Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents

Here are some easy formats for teacher’s appreciation. Thank you letter to teacher from parents. Feel free to modify these formats to your liking or simply use them for inspiration.

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Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents


The Class Teacher,
Grade III.
International School System.
City, Country.

Hello Ms. Janice,


I am writing this letter with cheery and joyful smile. I am so happy to see the improvement in my son’s class work. I still remember that you called me to talk about his impractical and non-serious attitude and I was so worried like it’s the end of my life but seeing the major change in his attitude and confidence I am so glad. All the credit goes to your persistence hard work on my son. He is 12 years old now and his confidence is impeccable. I want to tell you that you are doing exemplary work in your field which needs to be appreciated. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Mr&Mrs Joseph

Appreciation Letter for Pre-School Teacher


Miss Ramsha

Wishing you good health. I know that how hard it was for you to handle my daughter. I knew from the start that she will give the tough time to the teachers but her exasperating attitude would affect in one way or not. As you know, that her father and I both are doing work and have jobs in different cities so it was meant to affect her but we always appointed care taker with her so she won’t feel alone but we understood this later that parents are irreplaceable and their time is all kids need but you have done tremendous job in training her to be disciplined. I am so glad that she get to be influenced by you. You deserve all the appreciation.

Warm Regards,

Mr& Mrs Sham

Appreciation Letter for Senior Teacher

Respected Miss Hanery,

Your way of teaching student is quite adequate and excellent. I am very contented with your methodology of teaching. You teaches so well that my son is now capable of doing his homework and sorting his work by himself at home now, he doesn’t require help on little things like he used to do before. This country needs more teacher like you so children could actually make the country proud one day. I am very thankful to you for being such a good teacher to my son and developing his confidence and making him aware of his abilities. Bundle of thanks.


Appreciation Letter for Junior Teacher

Dear Mrs Posha,

I have no words to convey how thankful I am to you to working so hard on my daughter. Her result came out today and she passed with flying colors. I am so exhilarated at this moment that how he did so well. I believe that you are the right person who deserves all applaud for this. I am so glad that she finally adjusted with a teacher and did wonderful job in exams. She is a very tough kind and can’t be tutor by anyone. I thought at first that your efforts will be in vain but you have surprised me with such good results that I am so happy. I would like to thank you for teaching my daughter and working so passionately on her.

Warm Regards,

Parents of Panza Robert

Class 5th

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