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New product Announcement Letter

New product Announcement Letter. When a company announces a new service or a new product, there are many ways to publicize it. One easy way to write a product/service announcement letter. This is a sample format how to write a letter for the announcement of new product.

New product Announcement Letter

Mr. Young yak
Sweden, Australia

Subject: New product Announcement Letter

Dear Sir,

Sir, Mr. Young Yak, Chief Marketing Manager of Palls International, I, Mr. Brook with extreme Pleasure wants to notify you that our company’s new soft drink is ready to launch. We are sure that our product launch marketing ideas are going to be effective enough. The our journey of launching a new soft drink presents a few challenges; but our team devotion, hard work and passionate efforts defeat them and made our dream true .
With the success of this product we may also overcome our competitive; this product would be a useful provider of support and inspiration for growing our business. Now I want to high light the some important features of our soft drink;
1- This soft drink would be available in the market in flavors of orange, strawberry, mango and punch of fruits.
2– The soft drink would be available in bottles and cane packing’s.
3-  The price of the soft drink would be $3.00.
4– The name of our soft drink would be “ yoyos Drink”.
I am glad to share the report of our survey which we made among our valued customers. According to our survey not only are regular customers are anxiously waiting for this new soft drinks but other than our valued customers are interested in this new drink.
I look forward to meet you and discuss some other details.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Brook

New Course Announcement Letter

Sample New Course Announcement Letter. Announce Training Sessions with the Letter. Announcement of the new courses and training sessions can be done with notices. According to course or trainings announcement letter can be changed.

New Course Announcement Letter

Literature Department

Subject: Announcement of new courses

Dear Students,

It has come to our knowledge that some of your peers wish to learn from other disciplines as well. We have also been briefed about the shared areas of interest and overlapping subject areas with
other disciplines from humanities and art. It is in this light that the department has taken the initiative of launching ten new courses. These courses will be taught by members of Literature faculty but will be assisted by or may include as an assistant members of other departments such as Music or Dramatics.

The choice of joining these courses is an independent one and you are free to pick and choose. The courses will follow the same assessment criteria as other core course. We hope you will cooperate with the guest and assistant members of the staff and faculty and make this effort a success.

Best Regards,

Head of Department
Jinnah University
3 rd April, 2016.

Short Course Announcement Letter

Mr. Gorge
345 Feroz Block
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Announcement of short courses

Dear Sir,

We hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. We are delighted to bring a new opportunity to you, one of our most loyal admirers. This summer we are launching a new series of short courses aimed at rejuvenating the things we ordinarily dismiss as insignificant. The range of areas and subjects covered is vast and interesting. The courses will be from literary subjects such as Psychology or Literature but may also include designing and craftwork.
We believe every one of us always wishes to learn and it is with this idea in mind that we are offering an opportunity irrespective of background knowledge and fields of work or study. We hope you will share our belief and motivation. We hope to hear from you soon. Attached with this letter is a detail of the course list.

Best Regards,

Evergreen College
9 th May, 2016.

Sample Letter Format of New Attorney Announcement

Sample letter format of new attorney announcement. Legal process is mandatory for continuation of office work in hustle free and normal routine way. Announcements are done for this purpose in black and white to avoid any confusion or rivalry in the
working conditions of the respective office. This letter is helpful for the searching ones.

Sample Letter Format of New Attorney Announcement

All the employees and supportive staff,
Allied Legal Solutions Firm Limited
New York, United States of America.
20 th  July 2012

Subject: New attorney announcement letter

Dear Employees,

Good day! I hope you all will be satisfied in your lives and may you stay like this forever. This journey of ours comprises of 15 solid years being tied in relationship of employer and employees. During this time period, many left us for their own personal issues and many joined us thus adding good experiences in this company. We are heading in forward gear because of the matchless rich skills and areas of knowledge. I always welcome the new inductions to this company of ours.

As you all knew, Mr. Aston Watt had left us and I am feeling delighted to inform you that in place of him, Mr. Watson Alfred had joined us yesterday in papers and by coming Monday he will join us physically.

As to his degree, he had earned an L.L.B and had served many valued companies with his expertise and skills. He will enrich our team and related work to utmost level and I expect a heartiest cooperation from your side. Make him feel comfortable among you and develop a congenial environment of learning and teaching from each other. Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Mr. Andrew Fill Sawyer,
Director Manager of Recruitment Cell,
Allied Legal Solutions Firm Limited.
30 th September, 201

Easy Format of New Attorney Announcement Letter

Dear  Employees,

I am lettering this letter to inform you that Mr. Jonesy Wilson will be joining our company on 1 st October 2017 in the position of attorney. He has working practice of over fifteen years as deputy attorney with the International Legal Corporation. Mr. Jonesy has earned specialization in dealing with civil as well as criminal cases. He has been allied with legal files for the last twenty years and he has efficaciously fought over two hundred cases of varied origin in his eminent career till now. Mr. Jonesy is renowned for his hard work and timekeeping among the employees of his previous employer. He has completed his degree of LLB from the legal University of Buffalo in the year 2000 with distinction marks and
secured 2 nd position in the university.

