Future is based on Artificial Intelligence

Future is based on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is based on human cognitive abilities processes by machines such as computers. Technology is beneficial for human kind and it has always proved to be. Human intelligence is creating artificial intelligence and making longer days’ work in minutes. There will always be a question if Artificial intelligence can take over the human intelligence? Many examples of AI is in front of us as SIRI. Siri is just a click away and she does work for us. SIRI is not actually a human being but just a product of artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars are the product of AI in which there is no need of driver or anything, just a car which can drive itself and take you to your destination.
Time are changing and countries with stronger technology hold will be powerful in future. AI is distributed in two categories weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI is deigned to do a particular task such as Apple’s Siri. This is known to be narrow AI but strong AI is something that researchers are working to achieve. In strong AI, there would be no human intervention and AI has the human cognitive abilities by itself. People are in constant fear of Artificial intelligence that it will replace the human one day as it will be able to do human work so automatically the employment rate can go down and all the work is based on robotics. There is security and ethical concerns. Super intelligence has its own risk as it has algorithms to achieve the cognitive abilities and once it has it, it can go far beyond human intellect because it has the ability to be more intelligent than
human but keeping in consideration of AI benefits, it can eradicate poverty, diseases, war from the world.
AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity. -Stephen Hawking

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