Article on the Psychological Causes of Smoking

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Article on the Psychological Causes of Smoking

Smoking is one of the most dangerous things in the world. It can make you sick and destroy your lungs which can result in your death. In today’s generation smoking is seen to be something very cool. Youngsters these days smoke cigarettes without realizing that they are ruining their lives. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to smoke but still does it because of the pressure created by friends and other people. Almost 5.6 million teenagers die from smoking-related diseases every year. Teenagers smoke because it gives them a sense of independence and rebellion. They start smoking by being rebellious or by peer pressure and then get addicted to it which results in bad health. Not only teenagers but a large number of adults are addicted to smoking too. It is said that adults start smoking to relieve tension and anxiety but the result is temporary. Research shows that smoking can actually increase anxiety, depression, and tension. Smoking can sometimes cause schizophrenia and hallucinations which can destroy your mental health on a very large scale. A few of the most dangerous diseases that are caused by smoking are cancer, leukemia, asthma, and stroke. These are deadly diseases and can be the cause of death of a person. Life expectancy decreases by 13% on average for heavy smokers compared to people who have never smoked. Many researchers have found that one cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. A lot of people think that smoking is some kind of a trend that you have to follow to blend in with people of your age or to be a part of a certain group of people.

 Even the packets of cigarettes warn the smoker because outside every cigarette box there is a sign that says “smoking is injurious to health”. It can cause physical as well as mental health problems for a person. Smoking anything can cause such an effect on your brain that can make a person fall into deep depression or a person can become a severe patient of anxiety. It is best for every smoker to try to quit smoking because it can do harmful things to your health and it can result in your death too.

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