in touch. It can be used for dealing the time for appointment solely. Formats are given below.

Sample Request for Meeting

The Food and Beverages Company,

Subject: Request for a meeting

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I represent the Barcelona Food Colors Associates, a company that provides the best and the healthiest alternative food colors to industries the world over, we have not yet been introduced and I would like to hold a meeting with you in this regard. Our company has been rated among the top ten in the region and no side-effects or complaints have been made regarding our products. I have come to know that your company requires food colors that are approved by relevant authorities and are also vegan.

Our company may have the solution to your predicament. You may write to me and schedule the meeting at your convenience or call my assistant for further guidance. We at Barcelona Food Colors Associates shall look forward to doing business with you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. George Reggie
27th May, 2014.

Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Sir,

This is the manager of corporate bank writing this letter for the appointment of meeting. We have looked into the details of your company and we are looking forward in dealing with the package you have offered. This is the letter for settling of the appointment. Please let us know when you are available next weekend so we can have a proper meeting and discussion on the progress of both of the companies. Our bank is glad to work with your mobile company and believe that with the provided scheme, it can break the internet and people will be benefited from it very much.

Warm Regards,


Appointment for Meeting

Product Sales Manager
Nestle dairy Products

Subject: Appointment for Meeting

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Caritas James and supplying fresh dairy milk to your company from last two years from my farm. I am providing milk to you at rate of 2 dollars per kg. As you know all companies has revised their rates of dairy products I would like to request you to revise for rate of per kg with me too. You know I am giving you pure milk of Australian cows at very low price.
Please schedule my meeting with your relevant department so I can freely discuss my matter. I expect you will consider my request and give me market rate for my milk. Otherwise I will discontinue my contract with you because I have good offers from other companies. I am attaching that letters with this letter.

Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Caritas James

Request for Meeting Appointment Sample

The CEO,
Forensic Center

Subject: Request for Meeting Appointment

Respected Sir,

With high spirits and humble in attire I beg your pardon for approaching you through email and at such an odd time. I hope you will not mind my air of approaching you but highly esteemed sir I am in real problem and could not manage to come at your office as you are heck busy in your work and could not spare time for personal meeting.

I had sent you my C.V and had a good introduction with your manager but I wanted to have a meeting time to be fixed by you for a responsible job in Forensic Centre. I am fully eligible for the seat and wanted you to spare some time for me in regard of job.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Yazdan Shah
October 16,2015

Request Letter for Meeting Appointment Sample

The Managing Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Letter for Meeting Appointment

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you in a good health. I was good experience and exchange of ideas on our telephonic conversation yesterday regarding the partnership of business. Working with you and your team would be beneficial for both of us. Joining Falcon’s Association as our Business Partners would be a huge plan for future. We discussed regarding all the requirements and plans but I consider that being more format a chance of meeting would be worthwhile.

The entire plan along with terms and conditions is thoroughly planned to be executed and before doing it so a formal meeting is necessary. Please go through your schedule and provide me with the detail that when we can accomplish this task. Make sure the meeting to be held within this week. We hope that this working tenure will prove to be good asset for all of us. Waiting for your response.

With Best Regards,


James Kin.
Kin’s Association.

Short Meeting Request Letter

Dear Sir,

I am Hina Chaudhry to request a short  meeting with you to discuss some official issues. Please let me confirm your available days and timings and I will adjust accordingly. Meeting is utmost priority of business. I hope you are getting my point.
I appreciate your consideration and hope to see you soon. Thanks for your time.
Yours Truly,

Email Meeting Request Letter

Dear Abdul Raheem Sahib,

Hope you are doing well. I am Uzma Rana Manager marketing, with reference to our discussions regarding fix bank deposits for sponsorship of blind students at Rehman Foundation. I wanted to have a short meeting with you for further proceedings in this regards.

Thanking you again for your concern and coordination.

Best Regards,

Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Mr. Khan,
Shoukat Khanam Welfare Trust.

