Importance of Time Management

What is the time? It is a continual process of existence and events happen in the past, present, or in the future. It means, it is an endless process, but intricately interlinked with the phases of human life. It is beyond the capacity of human beings to enter in the past or the future, so we are only left with the present and in present, we are only left with the current state.

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 What is management? It is the coordination and administration of the tasks to gain the set target of one’s life. Now, the question arises, why we need to manage the time? The answer to it is very simple, we cannot bring back the time lost and we also cannot get more time by entering into the future zone, so the best and possible solution is to manage and handle the time that we are blessed with.

 There is a number of ways to manage time in accordance with different and various situations of life. Few situations are listed below:

Working Woman Time Management:

                                       Working woman means, holding too many things in a go, keeping a refined balance between home and office or school/college/university. There are endless chores at home, but children’s education and spending time with them is every parent’s utmost responsibility and it is a wish also. So, it is advised to a working lady to manage the same slot of time for cooking and educating the child. While cooking set a chair at a safe distance and get benefitted from the inbuilt bounty of multi-tasking ability of yours! See child and dish side by side or train your husband or any other available male or female to play the part in education. An organized woman can do wonders!

Time Management for students:

                           Students life seems very easy, as they are supposed to just go, learn and come back to home. It sounds that easy, but is it that easy? The answer is hung on a big NO, as students are not spared from educating their little ones, taking part in home chores or helping their elders in their affairs from day to day need. The education is getting lengthy and tiresome with each passing day, so it is very important for students to manage their time according to their needs. They must set the time limits, prioritize their time zones and be very strict in following the time they have set! Do not let anyone to shatter their study time. Be focused and concerned towards your books and afterwards, go and help your elders or enjoy with friends.

These are just examples of managing time, but there are five key factors that are beneficial for time management and are applicable to almost all scenarios: set a clear goal, focus on it, reduce interruption, achieve the goal in set time limit, avoid multi-tasking of linked and similar to-do lists.

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