Best Platforms to Start Your Freelancing Career

Best Platforms to Start Your Freelancing Career

Over the years freelancing has developed a great scope and a lot of people are switching from full-time jobs to freelancing because one can be their boss. Especially, this pandemic caused a lot of people to lose their jobs. If you’re a student and want to earn to support your studies or you’re a housewife but you got free time to spend on something productive by showing your skills then you should start freelancing. 
Whereas, we have a few misconceptions about it that there are only certain people who can pursue this or only people with certain skill-set can follow this that’s not true not at all. You just have to be smart enough to explore the right direction by grasping something you are good at. There are multiple forums and platforms which people are using to follow their passions and do freelancing and they earn more than their full-time jobs. That can require patience and good skills obviously but it’s not impossible.  To help people find out the right platforms we are here to help you. In this article you will read about the top and best platforms you can start with that can help you to build your freelance career.
1- Fiverr
Fiverr was invented in 2010 it is a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers all over the world. It’s the easiest platform and people who are naïve in this field love working on it due to user-friendly features the payment method and securities of this platform are amazing. Even people who are professional and working for years they still stick to this platform due to accessibility and reliability. People around the globe are selling their services and you can make good money with the right skills. It connects people in a very direct way and more than 300+ categories are there for the people to explore. 
2- Freelancer 
Freelancer is the world’s largest market place to help people find the top freelancers. It was founded in 2012 to help people work full-time as a freelancer and the name took place from the same inspiration. Freelancer is also one of the best platforms to start your freelancing career it allows you to bid on multiple projects and you can get your hands on the best projects. There are multiple domains you can play in and showcase your skills to the buyers who are willing to buy your work or ready to give you the chance to explore. You can create your account and bid right away on the best projects. 
3- Upwork
Upwork was founded in 2015 to focus on the enterprise businesses and take a step forward in the freelancing field. Upwork works in a different mechanism than Fiverr and Freelancer but it allows you to expand your businesses also helps you to connect with people who are working in specific areas. You can start with your account it involves various processes like filling your portfolio, choosing the right skills, and finding the right projects for yourself. Upwork is also known for developed and big projects if you’re up for working on such projects then you should try Upwork.

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4- PeoplePerHour
It is knowns as the top freelance community and you can find the right fit for your work as well. You can post your project without any cost and people who are willing to work on it can bid for it. It’s a UK based company which allows the freelance workers to play in the domain and explore more there are multiple categories in this and you can choose your work accordingly. These were the websites/platforms which we usually recommend to the people who are interested in knowing more about freelancing or work in the domain. The idea of quitting your job and working for yourself might sound a bit awkward but it’s not, you can experience another world with this and get a chance to make yourself. Where there are perks of becoming a freelancer there a few challenges as well which can be disturbing sometimes but all you got to do is to believe in yourself and move forward without thinking of the bad. Stay positive so that you can explore and make your name in freelancing.

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