Dear Sir,
Hope you are enjoying good health. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart for showing your willingness to accommodate Kinnaird’s students for community service work. Regarding the community service volunteerism, I would like to put forward a request; we are having an average number of 800 students this year who have to serve community for 100 hours in summers and we have to allocate them to different welfare organizations including your prestigious organization. In this regard a tentative plan we made is that this time we will be sending our students in 3 groups and in different time slots. A rough structure of plan is like :
  1. Each group will consist of maximum 20 students.
  2. The first group will work from 1st June till 26th June 2015.
  3. The second group will work from 29th June till 24th July 2015.
  4. And the third group will work from 27th July till 24th August 2015.
  5. Every student will work 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday, and 5 hours a day, so that they will be able to complete their community service requirement within 20 working days
Therefore you are requested to arrange any particular time for meeting. So that we can get to know about the further plan and can discuss more thoroughly. Your help and cooperation in this regard will be highly obliged.
If you come up with any better idea, please feel free to suggest.
Waiting to hear a positive response from you.
Best Regards,
Community Service Coordinator.
Kinnaird College.
Request for Meeting Appointment
Request for Meeting Appointment

Sample Request for Meeting Appointment E-mail

Dear Anila Azmat,

Hope to find you hale and hearty. As per our discussion regarding fund raising campaign. I consider arranging a meeting would be a better idea. So that I may convey & discuss more effectively. We do have ticket books, envelops, boxes and other ways for the execution of plan.

Please suggest some time in the coming week when we can meet and discuss the things and inform me about the suitable date at least two days before so that I can make necessary arrangements for my transportation. Moreover please try to adjust the meeting between 9 am-1 pm. Furthermore, I’ll call you for more assistance.
Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Sana Khan.
Manager Marketing.

Meeting Email for Attending Workshop

Subject: Behavior Problems in Children

Dear Ms. Saba,

Hope you are well. Lahore Children’s Centre is hosting a Workshop on ‘Behavioral Problems in Children’. A write-up of the content, speaker’s profile and details is provided in the attachment. The registration for the workshop is closing on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. We would like to arrange a short meeting with your administration regarding importance of workshop and participants who are interested to join the workshop with their signature and registration invoice.

This workshop would help teachers/Female Employees to understand the underlying reasons for aggressive behaviors. Teachers will also learn different strategies that they can use to deeper insights ? higher outcomes reduce behavioral problems in students and help them in dealing with anxiety and stress at school.


Tooba Jahangir
Practice Manager

Request for Meeting Time

Dear Mr. James Green,

Hope to find you good. Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards our cause.
As per our discussion in LUMS dated 13-2-2015, I would like to arrange a meeting in 2nd week of March regarding Financial Issues in our organization and I hope you will surely spare some time from your busy schedule and let me confirm the meeting date. Currently, I am going abroad and in first week of March, I will be back. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly obliged.
Waiting to hear a positive response from you.
Best Regards,
Taylor Stephen.
Vice President
Care Foundation.

Sample Detailed Meeting Appointment Letter

To Whom It May Concern

I am Jahan Khan President of National Honor Society. The newly elected chapter of our NHS has made one of its prime missions to help and serve the community. The NHS promotes services leaderships and character. Our students are striving by make these values the values of their daily lives. We strive to build and foster a productive effective learning environment designed to fulfill the highest potential of each student both academically and socially.

We would like to create a long term relationship with your institute. Our students could assist you in raising funds,collecting donations, organizing workshops or seminars. The scope is very wide and our students motivation is even wider.

We would like if your Marketing manager or senior communication coordinator spare some time for detailed meeting  and NHS President Jahan Khan will be able to explain you in details the motivations of his visit and I am looking forward to positive response on your side.

Yours Truly

Romuald Delater

School Coordinator

Sample Meeting Appointment for Job

The Hiring Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Meeting Appointment for Job

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you hearty enough. I ‘Jimmy Kin’ have applied for the vacancy of Communication Officer in your prestigious organization. I have provided my Curriculum Vitae and other testimonials before and I received call and It was told that I have to wait till meeting appointment letter. Currently, I have not got any response from your side.

