How to earn from online part time JOB

How to Earn from Online Part Time Job

 Covid-19 has unbalanced the mainstream of the life and especially the financial line. Due to heavy loss in business occurred due to lockdown so employers were compelled to downsize the number of employees they were earlier hired for. This cut in employees’ job made them on suffering ends.  Laborers were facing financial issues badly, but the government somehow tried their best to accommodate them with the basic food needs. The situation got worse for educated, but mediocre strata. They are the ones who dropped down to a lower standard and couldn’t be facilitated by the government as they have car/bike and a home of their own. Any home is run by money, so educated class too need money to survive. There are always good doors open for educated people and one of those platforms were online tuition jobs. There are a number of websites that are user-friendly and charge a very less registration fee. Each site comes with specific guidelines which is mandatory for the user to follow. The tips are as below:

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If you are new in this business, always charge less to attract as many students as possible, but you also need to keep the best standard for quality education. Never compromise on teaching-learning relationship

Choose the subject you desire to teach from the provided list by the website. Remember to choose only that subject on which you have a high command.

After choosing the subject, go on for setting a timetable. When setting the timetable, remember to put your ease at first. Adjust the timetable according to your available time.

It is mandatory for each tutor to upload a video in which you will introduce yourself and tell the specification of your teaching style. The video should not exceed more than 2 minutes. Be careful about the time limit!

In Pakistan, PayPal isn’t available so you can opt for any other available option given on the site. The money they will pay will be in dollars, get the exchange money and enjoy teaching and learning at the same time.

  Don’t trust anyone at first, so go ahead and try searching online tuition sites. First-hand experience is the best experience.

  In the end, never lose hope, no matter how hard the situation is. Remember there are always some doors open for you. This you could be YOU! Happy reading.

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