Article on Gender Discrimination

Article on Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination means gender inequality. When male and female are discriminated because of gender roles are called gender discrimination. Gender discrimination has always existed in society but people have started to be more vocal about it now. There are still people who discriminate between genders. Gender discrimination between males and females are mostly because of salary at work. The survey in America showed that the female salary is 75% lower than males. This is a social problem that needs to be acknowledged by every person. Gender inequality exists in the workplace on salary, job racing, opportunities, challenging capability. In most of these cases, women are considered more inferior and discriminated, men are mostly paid higher and get promoted as compared to women. Women’s interpersonal and professional capabilities are challenged more in the workplace. In the past century, gender discrimination used to exist in education where men were given the opportunity to go to schools and get an education, and women were deprived of this right. They were married off early. Education is an important tool to live a good life. The study states that lower women education has a negative impact.

Gender discrimination is a big argument of the society which also brings feminism into it. As gender discrimination, female have a lot to suffer than men. Women all over the world are raising their voices for equal rights in every way. They don’t believe in the patriarchal system and the superiority of the men. This is a highlighted issue which brings the talk of feminism in between whenever women are killed in some country by the hands of men, abusive marriages, domestic violence against women are the proof that women are most suffered gender. In the 20th century, the young generation has taken an oath to bring equality.

Due to gender discrimination, the economy of the country can also be affected. States like America are doing well because their workforce includes both men and women but in Asian countries, women are not given the right to get education and work.

After a lot of protests and awareness, there is a change in society. People are more aware of gender discrimination and their attitudes have changed about the inequality of genders. To flourish the economy of the country, women and men both have to educate themselves. Helping female feel more confident and overcoming the gender roles should be the norm. Education is the right for every being and women have every right to get equal wages as their colleague’s men.


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