Lethal symptoms of Corona Virus

Lethal symptoms of Corona Virus

Covid-19 is creating alarming circumstances around the globe. The global death toll has crossed 3 lac and the number of cases is increasing day by day. A number of symptoms have been observed ranging from mild to lethal. Major concern are the people who have serious symptoms and are not able to recover on their own. Lethal symptoms that have been observed are:
1- Difficulty in breathing Hypoxia is common in COVID-19 patients. The oxygen level in blood decreases suddenly and the patients have to struggle while breathing. COVID-19 can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and it can be fatal.
2- Fever Most of the patients get fever and start to feel cold. The chills lead to excessive shivering and body temperature can increase to 100 F or above.
3- Body aches Joints in the body start to hurt. Muscle pain is due to the tissue breakdown in body, fatigue and tiredness, weakness and lack of energy. This can be so painful that sometimes the patients are unable to move or even talk.
4- Gastrointestinal problems Diarrhea has been observed in a great number of patients. Other symptoms include, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite. In very rare cases, bleeding can occur in gastrointestinal organs.
5- Pneumonia When the virus enters the lungs, fluid starts to fill in and lungs get inflamed. This results in chest pain, coughing and breathing problems. If the condition of patient goes out of control, this can be fatal.
In case of these serious symptoms, the patients must see the doctor immediately or might even have to be hospitalized. Corona virus is mostly lethal for patients who have low immunity or are old in age (above 60). Having preexisting medical problems (such as pulmonary or heart diseases, diabetes etc.) can also create complications.


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