I fall on the requirement criteria mentioned by you. I consider that a chance of meeting would be good enough as I am eager to join your organization and by meeting I will be able to further elaborate my personality. I shall be looking forward to you.


Eva James.

Sample Meeting Appointment for Job
Sample Meeting Appointment for Job

Sample Meeting Appointment Email

Dear Raheel Ahmed Sahib,           ASSALAM-0-ALAIKUM

Hope this finds you in the best of health. I am extremely grateful to you for supporting  the cause of special children of Roshni Association.  We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your kind  & generous contribution towards the welfare of these heavenly souls.

Further to our discussions in Pearl Continental  on 15th February 2015, we would like to request you for a meeting, during 1st week March on any convenient day, sparing some time from your very busy schedule. I am currently in Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah returning to Pakistan during 1st Week of March InshaAllah.

May Allah be pleased with you for caring for the welfare of special children.

With Regards,

Farhan Anwar
Vice President
Roshni Association

Short Email for Meeting Appointment

Hope you are doing  good. This is president of the Irtiqa society of SICAS. We recently had some Rising Sun representatives visit our school and leave some materials such as ticket books standees envelops documentary etc. I am unable to contact the specific people therefore I would like to notify them that we have begun their fundraising campaign from the past Monday and it would   be appreciated if they contact me on my cell number and arrange a proper meeting for further assistance. I have great ideas for your organization, kindly visit SICAS in order to be given the feedback. Thank you.

Your Sincerely,

Muneeb Ahmed

Sample Email for Lawyer Meeting Appointment

Mr A.K Awan
1331, Fane Road, CDE

Dear Sir,

I shall like to consult you at your office in connection with a case that, I want to institute against a party not paying back my loan.
I shall be obliged if you will inform me about the meeting time and day when I may consult you. Expecting to get an early reply.

Yours Faithfully,
Rehan Associates
Phone No: 043-45672345

Email Request for Doctor Meeting Appointment

Dr.Nusrullah Khan
Model Town Lahore.

Dear Sir,

With reference of Dr Qadeer Khan, I shall like to consult you at your clinic concerning a stomach ailment(disease).
I shall be grateful if you will inform me at the earliest by telephone or by post the meeting time and day when I can consult you.

Yours Faithfully,
Rehan Raja
Phone No: 042-3456789

Easy Format of Letter for Meeting Appointment

Mrs. Saneha Singh
HR Manager,
ABC Limited.

Subject: Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Madam,

Hope to find you hale and hearty. I am writing to inform you that as per our telephonic conversation I had emailed you my resume and documents for apprenticeship. As you have confirmed me now, moving on to next step I think so that a meeting would be worthwhile so that I may discuss all the things including timings, schedules and project details. Whenever, you feel easy give me the time of meeting. I shall be highly beholden for this.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Meghna Parek

Meeting Request letter for New Business Project

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Schwarz Company,
West Avenue, Germany.

Subject: Meeting Request for New Business Project

Dear Sir,

I am the Sales Director of National Arms Company and I met you at the Business Conference or Event last month. A representative of our sales team, Mr. Skinner,will be in Ontario between 15 th February and 27 th February and would like to meet you on any of those days for 20 minutes if possible between 10am – 12pm.

The person entitled has done research on your company and believes he has a reciprocally beneficial business scheme he would like to thrash out with you as new venture between us.

Would it be fitting for you, or someone you entrust, to meet Mr. Skinner on one of these days? I will call you in a few days to discuss any details or questions you may have and arrange a substitute time if essential.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Caesar King,
7 th February, 2016

Sample Request of meeting Via Email

In this world of electronic media dates of meeting are fixed via email and it is the easiest way to approach anyone for any purpose.

Sample Request of meeting Via Email

To: aced 3$

My dear Anaya Singh.

