Easy ways to start creative writing


Creativity is God gifted…. as the maxim goes. It is true to a greater extent because the quality to explain one’s point of view in an apt way, by using the exactly precise words is exceptional and something extraordinary! There are fewer numbers of really gifted people who are on the next level on creativity, but that doesn’t mean that only gifted ones can reach such height of creativity as Mufti and Shakespeare have gone to!

Hard work can never be beatable! This I believe, if a person is determined to achieve or to learn something new and is passionate and consistent too, then no power on earth can detract him or her! These are not just high-sounding words, trust me, I went through this process many times and landed on the land of victory with the amount of hard work. Let me tell you my journey to creativity in the following steps:

  1. Observation is the key to every single type of creation. Your senses must be really sharp in order to digest everything you see or hear. You must be globally aware of happenings. You must be a silent observer! It’s a tip. Secret one too.
  2. The observation must be shared with others and for that reason, you must have good and crafty word choice to exactly explain what you feel. For that reason you must read books, books of every genre, do not stick to only one type of reading, switch between history, geography fiction, non-fiction, literature, religious, travelogue, film making, kids literature, comics and the list is never ending!
  3. Through reading, the words are accumulated, think on the suitability of the words to the idea that pops up in your mind for each word is framed for a unique idea. You cannot write or say happy as a word for every happy moment! Look for the synonyms and antonyms of the word that you have learnt. This will increase your word bank saved for future store!
  4. Lastly, prepare your mind for writing or speaking, after thinking of an idea, having done with choosing suitable words, start your thinking process and this time think out of box! The newness, novelty that you bring to the idea will be considered as your creativity.
  5. Keep on polishing your skills with reading books, observing surroundings, thinking and exchanging ideas and getting right words for right piece of writing! Fun Reading.

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