Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

Authorization Letter to Collect Passport. The given formats of authorization letter to collect passport can be used by people who want to give authorization or responsibility to any other person. Following formats can be used if any person wants to make someone responsible of collecting his/her passport and if the organization is demanding authorization proof.

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Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

The Director,
ABC Association.

Subject: Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

Dear Mr. Zeb,

Hope you’re doing great. The purpose of this letter is to make sure that I had to collect my passport from you this evening but very unfortunately, I have met a car accident and I order to do some insurance formalities I am stuck with that. On my behalf, I authorize Miss. DEF (my daughter) to collect my passport. She will be there at the same time and I hope that she will not face any trouble. Her identity card copy is attached with the letter. Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

Name: ————–
Contact: ———–

Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

Mr. Steven James
CSR Manager, ELF Association.

Subject: Authorization Letter to Collect Passport

Dear Steven,

This letter is issued as per your organization’s policy of authorization. I was supposed to collect my passport tomorrow but regrettably, I am travelling out of town on urgent basis. I could have collected it later but I need my passport urgently and my PA will send that to me through some source. Therefore, I authorize Mr. XYZ (my personal assistant) to collect my passport. He will be having a copy of this letter along, as well. I hope that you will cooperate.
Thanks and Regards,

Tabby Joseph

Contact: 000000000000000


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