Format of Appointment Letter for Office Assistant

Sample appointment letter for office assistant . It can be used for different designation according to requirement, like office secretary, assistant admin manager, assistant accounts manager, assistant HR manager, assistant event manager, assistant Director etc. Its a appointment letter format.You must read the below letter carefully and add or remove the relevant and irrelevant points.

Letter of Appointment  for Office Assistant

Mr/ Miss____

Subject:  Appointment Letter

Dear ___Name of Employee___

We  are  Pleased  to  Advise  you  of  your  Appointments  Office  Assistant  w.e.f 10-8-2005 on  the  following  terms  and  Conditions:-

You  will  receive  the  following  emolument  per  month.

  • Basic Salary : Rs 8000
  • House Rent: Rs 10,000
  • Utility: Rs  2000
  • Transport   Allowance:  Rs 1000
  • Medical: Rs  500
  • Total= 21,500

1- Your Job  has been Classified as under Management  Grade :Office Assistant.

2- You will be on probation for 3 months from the date of joining the company, while on probation you will be required to give 15 days notice or payment of 15 days gross salary in lieu of a notice of your intent to leave the company’s service.

3- After confirmation the company or yourself may terminate your employment on giving one calendar month notice or payment of one month gross salary in lieu thereof. You will be eligible for 10 days sick and casual leave on successful completion of your probation periods.

4- You will be eligible for the following facilities on the completion of one year’s service.

5- Paid leave- 20 days annual leave.

6- You will prefer all such job as assigned to you to the satisfaction of the management . It s also a condition of your employment that you will serve the company at any place designated by the company.

7- Your terms of employment will be governed by the company rules as in force from time to time which may change at the discretion of the management.

Yours Faithfully,


Letter of Appointment  for Office Assistant
Letter of Appointment for Office Assistant

Appointment Letter Format for Office Assistant

Dear Ma’am,

We are pleased to announce you that you have been selected for office assistant designation. Your interview and work experience have been taken under consideration and it stood out from a lot of people’s CV. We have liked your confidence and the way of dealing with people. Your basic salary would be 20,000 as the job requires proper management skills and interpersonal skills. We will evaluate your performance every day and on best performance and punctuality, you must be given incentive letter. We congratulate you on your new journey. Please submit all the necessary documents and start your work from the Monday.

Best Wishes,



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