Five things that will help you to set up your online business!


Business is what we all like to do as we all think that we are not bound and in business, we are boss of our own! No dictation, no time limit, no need to meet deadlines! Well, the notion is a partial truth as we are boss of our own, but customers become our boss ironically, the businessman works more than the worker, spends more time in establishing his business, meets the deadlines religiously or he may lose the customers, develops trust issues as he cannot take a single day off from the work! He bears the loss and enjoys the profit.

Still we are after doing business, online business is never easy because you have to spend your time and energies to attract customers to your store. You have you care about packaging and shipping the parcel to the desired destination. You have to keep in touch with the client and resolve his issue. If you are determined to sell online following guidelines may interest you:

  1. Select a product that never runs out of the store. It should be the product that is need of people like spices, flour, rice or other related things.
  2. Decide the platform where you want to sell.
  3. Choose available online website platforms which allow sellers to become their partners. There are a number of sites like Alibaba, Daraz, Aliexpress, Juglo, Shopify, etc
  4. If the business is on a larger scale, then develop a complaint cell and a separate business account for taking online orders. You should have your own WhatsApp business account and you must learn how to update the catalog on the given account.
  5. Never fancy that you will start earning the very next day or hour because it does take time….sometimes years!

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