We hope that you will relish working under the active leadership of Mr. Jonesy. I kindly request all of you to hail him a warm comfy when he takes charge of his office on 1 st  October, 2017 and wish you all the best for a cheerful future ahead. I expect a very cooperative attitude of yours towards him. Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition 

Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition. Writing competitions give the opportunity to show their talent as well as to get polish by observing their mistakes and learning from others for true guidelines. Writing competitions held in offices can be really effective and a new activity.

Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition

The Employees,
Brand Castle Emporium Store,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Writing Competition Announcement Letter

Dear Employees,

Seasoned readers must be familiar with Sir Francis Bacon and his famous quote on writing…. ‘Writing makes a man perfect’. Yes! You guessed it squarely. We want perfection not only for our products, but for our employees as well. Writing is not an easy task especially when it comes to creative writing. To ease it down the management decided to put an excellent incentive for the winner and the time span of fifteen days from the announcement of topic must be kept into strict consideration in order to avail the opportunity!

We are here announcing the first topic of this month and it is ‘Rivalry is healthy in competitions’ Your composition must contain 300 word limit and twenty sources from scholarly sites, but it should be plagiarism free document or you will cut your marks. The winner will get one day holiday and it would be paid!

We will announce the second topic for creative writing with the announcement of the winner of the later writing. Each time topic will be different and so will be the case with incentive. At the end of the year the overall best writer award will be given to the person who would win three consecutive winning positions! The incentive to him or her would be a free ticket to the place of his or her dream city or country! Pull up your socks and get to work!

Best Regards,
30 th September, 2017

Writing Competition Announcement Format

Dear Employees of this Castle!

Hailing on your way bloomed with flowers and smelled with exotic aroma of hyacinth! We are very well aware of the boring, calculated, hectic and non-romantic life of offices so we decided to break this ice and announced writing competition among yourselves on the topic of Tourism to Hawaii. Today we are here to announce the winner to this contest!

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our writing contest is Janet Dove. Congratulations, Janet! She was successful in securing 80 marks out of 100 in the writing competition held in the month of November, which breaks the record held by Mr. John Dew since last January. Her achievement is chiefly impressive as she used excellent diction and reminded me of John Keats….the famous poet of Romantic Era. It was the pure delight to read her rich words and saucy syntax!

For her outstanding work we unanimously decide that she will receive a trip for two of them to Honolulu, Hawaii. We wish her and her husband excellent days for fortnight! We again congratulate you on your winning victory! Our next competition begins in January. Get ready, the succeeding winner may be you next in chain. Our commitment depends on your passion to read and write. We want you all to excel in your lives not only financially, but intellectually as well!

Best Regards,

Sample Letter Format of Migration Announcement

Sample letter format of migration announcement. Leaving for good is a heart rendering moment for everyone, but this heavy decision is made for the betterment of family and for the excellent future ahead. Announcements for migrations are made to inform their dear and near ones for further communication and to avoid any confusion.

Sample Letter Format of Migration Announcement

The Manager,
Elite Bandit Company,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Migration announcement letter

My dear colleagues and other staff members!

Good day! I hope you all will be fine and residing happily with your loved ones. I am putting this piece of paper on this bulletin board that envelops an information of my leaving this city for good. There are certain issues behind my migration to California. Few are listed below:
1. My daughter got an admission in her Doctoral program and she has no heart to miss on this opportunity.
2. My wife’s parents are residing in that state and it would be easy for us to move in their lodge and get ourselves free from the burden of rents and on- guard duties of the children.
3. I applied for the post of Manager in Accounts in the leading Law firm of California and luckily I got the job there. California has proven herself a blessing for both of us: me and my daughter!

Time spent with you and with Texas is exemplary and hard to be forgotten, but one should move in his life for a change and if the change is positive then it must be availed sooner. I will be approachable to all my loved ones on my contact number +23670-096- 24 and you can also delight me with your visits at Street no. 54 Oak Avenue, West California. Just make me a call and I will pick you from airport. Thank you for you love and care.

Best Regards,
Mr. Dwight Lane,
30 th September, 2017.