How are you my dearest friend? I hope you will be fine. I am your friend, no doubt but I am your co-partner in business arcade as well. The purpose of writing this letter is too fold: one is my invitation to you for my birthday party and the second is to decide certain policies. For the upcoming products of our company. Officially, I am inviting you for this meeting on Monday 15 th august 2017 at 4:00 pm sharp. Don’t forget to bring my present for the birthday (on
serious notes). Looking forward to your arrival and can’t want to see you after such a long time! Love you loads and miss you.
Ms. Sahsma Rai,
2nd August, 2023

Sample Meeting Appointment Request Text to Company CEO

Subject: Request for a Meeting with Company CEO

Dear [CEO’s Name],
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss [specific topic or purpose of the meeting]. As [provide a brief introduction about yourself or your company/organization], I believe our collaboration could be mutually beneficial and have a positive impact on both our organizations.

I am particularly interested in discussing the following:
1-Highlight the potential opportunities or challenges related to this topic and how your expertise or insights can contribute to finding solutions.
2-Describe any relevant achievements, partnerships, or initiatives that demonstrate your commitment and potential value to the CEO’s organization.
3-Share any specific questions or areas where you would appreciate the CEO’s guidance, input, or expertise.

I understand your time is valuable, and I assure you that this meeting will be concise and focused. I believe a discussion with you will provide valuable insights and help pave the way for a productive partnership.
I kindly request a meeting at your earliest convenience. Please let me know if there is a preferred method or platform for the meeting, whether it is in person, over the phone, or through a video conference.
Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss these important matters further.
[Your Name]
[Your Position/Title]
[Your Company/Organization]
[Contact Information]

Short Meeting Request to CEO for Personal Reason

Subject: Request for a Brief Personal Meeting

Dear [CEO’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to kindly request a short personal meeting with you. While I understand that your time is extremely valuable, I believe this meeting is important and would greatly appreciate a few moments of your attention.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a personal matter that I believe would benefit from your guidance and insights. I value your expertise and leadership, and I believe your advice can help me navigate this situation effectively.
I assure you that I will be respectful of your time and keep the meeting concise. I am available at your convenience, and I am flexible regarding the meeting format, whether it is in person, over the phone, or through a video conference.
Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and seek your guidance.
[Your Name]
[Your Position/Title]
[Your Contact Information]

Appointment Letter Format for Job

Format of appointment letter issued from employer to newly hired employee. Mention the terms and conditions of company in appointment letter along with regulation. A multipurpose usable format for  variety of posts including teachers, managers, officers and administration staff.

Appointment Letter Sample for Job

Company Name: Malik Riwajud-din &sons
Phones: (H.O) (9242)37652424
Imp. & Exp: (9242) 37225809 &

Mr. …………………….. Date……………..

House #………………………….,


Subject: Offer Letter/ Appointment Letter

Dear Mr. …………………..,

With reference to your application and subsequent interviews with us, we take pleasure in offering you the position of ……………………… based at our …………….subject to the following terms and conditions:

Your monthly salary and allowances, will be as follows:-

Gross Salary:Rs. …………/- per month

In addition you will be entitled to:

1. Provident Fund contribution based on …..% of basic salary (deduction to commence after confirmation).

2. Casual Leave Encashment up to a maximum of ………. days after completion of each year of service.

3. Health Insurance for self. (family on self finance basis).

4. Leaves: 15 Casual, 10 Sick and 20 annual (subject to successful completion of 6 months probationary period).

Your reply for acceptance of this offer should reach us within one week of issuance of this offer letter.

Yours sincerely,

Appointment Letter Sample for Job
Appointment Letter Sample for Job

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Appointment Letter, sample format for an appointment letter from school or any institution to any candidate which has been selected. You can use this appointment letter/Job Offer Letter for pre- school teacher, junior teacher, senior teacher, subject teacher or class teacher. Rules, salary and timings can be mentioned accordingly. Sample appointment letter for  assistant teacher or can be used for school administration staff or helper teacher. Can be used as appointment letter for private school teacher. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used.

