How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

Every individual in this world wants to be smart and geeky by speaking and writing English. Some people get scared when they are asked to write a comprehensive essay or write someone a letter. People don’t put a lot of effort into their writing skills as they consider its a secondary objective. Most people want to enhance their speaking skills but speaking skills don’t do the job alone unless you are good at writing too. While stepping into the professional world or higher school level, people realize the worth of writing skills at this level. When being in the university their most of work is assignments or essay writings. In this matter of fact, people seek help from those individuals who are actually pro at writing essays in minutes and people who cannot lag behind in their educational career. Likewise, when being in professional life, most of the requirements of the job are sitting in front of the computer or laptop and deal with clients via e-mails and some jobs requirement are writings. There are so many jobs in today’s world that are solely based on writing and people are earning by sitting at home and writing for big multi- national companies. There are content creators, bloggers who actually write stuff or give reviews about products on their page and get earned by it. All you need in today’s world to earn is to be pro at writing and you can earn while sitting behind a laptop screen. When these hurdles come along, people who have never given the food of thought to writing gets pressurized and think of themselves as losers. It is the responsibility of every parent to start teaching the importance of writing skills to their children from the start so they don’t lag behind others.

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Ways to Improve Writing Skills:

  • It is very important to learn the language first completely
  • Have a strong grip on vocabulary
  • Grammar should be improved
  • Reading novels and books regularly
  • Watching movies of your interest in English
  • Writing journal
  • Take online courses for improving your writing skills
  • Spend more time in the library
  • Discuss and write with your best friend, this practice improves your writing skills as well as your confidence.
  • Search your favorite author online and write about him or here
  • Always make an outline before writing
  • Clear your concepts about your writing

How to improve writing skills?

It requires a lot of motivation to convince yourself of doing something. First of all, motivate yourself and set your goal for every day to write at least 500 days a day. Choose your favorite topic from the internet or any of your interest. Start writing about it, it could be your favorite game show or television show. It does not matter if you feel that you are lacking at it, just write your heart out. Prepare your draft and show it to the person who has strong command in writing. He will tell you about your mistakes and guide you at where you possibly lack. The first draft is always not good. When you try something new, 99% chances are that you fail at it but 1% chance is there to try again. If your draft is full of grammar mistakes and simple words, there is no need to worry about it. Edit your work after getting proper guidance. Edit your work every day. When you feel that you have reached a satisfactory level of writing then try to extend your goal of everyday writing to 1000 words and many more. Start a blog and start writing there as it would create more excitement in you and you will be cautious while writing that if I am writing correctly or not. Interact with the people on your blog and by this, you would be able to write fluently. One way of improving your writing skills in reading. Reading opens and flourishes your mind. Many people read so they can be in places where no one is. Reading is an adventure which opens a lot of locked doors of your mind, which you did not even know you have. Find your favorite author and start reading his or her books. First, it will help you in gaining knowledge of different subjects and secondly, it would help you in your writing skills. Getting a good grip on the vocabulary is also very important and to get that, you need to watch English movies, read books, newspaper, blog posts anything which includes English. Your writing skills would be more beautified when your grammar is on point and your vocabulary is enriched. It is very important to do your research before writing about the topic. Research about your topic and then try to write on it. Never ever delay your writings, if you have not completed your set goal of every day, you would not be able to achieve it easily. Always be firm about your goals and one day you achieve it in one way or another. Working hard is always the key.


To improve your writing skills, one should be determined about it and totally be dedicated towards it. One should try to speak first while writing so they know that their sentence structure makes sense or not. Make abstract concepts and metaphors to bring them into reality. Develop sticky writing habits. Try to make your writing more interesting by adding creative ideas. Try firstly by writing mini-stories and gradually increasing your pace. Nothing is really impossible in life. If a person wants to learn something, they do at the end of the time.

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