Strange Habits of Animals and Birds

On this planet earth, we are not the only species who is alive! This planet is replete with a number of different and various animals and birds. In each biological community, we find humans, insects, animals, plants, birds, and reptiles. This balanced ratio is also known as an ecosystem. We are by far living in different localities, but in similar ecosystems, more or less.

              Humans are born differently, but they try hard to change themselves into copies. Monkeys are well-known in mimicking, but human race has defeated these animals in cheating, copying and mimicking! We are the ones, who has spoiled our own unique identities, but there are number of animals and birds who kept their individuality. Few will be discussed below:Hens/cocks and rabbits keep their one eye close and one eye open while sleeping. Now, why they do so? It is because they are able to sleep and guard themselves while sleeping from the predators!

Bats are mammals, they come out at night to hunt for their food, while the rest of the animals/birds search for their food in the morning till sunset! There is a mystery hidden in the creation of this creature by the Creator! Go and search more.

Pandas are well-known for eating bamboo-shoots and gentle in nature, but they are carnivores as well! They like to eat flesh of hens and peacocks!

Dolphins’ newborns do not sleep at all in the first few months, so mother dolphin has to wake up all the time to make sure they are safe. They also sleep with their one eye open, making their half brain in working state.

Horned lizard, when in danger, shoots up blood from its eye to create chaos to its predator, escaping time to run ways from the place as soon as possible. The blood has no poison in it, but it creates blurriness very well.

Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they do cry when they see their ugly feet. Their favourite food is snake, in farmhouses you might have seen peacocks and snakes too! Guess the eating-relationship!

Elephants are lovely and kind hearted animals, but very few of us know that they are very cultured as well. They never forget their deceased loved ones and whenever or wherever they see dead bodies of human, birds, animals of any kind and type, they cover their bodies with leaves, dirt and dust to pay tribute to them. They feel sorry and remain sad for hours, they visit their dead ones for hours!

Cuckoo birds do not build nests for lying eggs, rather they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests so her eggs will be safeguarded by them, but on finding a better chance, cuckoo bird murder the unborn chicks of that bird so that only her egg could be taken care of!

Mole rats are able to run as fast backward as they can run in forward shift! They are real athletes of their kingdom.

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