Appointment Letter for School Teacher Format

Mr /Miss_________
Subject:  Appointment Letter From School
Dear _____,
We are hereby pleased to inform you that, Management from ______ School System offers you appointment as a ________ in our institution. Based upon your interview and tests in which you have qualified and performed best among other candidates. The monthly salary in respect of this appointment will be ___________.

If you wish to accept this offer of appointment in our school under the conditions set out in the attached Conditions of Service for Teachers in Private Schools, sign Letter of Acceptance and Conditions of Services. After receiving this letter kindly meet the principal of ______ School system.

A meeting will be held and you will be told about all the rules and regulation along with working pattern of our school. We hope that you will be glad upon this news and will come to us soon. This is really an honor for us to hire such a competent candidate like you in our valued institute.
We wish you good luck in future and hope that you will be according to our requirements and will be capable to fulfill tasks assigned to you, its really a good opportunity for you to prove yourself in this institute and make your worth an a significant person.
With Best Regards,
_________ School System.
Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher Free Download
Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher Free Download

Appointment Letter for Subject Teacher

To: Mr. Chander Parkaash
H.No.89, Street No. 6
Chamun gerh, India,

Informing: The Principal
Bhopal School Branch Delhi
Database: Accounts Branch, V.D.B. S.S.

Subject: Order of Appointment as Subject Specialist Teacher In Bhopal School Branch Delhi

Dear Candidate,

The Chairperson Vadhikha Baalu Education System has been pleased to appoint you on the subject post in the Pay Scale IPS-17 with effect from on the Terms and Conditions attached herewith, which shall be read as an integral part of this appointment order for all intents and purposes. If the attached Terms and Conditions are acceptable to you without any reservation thereto, then please return it to this office after signing it in token of your acceptance within three working days of receipt of this letter, and assume your duty on May 20, 2015 after completing handing/taking over the charge and that on your failure to do so, this appointment order shall stand automatically withdrawn.

Bhopal School Branch Delhi only, Please submit to this Department the documents mentioned in the columns 1 & 3 of the attached Terms and Conditions duly attested by you and his joining report within a week from the date of his joining to your institution, and also forward your report regarding his suitability/fitness to be retained in the service on completion of his probation period and also afterwards at least twice in a year. He will go through selection procedure and appear for final interview before the final selection board as and when convened.

With Warm Regards,

Arjun Kumaar
Director Academics of Education
August 5, 2015


Sample Appointment Letter.This letter format can be used for appointing teachers/coordinator for any subject by the schools, colleges, academies and universities for teachers induction.

Appointment Letter for School coordinator

Dear Ms. jolly, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview which conduct on 6th March. We are feeling very happy to inform you, that our interview committee has selected you as coordinator post of school. You are request to join our school immediately as coordinator and report to HR Department. All terms and conditions are mentioned in Appointment Letter.We again congratulates you for your appointment on behalf of management and teaching staff.With best wishes


Robert Roz
Head HR Department

Appointment Letter For Librarian

Sample appointment letter for librarian, It can be used for appointment letter for assistant librarian, librarian helper, junior librarian, senior librarian. This format used  as template appointment letter.

Appointment Letter Format  for Librarian

Company Name________

Subject:  Appointment Letter For the Post of Assistant Librarian

We are Pleased to offer you contractual employment as ‘Assistant Librarian’ for 3 years with the Kind Edward Medical University at following term & conditions.

Job Title, Designation & Responsibilities

1- You will under direct supervision of Librarian and will be responsible for the duties as specified and communicated to you by the Librarian.

2- Your employment will start with effect from the date of joining.

3- You shall  be bound by the (KEMU) rules and regulations of service as amended from time to time.

4- You shall perform, observe and conform to such duties and instructions as amended from time to time, assigned or communicated to you by KEMU.

5- You shall not accept any employment outside the KEMU as long as you are employed with KEMU.

6- You shall not divulge to any person any information pertaining to KEMU.

Salary & Benefits

In consideration of you fulfilling your responsibilities as per terms of the  appointment letter, you shall be entitled to following.