Migration Announcement Letter Format

Dear Staff Members

Greetings! I hope you all will be fine and residing happily with your loved ones. I am putting this paper on this bulletin board for a very grave reason. This is to proclaim that my family including my wife Ms. Annie, two daughters Anna Doe and Laura Doe will be drifting soon to Paris. It saddens us all that we would only have a little time to catch up as we will be leaving next month and had to do lot of packing. This big pronouncement of our family is directly in line with a post graduate opportunity of my daughter and that I could not let go for her future. Along with this, Annie and my other daughter also expressed their commitment to stay there for good where we think we can live more contentedly since my employer’s main office had moved there as well. I am taking offs from the office and will not come from tomorrow in order to get the work completed for moving to Paris.

As you collect this letter, we would like to thank you for the love and support you have showered on our family. While we may not see each other individually like before, we hope can still stay in touch in the coming years of our lives. We worth each and every one of you. Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

Sample Announcement Letter of New Policies for Employees

Sample announcement letter of new policies for employees. Policies are made by keeping in mind the happenings and its outcomes occurred in the offices or in its premises. These policies are there for safety and further orders to be followed by the employees in their own interest.

Sample Announcement Letter of new Policies for Employees

The Employees,
Sugar Candy Bar Company,
Cape Town, South Africa.

Subject:  Announcement of new policies for company employees

Dear Employees,

We have established this company since 2000 and had done minor changes the set policies of this firm, but considering the need of time now, we are here to announce the following new policies and we hopefully expect healthy compliance from your side. Here are the final new words:

1. Due to high raise in red lines, the company decided to fix the time of employees from 9:15 to 9:30 am. This is done in favour of your own as three red lines mean on day full leave and we do not want this to be happen in future. Arrival time has minimize, but we need to complete the goals set for that day so we also decided to increase the time of departure from 5:00 to 5:15 pm.

2. We are mindful of the comment that our worthy employees drop in the complaint box. Based on the ranking of the comments regarding leave encashment per year, we decided to pay in gross income and not on net payroll. The formula is easy and it can be calculated by you as well; divide your pay on number of days and you will get the amount of encashment as per your income and scale.
We hope timely action and its pursue from your sides. Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,
Mr. President,
30 th September, 2017

Announcement Letter of New Policies for Employees

Dear Employees,

We are here to announce the following new policies and expect compliance from your side. Here are the final new words:

1- Due to skyrocketing candy feasting, Company will no longer provide infinite free candy bars to employees. A “credit system “can has been placed in the candy basket, and all are asked to pay 45 cents for each bar taken out of it. In the long run this will virtually certainly cost less than the larger-sized attires you would have been buying, had the chocolate intake persisted so high. Remember, this is the credit system, so pay up for good!

2- We care for our each staff member and decided that from now onwards, women will use the men’s rest room and men will use the women’s. The original arrangement was insufficient. We plan to build more stalls immediately in the women’s (formerly
mens) rest room. Please refer to the new signs to avoid any further confusion.

3. Due to four ill-fated incidents in the last week, Company is implementing a policy of no dogs on the jobsite for any reason forever, effective immediately.

4. As of this Friday, September, 29, employees’ timesheets must be completed and succumbed to Mr. John before you leave on Friday evening. This will give Mr. John a much better chance to complete the necessary paperwork before submitting the sheets
to the workforce service so our salary will come in on time every week. We hope timely action and it’s pursue from your sides. Thank you for your support.

Mr. President,
30 th September, 2017

Death Announcement Letter of Higher Management

Sample death announcement letter of higher management. Deaths are the saddest moments of human as well as animals and plants as they mourn for their loved ones and missed them after their departure to new and eternal homes. Deaths announcements are necessary to made as to sift many monetary issues related to the dead ones. This format can help the needy in their need.

Sample Death Announcement Letter of Higher Management

The Staff members,
Jasmine School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Death Announcement of Higher Management

Respected Sir,

I hope all are here in this meeting hall. We are here for the departing soul who was once alive and part of our team. Mr. John Sidney joined our company in 2010 in the month of October and after serving us with his undaunted and unprecedented commitments and passion for work, he left us in just exactly 7 years! The date of his joining and leaving us for good is same that is 1 st October!

He was no doubt an exemplary person for us as he seldom took off from his work. I now wonder from where he got all the energy to work for ten hours per day in so old an age! He must be blessed with abundant power and passion from our Lord. We will always remember him in our good words.

On this extremely sad day, we, the higher authorities decided to give one hour off so that we all join his funeral possession and put candle and flower on his grave. We also coined $60000 for his grieving family although money can’t replace what was taken from them, but at least it can wipe few tears from their sad faces . Thank you for your attention and gathering here in time. Thanking in anticipation.
Administrative Staff,
1 st October, 2017.