Genetic Engineering and Its Wonders

Genetic Engineering and Its Wonders

Genetic Engineering is widely used in curing diseases of various types and severe as cancer. It is also called Recombinant DNA technology. It is manipulation of genome of an organism by altering the DNA. It includes deleting the base pairs or whole region of DNA and introducing a novel gene into organism to treat the disease and benefit the human life. Genetic engineering is applied on plants to increase the nutritional factor or to silence the gene for beneficiary of human kind. There are uncountable examples of genetically modified food made just for human beings. Before the arrive all of genetic engineering, bananas had seeds in them which were apparent on the skin. Now, they are more nutritious and morphologically better. They are resistant to the disease called “fusarium wilt” which was not possible before genetic engineering. Strawberries, papaya, apple and many more are the example of genetically edited food. In humans, genetic engineering has done its wonders like insulin is majorly required for diabetic patients.

Production of insulin is by pancreases but with the help of genetic engineering, we can make insulin by bacteria, yeast. The genetically modified insulin was licensed in 1982 for human use. The process of genetic engineering is by taking the circular DNA from bacteria and inserting the desired gene into it and making it genetically modified
or edited. It is used to study chronic and adverse diseases find in human by experimenting on rats. Diseases such as Alzheimer disease has also been studied. Now, the more advanced form of genetic engineering has taken the world into its hands known as CRISPR-Cas9. It allows the researchers to make changes in living organism’s genetic sequence by making specific changes in its sequence. Many diseases are being cured by genetic engineering. With genetic engineering, researchers can control the world.


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