1- Salary of Rs 20,000 per month( inclusive of all allowances)

KEMU shall provide health coverage to you and your family as per rules.The terms of salary are to be kept confidential and should not be divulged under any circumstances.

Employment Terms:

The terms of employment will commence from the date of joining and shall be valid for a period of two years. On expiry of the above mentioned period this contract shall automatically stand revoked. Your probation period will be for six months from the date of joining.

Working Hours, Holidays and Absence:

College timings are 8000 hrs to 1600 hrs five days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday.

Your leave entitlement will be as per the policy. Present entitlement is as follows:-

1- Causal Leave     12 days in a calender year

2- Sick Leave            12 days in a calender year

3- Earned Leave      24 days in a calender year

Dismissal/ Termination:

After the completion of the probation period,either party may terminate the employment without cause by giving a thirty(30) days notice in writing or payment of one month gross salary. However during the probation period 24 hours notice is required by either party to terminate the contract of employment.

KEMU may terminate this employment with immediate effect on disciplinary grounds.

Your service will be terminate if you remain continuously absent from duty for 10 days working days without any intimation.

Your appointment is subject to your being found and remaining medically fit at the time of and during employment. You will be required to undergo periodical medical examinations and when decided by the KEMU , such examination decision shall be final and binding on you.

Prof. Dr. M.Zahid Rana


I _________________ Resident_________________NIC no_________hereby declares that , i have understood the terms & conditions of my employment as set out in this appointment letter of which this is a true copy. By my signatures here under, i confirm that i fully accept the said terms and conditions and i agree to abide by the terms and conditions of my employment set out in this appointment letter.









Format of Appointment Letter for Office Assistant

Sample appointment letter for office assistant . It can be used for different designation according to requirement, like office secretary, assistant admin manager, assistant accounts manager, assistant HR manager, assistant event manager, assistant Director etc. Its a appointment letter format.You must read the below letter carefully and add or remove the relevant and irrelevant points.

Letter of Appointment  for Office Assistant

Mr/ Miss____

Subject:  Appointment Letter

Dear ___Name of Employee___

We  are  Pleased  to  Advise  you  of  your  Appointments  Office  Assistant  w.e.f 10-8-2005 on  the  following  terms  and  Conditions:-

You  will  receive  the  following  emolument  per  month.

  • Basic Salary : Rs 8000
  • House Rent: Rs 10,000
  • Utility: Rs  2000
  • Transport   Allowance:  Rs 1000
  • Medical: Rs  500
  • Total= 21,500

1- Your Job  has been Classified as under Management  Grade :Office Assistant.

2- You will be on probation for 3 months from the date of joining the company, while on probation you will be required to give 15 days notice or payment of 15 days gross salary in lieu of a notice of your intent to leave the company’s service.

3- After confirmation the company or yourself may terminate your employment on giving one calendar month notice or payment of one month gross salary in lieu thereof. You will be eligible for 10 days sick and casual leave on successful completion of your probation periods.

4- You will be eligible for the following facilities on the completion of one year’s service.

5- Paid leave- 20 days annual leave.

6- You will prefer all such job as assigned to you to the satisfaction of the management . It s also a condition of your employment that you will serve the company at any place designated by the company.

7- Your terms of employment will be governed by the company rules as in force from time to time which may change at the discretion of the management.

Yours Faithfully,


Letter of Appointment  for Office Assistant
Letter of Appointment for Office Assistant

Appointment Letter Format for Office Assistant

Dear Ma’am,

We are pleased to announce you that you have been selected for office assistant designation. Your interview and work experience have been taken under consideration and it stood out from a lot of people’s CV. We have liked your confidence and the way of dealing with people. Your basic salary would be 20,000 as the job requires proper management skills and interpersonal skills. We will evaluate your performance every day and on best performance and punctuality, you must be given incentive letter. We congratulate you on your new journey. Please submit all the necessary documents and start your work from the Monday.

Best Wishes,