Obligations of Doctors during Pandemic

Obligations of Doctors during Pandemic

1– Doctors should give utmost priority to their jobs in a situation of pandemic. The fact that doctors have higher medical knowledge, makes it an obligation for them to perform their duties.
2– In case no medication for the disease exists at the time, doctors should consult other professionals and give alternate medication only by consent of patient.
3– During a pandemic when people are asked to quarantine themselves, doctors should provide advice and care even on phone, social media platforms or emails. This increases the availability of doctors for a large number of patients. The risk to doctor’s health is also eradicated in this way.
4– Doctors are obligated to use their knowledge and advocate for issues related to pandemic such as governments’ responsibilities, legal matters and provision of necessary equipment.
5– It is obligatory for doctors to perform their duties without being partial. As the hospitals are flooded with patients during a pandemic, deciding which patients be given first priority is an important decision. A transparent selection system must be devised.
6- Journalism or media associated doctors have a great responsibility as the people look up to them. They should provide accurate information and remove any confusion among the public regarding the pandemic. Prevention is the key to safety and doctors should brief people about the lifestyle they should adopt.
7– Before the treatments are devised, deaths by the disease are inevitable. Patients who are struggling in the last stages of life must be taken care of on the basis of life dignity and human rights.
8– If the doctors are carrying out clinical trials, they must follow the medical ethics. In case of healthy participants, doctors must make sure that the person is well informed and consents for the trial. The trials should be designed in such a way that they impose minimum risks to the participants.

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